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    I am so spent. So sick of dealing with my hair loss. So sick of all the bloodwork I've undergone the past 3 years. So sick of not getting any answers or help. I've tried it all iron, biotin, folic acid, birth control, hair regrowth pills, spiro, nioxin, name it and nothing is working or even helping the least bit...and the specialists have no idea why. I cry everyday even though I'm on anti depressents...and have tried several different kinds. No one seems to get the fact that the only thing to cure my depression would be to get my hair back!!! I give up...I'm done trying :(
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    I hear you..the mental exhaustion you get from all the WORK you have to put in to figure out your own hairloss can drain the life out of you. I so hear you and so feel your pain. I have a folder that's about 2 inches thick with papers, studies, my labwork, my questions to doctors, phamplets of products you name it. I can't believe how much time I spent on HAIR. The thing that was once my trademark and one of the things I had never had to worry about. It's amazing how much life can change based on something we never thought we had to worry about. The reason I wanted to reply was to tell you that anti depressents can cause hairloss. If your system is out of balance causing you HL, these will make it worse. I was diagnosed with mild clinical depression but I did Yoga and meditation (yes a pill would have been better) but I knew my body was out of balance and that wasnt' going to help. I was seeing a therapist and I used to say that line. MY depression would be cured if I got my hair back. All other problems I can deal with!!! :( Don't give up trying...but spend wise time on it. Don't go to regular doctors (waste of time), no derms. Try a trichologist if you can find one, or an alternative doctor. Plus, did you try each of those things for a decent period of time?
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    I completely know how you feel. It's a struggle to just wake up in the morning and look in the mirror. Sometimes I try to ignore it, but it's always there. I've been on everything you've been on, including the anti-depressants, etc. and I'm SO sick of cleaning hair fibers and whatnot from my bathroom sink and floor!

    I've given up, so to speak, and I'm going to start wearing hair. I'm having a piece custom made and while nervous about it, I'm also excited and looking forward to not having to deal with the day to day nightmare of hair loss. Once I get used to wearing hair full time, I'm stopping all the medications and going the natural route. I'm also tired of feeling like pharmacy. :)

    Hang in there.
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    I'm about 8 or 9 months in to this horrific journey. Been seeing a dermatologist - a fairly useless one - from the beginning. I still have no diagnosis. My ferritin was at 17 when I started to see him and so I have probably been on a fool's errand focusing on that, because my ferritin is now above 50 and still no regrowth and still copious shedding. This past week I have got to that point of 'now I have given up hope I feel much better' (not). Just the clutching at straws of 'maybe iron, maybe thyroid, maybe stress, this, that' and now I am pretty certain it is AGA. I have the classic hairloss pattern of FPHL and I am 44 and periods are all over the place. I am also on antidepressants and have had anxiety disorder and agoraphobia for decades. This is such a cruel blow to me, I feel. It is hard to even face the day, let alone other people. Then, I feel terribly guilty about feeling so bad about something that, let's face it, we are told is 'only cosmetic'. I never pegged myself as a vain person but the whole thing with hair loss forces one to completely re-examine oneself and re-evaluate what is important. It forces a total paradigm shift in the way one sees oneself as a woman, as a person. I don't think that doctors or dermatologists even recognize the havoc it can wreak on a person trying to come to terms with what is essentially a kind of grieving process. Sorry for the self-indulgent rant, but where better to do it than with other women who know what a hellish nightmare this whole experience is. I send best wishes and love and comfort to all those who can feel or hear it.
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    I hope I get some responses. I've posted and I see no activity here and I feel the same exact way as all of you and no one understands me.. I'm sick to death of guesses, no answers and meanwhile my hair is coming out in knotted clumps everyday. I can't even wear it down, I don't wanna look in the mirror and meanwhile my hair is falling out at a drastic rate.. Idk what to do!!!! If someone can respond so I'm not writing to no one?
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    Meliss and everyone else, I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner. I totally totally get what you're saying. Please don't give up. Please look at some of Hellcat's videos on YouTube. You'll see you're not alone. I went through what you did, starting at age 32. My ferritin was 17 as well! I took iron and got it to 70 but it didn't help. Did HairClub (yuk) til age 39 and then toppers. I really do have my life back (now I'm 50). Once I did the toppers I felt alive again. You will too! I really did feel life was over. But now I'm happier than ever before. I am not "out" with my hair loss journey but if someone asks, I'll tell them (nobody has asked!). Also please go to to see that life is better with helper hair. Please please just trust me on this one.