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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ChrissyD, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. ChrissyD

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    I keep hearing ads on the radio for a product called "ovation hair therapy". I've gone to the website and it looks fairly expensive but would be worth it if it worked.....has anyone tried it or heard anything about it?
  2. Mermaid

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    I haven't tried Ovation but I tried the "sister" brand called Megatek. Now Megatek has been buzzing all over the black hair care forums because some ladies have found it to be useful. It is a lot cheaper than Ovation and the formula is 99% the same.

    Now for the shocker. Megatek is a product for horses. However it is labeled as safe for humans. Basically it is a protein base product which you put it on your scalp, massage, wait for a few minutes and rinse off. Do this 3 times a week.

    I know all this because I have used it. I mix it with water in a separate bottle to make it last and because it is strong and very thick.

    It does work. It makes hair stronger and grows well. But it doesn't grow hair where the follicle has died. I used it for like 2 months and I found it my hair was thickening nicely. However I had a very bad bout of asthma and was in and out of hospitals for months so I stopped using it (I had to concentrate on breathing!). I guess I will have to go back to using it and try it for a longer period to see how well it works long-term. :eek:
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    Hi Mermaid, did you experience your hair loss because of Xolair? I've lost about half of my hair thickness in the first few months of treatment. I hope your asthma is better.
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    Hi Luluhead!

    I confess I don't know what "Xolair" is. Some people report shedding in the first few weeks of using Megatek. Don't quote me on this but I imagine that if a product is helping your hair grow, many hairs which are in the phase prior to shedding will do so just to make "room" for the new hair that will replace them? (I read about the phases of hair growth when I was prescribed Monoxidil -which I didn't use because of high blood pressure and also because I got pregnant and wasn't sure if it was safe for the fetus).

    Having said all of the above I didn't experience any excessive shedding. Maybe because I was taking garlic pills at the time (for something totally unrelated to hair).

    Thank you for asking. My asthma comes and goes but it is mostly under control now :)

    p.s. I don't work for megatek or anything. Like I said I didn't use it long enough to give an accurate review. ;)