Please help me!!!- can't sleep again!!

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    Hi- This is yet another night that I can not sleep and am awake and obsessing about my hair loss....I finally decided to post on here in the hope that someone may be able to help, or at least encourage me- as I am going CRAZY!!! To summarize my story- I t am a 36 year old mother of three little boys. I think I have always lost a good bit of hair, but never really worried about it, as I had a lot to start with! I am also extremely hairy in other places- everywhere but my head!! In 2006, I remember noticing even more hair than normal in the bathroom, and a difference in my appearance- counted over 200 hairs falling out at one point!! Went to my dr., derm, and gyno,- but no one took me seriously. From there, it gets kind of fuzzy- I don't know if my hair got better or I simply ignored it, but it really was a non-issue for a few years. Then, this past year my nightmare began. I had my third son in May (had GREAT pregnancy hair!!) and by July- I remember standing in the bathroom in our beach house with hair everywhere!! When I came home and went to my hairdresser- she too, noticed and freaked out!! This has sent me into a complete downward spiral- For the past 8 months I have been obsessed with this- trying everything I know to do in hopes of getting my life back. I am currently using 5% Rogaine and taking 75 mg of spiro- also Nizoral shampoo, laser comb, and many vitamins, herbs. My loss has slowed to about 20-30 a day, but no real growth. The only thing my dr. mentioned that I haven't tried is desogen- I want to try but am scared it may get even worse. Any advice or experience with this? My hair is just really thin all over the top of my head. I have spent $1200 on a topper and more on clip in extensions, but still don't feel very comfortable with them. I try to get by with toppix and the like, but it is always on my mind. I HATE this- I cry all of the time, can't sleep, and feel like I am missing out on my life with my children. I feel so hopeless and can't see myself ever being happy or accepting this-it is truly ruining my life. I have even gone to a shrink about this- but I don't think anyone who is not experiencing it can understand- Can anyone please help me? Thanks!!
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    Hi Dawn,

    I'm so sorry you are going through this terrible experience. I felt much the same as you when I was still losing my hair. I had my last child at 37 then when I stopped nursing 10 months later I noticed my hair thinning. I didn't think anything of it until two years later when it started coming out in handfulls and my part widened substantially. I've always had long, dark hair so it was very noticeable. Anyway it wasn't until I increased my estrogen that the hair loss stopped completely and now I have tonnes of regrowth. So for me it was the drop in estrogen that caused the loss. I am 42 now and my treatment is 200/mg spiro, Diane 35 continuously, and Nizoral 2% shampoo everyday. It's working wonders but I am very sensitive to hormonal changes so I have to take my BCP non-stop. It's really nice not have the ups and downs that I use to get from my cycle.

    This may not be your solution but it may be too so I just thought I would share what has worked for me. I live in Edmonton, Alberta so Diane 35 is available through my doctor. Depending on where you are you may not be able to access it except through the internet. If you read up on it you can find a few studies that have proven it to be really effective for hair loss, excess body hair, etc. Regular BCP are not the same. I tried Yasmin and it wasn't an affective treatment for me. I really hope you find a treatment that works for you. It's a hormonal issues often so it will take hormones to correct it but it can be regulated. I found my treatment by reading the success stories on this site, I hope you find yours too.