Northern California Hair Loss Specialist?

Discussion in 'Recommend a Doctor' started by dazzleca, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. dazzleca

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    I don't have a recommendation but am hoping someone knows of one in my area. I live near Sacramento but would be definitely willing to go into the San Francisco area if there is a good doctor there. I have a great GP but the derm I have been going to doesn't seem to helpful ... which is pretty amazing since she is almost bald herself.
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    Had to ditch CA and head to NYC

    I haven't had good luck with anyone here in the Bay Area, which seems incredible. I went to oodles of doctors-- Stanford, UCSF, dermatologists, Endocrinologists that specialize in PCOS, you name it. I even waited two months to get an appt with the world-renowned Hair Guru at UCSF Dr. Vera Price. It was one of the worst experiences of my adult life. She not only blew off my questions that my hair loss might be due to PCOS, she was downright mean. I cried for two days straight after seeing her. Then, I threw away the Kleenex and made an appointment to see Dr. Redmond in NYC.

    That was 3 months ago, and while it's way too early to proclaim victory, I will say that for the first time I felt that a doctor really understood the problem I was having. This is old hat for him, he sees it every day, he's treated thousands of women for this and that really made me feel confident. He also assured me that there are treatments. They don't work for everyone, but I am/was a long way from the end of the road. Though I am not a fan of medication, I'm taking what he's recommended and it's too early to know for sure whether it'll work. However, I really felt after all my researching that he was the guy to go to. If anyone knew about hormonal hair loss, it was him. So far, I haven't been disappointed.

    He was expensive, though insurance covered about half the visit. However, given what I "wasted" with all the other docs locally, I wished I'd saved myself the lost time, lost hair, lost money, and lost happiness and just gone there right off. Hope this helps!
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    be careful if you go on spiro as your cortisol levels can rise as mine did..
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    I went to see a Dr. Peter Webb, in San Mateo (near the SF Airport). He's a derm who specializes in hair loss. What I really liked a lot about him was that he seemed very honest. Honest about the value of further testing (not much, since I very clearly have AGA), the value of Rogaine (not much for me, since my hair is so far gone already) and things like that. He was also kind and gentle, which I think is really nice when dealing with such a traumatic thing. I wouldn't hesitate to reccomend him. He's easy to find on the WWW.
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    Bay Area Dr

    I went to see Dr Webb too. he is very nice and he's PA is nice too.
    both took long time to check my scalp. not like other Dr I've saw.
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    Moon: Thank you so much for your thoughts on Dr. Webb. I was hoping to find a good derm in Northern Ca and San Mateo is perfect for me. Blessings, elfwitch
  7. Moon

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    Good luck neighbor :)
  8. lacey123

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    Dr Webb is a complete waste of time. Spends about 5 minutes with his patients only to tell you your hair loss is hereditary and leaves his PA to do the rest of the 'work'.

    I knew this about him before visiting from a review I found online, but stupidly thought I'd give him a chance.

    Don't bother making the trip!
  9. MaryJo

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    i haven't had luck either but do have an appointment with Dr. Oro. Wish me luck!!
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    Hi maryjo I am 23 and have been dealing with hair loss for about 2 and a half years now. A few months ago I found a doctor who I believe has helped me nail down what is causing this. His name is Bob Ghelfi and is located in west Sacramento. his practice ismcalled bodylogic md. Just so you know he is a holistic doctor who specializes in hormone treatment, fitness, and nutrition. I found that my ferritin and progesterone were very low and have had positive results with his suggestions. He has a private practice with him and his wife they are nice and straight to the point. I did a saliva test that I sent in as well as blood work prior to my appointment. The appointment was 500 dollars but he tests for so much and has more precise ranges. I really am happy I found him. Good luck!
  11. MaryJo

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    Thanks, Daisy! I will look into booking an appointment with him. :)
  12. Belle

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    I found Jennifer Fu to be excellent. She is in El Ceritto -- right outside of Berkeley. She taught under Vera Price at UCSF. She is kind, thorough, and well trained in hair loss.
    Highly recommend her.
  13. Julia David

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    All you do - is go online - type in 'Dermatologists in Reno/Tahoe, Nevada & a page will pop up w/a large selection.
    See? You could have done the same thing I did.