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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Like, Jan 1, 2010.

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    I've been really happy these past few weeks. I feel like something is finally working to reduce my hair shedding. I finally found a doctor in past month or so who took my hair loss concerns seriously. If you haven't yet found a good doctor who will listen to you, visit the American Academy of Dermatology Web site to find a doctor in your area who specializes in hair problems. That is what I did. Anyway, my ferritin was somewhat low, at 35. And my hair was shedding quite a bit everyday. My doctor put me on iron supplements (Feosol) once a day and I think this helped. But I also noticed that the shedding slowed down quite a bit when I ate red meat/protein. So, besides taking the supplement, I'm also watching my diet to make sure to include protein more often. I was not a vegetarian, but wasn't much of a meat eater either. The other things that I think are helping my hair look better is biotin and rogaine (2%), which I use once a day. I'm taking 4,000 mcg a day. So, anyway, just thought I'd write to give others some hope.
    Good luck and happy new year everyone!
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    Thank you for posting this! I'm so glad to hear it's working for you. Me ferritin has gone up too because I've been taking ferrous sulfate. I try to eat more protein, but I'm not too good about that, so I'm faithfuol about taking the ferritin.
    Good luck to you too!
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    Awesome news. My Ferritin was only 28. That with hypothyroid caused my hair loss. I think I am nearing the end now. I too take Iron 300mg daily as well as Dessicated thyroid.

    In the last few wks I have had almost no hair loss. But, it did take approx. 4 months of medications and I understand, with some, it can take even longer.

    Good to hear your great news. Thank god for Iron supplements. :)
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