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    Ahh I think I'm going to go insane! My hair has been shedding for nearly four months now and is so thin! My GP has been little help and my dermatologist diagnosed Telogen Effluvium!

    About four weeks ago my scalp was itching and burning like mad, to the point I had to take two anti-hystamine to go to sleep!

    Then worst nightmare one of my two kids came home and had headlice! So we all treated our hair and the burning stopped. I thought it must have been an allergic reaction to the lice.

    Anyway I tied my hair up for work yesterday and the burning started again and it's been constant since!

    I took a nit comb through my hair last night (losing about 200 hairs in the pro ess). But couldn't see anything, my daughter was crawling with lice though again on Monday.

    My scalp also seems a bit wet to the touch but I can't fine any wounds or anything, it feels like it's weeping.

    Has anyone else had this or have any advice on how to relieve the burning without drugs?

    Just for background I've had bloods and hormones checked and all are apparently in a healthy range! I have a follow up on the bloods with my GP in the morning luckily so I'm going to ask her but she had no idea about anything to do with my hairloss so far!

    I've taken a real knock with this I was feeling so much better :(
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    Evening Primrose

    I have been taking Evening Primrose Oil (500 mg. 3Xday) for the last couple of months, along w/other dietary changes, i.e., no alcohol, very little sugar, very high protein,etc. My hair loss has drastically slowed down, with a little re-growth at the sides. Just the fact that hair loss is slowing is re-assuring. Also, drastically reduced my stress levels. Doing things like aromatherapy, prayer/meditation I think has really helped. The EPO, I have also been breaking open a capsule and massaging into my scalp twice a week. I leave it in overnight. There is a lot of information about it on the web. It's also helping with my depression. So, hope this helps.:)
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    Hi Lorilei

    Thanks for that I will definitely pick up some evening oil of primrose! I've been taking Flurosine, Zinc and X4 300mg Biotin everyday plus a Perfectil Skin, Hair and Nails vitamin once a day.

    My GP said I've got a little bit of seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp now so I'm using yucky t-gel and a steroid lotion. She also said to take one anti histamine each morning as it will help reduce the inflamation.

    I've found too that lifestyle change really seems to be helping I think I've got quite a bit of regrowth coming in - never thought I'd be so pleased to have a frizzy fluffy mane around my head lol. I've drastically cut back on alcohol and caffeine and eating as protein rich diet as I can. I'm also looking to take up yoga.

    I confided in my boss at work too, I felt so daft at first but I'm so glad I did as she's been so great about helping me reduce my stress and giving me time out for appointments!!

    Hope you are doing well and thanks so much for replying! I always really appreciate the help and advice I get on here! Such a great site xx
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