Northwest Indiana Stylist

Discussion in 'Hair Loss Friendly Stylists' started by rnada, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. rnada

    rnada New Member

    Does anybody know of a stylist that works with thin/thinning hair in Northwest Indiana? Thanks so much!!!!
  2. ladywig

    ladywig New Member

    Northwest Indian people generally like sparse hair shaved very short and the hair above designs, most of which is the practice of Northwest India Anna man, so significantly more "men".
  3. Reha

    Reha Member

    Well am also located in India now a days would like to know some hair stylish details!
  4. Bella Disuja

    Bella Disuja New Member

    hey, you can getting here many hair style for you to make a beauti & professional girl in your profile.