Now my eyelashes are falling out?!?!

Discussion in 'Rants and Venting' started by kdwmw, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. VictoriaG

    VictoriaG New Member

    That's the effect I'm going for!! And seriously, I find way fewer lashes on my cheeks after I wash my face or shower. No itching or burning at all.
  2. Gloria

    Gloria New Member

    Yea, I thought the same thing when I heard that Latiase (sp) would grow your eyelashes hmmmmmmmmm I wonder if I put it on my head will my hair grow??? heehee
  3. justbeth

    justbeth New Member

    Okay, im going to get the Ardell stuff.

    2 tubes, one for my eye lashes and another for the front of my scalp........hey, you never know, it could work! :D
  4. VictoriaG

    VictoriaG New Member

    I'd forgotten to put in on last night (Ardell), and I jumped out of bed to do it. I really am so impressed, and the price is ridiculously cheap. My lower lashes look like I have eyeliner on! I hope it works as well for you. Be careful where you use it on your scalp, and please keep me updated. Good luck.
  5. kawawa

    kawawa New Member

    I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that my eyelashes are coming back again. They must grow really fast. Happy Happy Happy that I have eyes. I would be really sad if my eyelashes didn't come back.
  6. VictoriaG

    VictoriaG New Member

    That's good news, any regrowth is a cause for Happy!
  7. kawawa

    kawawa New Member


    I looked for the Ardell stuff at walgreen today. Didn't find it. It is in the make up isle or somewhere else? Like the rogaine isle ha ha!!!!
  8. VictoriaG

    VictoriaG New Member

    I found it at Rite Aid,not too far from the nail stuff (??). There was actually an Ardell sign over the little display of their products, they make eyelashes and other related items. I hope you have Rite-Aid near you. But like kdwmw mentioned, Amazon has it, they ship really quickly.

    And it should be near the Rogaine!! Of which they had two boxes, top shelf, in a corner...I always look.
  9. Lisah

    Lisah New Member

    Help With Hormone Results

    Hello, anyone who might be on tonight I have just received the results back from my saliva test and I am hoping that someone can explain it a little better.... I am going to see someone but just anxious to hear from somebody now... I know Patti knows about this but I'm not sure how to send a message to her... Here goes..Estradiol-mine-2.9---(1-3-3.3) range
    Progesterone-mine-53--(75-270) Testosterone-mine--70--range (16-55)
    NO comment on the DHEAS or the Cortisol... so these I guess were in the normal says something about estrogen Dominance whatever that means????? I have been waiting and now I have them..Have week BUT if anyone has a comment please share I would LOve to hear what you think!!!!!!!!!Thank You, Lisah
  10. kdwmw

    kdwmw New Member

    I bought mine online @ Added rogaine to my purchase & got free shipping! woohoo!:D
  11. VictoriaG

    VictoriaG New Member

    I'm glad you got the free shipping, always good!!

    I'm sorry I misquoted you on where you got the Ardell.
  12. kdwmw

    kdwmw New Member

    Vicki--no worries!!! I was just replying to KAWAWA since she couldn't find it at walgreens. I think we should look into buying ardell stock...this could be big! hehe
  13. kawawa

    kawawa New Member

    Thanks I will order it. Thanks
  14. kawawa

    kawawa New Member

    I got my Lash Accelerator today. I think it will be fine. I put in on tonight and it isn't burning or bothering me in anyway so that is good.

    I use serum on my face too so I am sure that it will be good for my eyelashes.

    Thanks for the tip.
  15. kdwmw

    kdwmw New Member


    I know this is an old post, but I was wondering what happened after you were diagnosed as estrogen dominant? Did you start progesterone to balance? I have just learned of a supplement called DIM (Diindolylmethane) that helps the body metabolize estrogen. It's natural (from broccoli). I'm waiting on my saliva test results & just going crazy. I just want to start taking progesterone & see how it helps. kenna
  16. Brittey

    Brittey New Member

    Hahah great sense of humor I needed a laugh!:)