Nourkrin or viviscal?

Discussion in 'Treatments' started by Jenewn, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. Jenewn

    Jenewn Member

    Anyone ever try this?? Are they gimmicks??
  2. dvent1111

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    I have been on viviscal- hair is growing in slowly but I also just stopped shedding... I honestly don't know if it is making a difference however I am afraid to stop taking it incase it is! Guess that is how they get you! UGH
  3. Julia David

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    I've never been on a forum before but I have similar thinning hair and my hairdresser suggested I buy Silica tablets from Robert Graves, which I did and she now thinks my hair is benefiting. As a plus, my nails are also growing and not splitting! They cost around £5 for a months supply so worth giving them a go. Holland & Barrett also do a similar thing but I'm not so sure if they're as effective. Good luck.