NY Places to buy wigs/hair/extensions??

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    Anyone have any recommendations on where to buy wigs or hair in New York or Connecticut area? I have diffuse hair loss which isnt too bad yet but my part and front hairline is looking weird. I may try laser therapy which I heard causes an initial dread shed so I wanted to buy a wig or topper or something beforehand. I have wavy curly spanish hair (like Selma Hayek) and I hear this is a hard wig type to maintain. Any info on what to look for is appreciated. It has to look real!!! Can wigs cause more hairloss (I hope not)

    Also, anyone have good experiences with extensions...salons swear they are safe for hair but some people say it causes breakage...I've read about cold fusion extensions being ok for hair
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    hi recently bought the milan topper and i love it.its on trend and very real lolking eventhough its synthetic.i darent wear it and maybe i wont but its so nice.i bought it from ebay and the seller is perfect,really helpful x
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    Hey Everyone

    Hey NYCGirlie!
    If you are still looking for wigs/ hair extensions, then I would suggest you give a try to Remy Hair Secrets. They have amazing hair products such as keratin hair extensions, bulk hair, virgin hair products, machine wefts, & human hair full lace wigs, etc. I bought machine weft body wave from their site & you know, the curls are just awesome.:)
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    I often get hair extensions on the net, its very cheap.
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    There are varieties of hair extensions are available online as well as offline. But if you are willing to purchase online products for hair extensions, they provide you best products.
    Don't be wait just search on internet. I already use some products for my hair.
    Good Luck....!!!!!
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