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    Did the doctor actually check your estrogen, progestrone, and

    testosterone levels? While hormone levels fluctuate throughout your cycle, there are averages. If your hormones are too low or too high, it will cause hair loss. My estrogen and progestrone were too low. My testosterone was fine. As soon as the estrogen was increased, the shedding stopped. Now my estrogen is just a bit too high,mso my doc wants to lower it a bit. But my hair is going great.

    3 eggs is only 16 grams of protein. I eat between 65 - 87 grams a protein a day. Granted I workout 5-6 days a week at the gym, plus run, cycle, and hike so my protein needs are a bit higher. But the average adult needs around 50 grams of protein a day.

    I use egg whites instead of the whole egg. Other protein sources are:

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    hi there! wow u r great! i had doc do hormone levels wen it 1st happnd yrs ago they were in normal range. its weird how everytime i got preg it would stop 3 mnths in and start wen bubs was 3 mnths old so that always screamd hormones! a few dif hormone things did stop it but then i would hav 2 stop it and get preg again, nxt time it didnt wrk, the n/path stopd it for 2 yrs from eggs and vitamins i really dnt know why its happening again. my n/path is doing the saliva /hormone test ovr a mnth, will start that in 3 1/2 wks as just finishd my cycle! everyday it just freakn cums out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!seriously it just sux! duno wat il do if hormone levels r normal again!!!!!!!!!! my n/path says and i think i know im more eastrogen dominant from having fibroids and the way my periods r, so the femme premenstral is kinda 2 raise progesterone! its not wrking been on it for a mnth and nothing! i also hav a protein drink with lots of nutrition added so i doubt wethr its nutrition for me. i just want it stopped! i recon id eat dog sh!@ if that would stop it! so devastating!
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    i also eat a decent amount of meat/chickn and im not that great with getting the protein drink in everyday as i drink a few other nutrition drinks and i run after my 5 boys all the time and wen im not running after them i feel like all i do is eat/drink these drinks and swallow freakn vitamins! i guess i was good with the protein drink everyday wen i chuckd in the raw eggs but now since fiding out no raw eggs i cook them and just cant fit in the protein drink as well
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    What is working for me

    Hi I am 41 and first noticed the thinning when I was 23. 3 kids later... I was at the end of my tether last year when I weaned my last child and the shedding was horrible.
    Since Oct 1 2012, I have been using:
    2% women's rogaine (minoxidil) 2 X daily, recently dropped to once
    3-4 caps of Hairfusion tonice caps (herbal) daily

    From Nov. 2012- 3 X weekly Hairmax laser comb

    After being so so depressed for years and years and years and started using Dermatch concealer .. I can say that I have stopped shedding hair. I forst noticed the hair around my crown growing. Also noticed my hair getting fuller and thicker within 2 weeks of the laser treatment. And the hairdresser who I stayed away from for 2+ years as I couldnt bear to go to a hairdresser (the sad look in her eyes made it worse for me).. I finally went back and she was shocked to see how I had gone back in time...
    She confirmed that she could see widespread hairgrowth on the bald spots, which are not v noticeable at the moment.
    All this in just 7 months!!!! I hope it continues. It is like a dream... I can't believe this is happening.. Havent used the Dermatch in a while now and that big hairband that I was wearing to work, I have no idea where that is!! :)
    Good luck ladies on your journey, there is HOPE!!!
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    Addition to my last post

    The capsules I am taking are "Fusion Hair Tonic" - I got in wrong in my post.
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    ok my h/l has completely stopped!!!!!!!!!!!! plz try inositol/choline capsules and biotin 5000 mcgs, these work i swear to god plz try these!!!!!!!!!!! i also hav folic acid and co enzyme q10 and green/white tea capsules!!!!!!! i swear swear these wrk i got them at local health food store but now buy them heaps cheaper over net on iherb, really cheap !!!!!!!!!!! try 1st two if it lessens get the others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Hi, I have bought a Hairmax lasercomb for about $500 and use it 3 X a week. Shedding went right down within a couple of weeks.. I also take 3-4 caps of Fusion Hair tonic + 2% minox for women.. 7 months on, hardly any shedding + some regrowth.. + thicker, fuller hair :)
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    hair loss over

    I've had 2 different types of hair loss in my life. First, about 5 years ago - for about a year - it was thinning all over my head - the doctors did not help me. And then I discovered Nizoral and the hair loss stopped within a week.

    The second time was last year. It was different. The hair was falling out mostly in the front. And it was quick and drastic. The front was pretty much one bold spot. Nizoral was not helping. Plus I was completely exhausted all the time.
    Turned out to be my iron levels. The doctor did the test but never called me with the results. The normal iron levels are considered between 11 and 147.
    Mine were 11, so he never called. I had to pay the clinic money just to see the results. Then I started taking iron suppliments. A huge doze - 300 mg a day. And it stopped falling out within a couple weeks. And started growing back soon. This was about 9 months ago. And I'm happy to report I have no bold spots and a full head of hair again :)

    Hope this helps somebody. Good luck to you all.
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    Hi there - I have been on feremax / iron pills, one a day for six months and just started taking vitamin D drops daily - my hair stopped falling out a week and a half ago. I know its too soon to tell if this is for real or not - don't want to get my hopes up, but I really want to share this with people, just in case! I was told I had some sort of inherited female pattern baldness and it was irreversible. So...we'll see??!
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    Hi, I took folacin, it is useful for hair and added some vitamins to the shampoo.
    Besided, here I met a person, who had such problems. She advised me to make some masks with oils and vitamin B. Now my hair became better.
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    maybe my story can help you...

    i just posted my 14 year ordeal under the "success stories" forum...please read & maybe my story is your story :)

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    Social runner,

    Hey~ thank you for posting your regimen. I am curious... is it still working well? Are you still having regrowth? Did you have extensive blood work completed before you worked with the dietician? Thanks :)
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    My regimen is successful

    I'm new to these forums and I'm not sure if you're asking me, but if you are then yes after 14 years of losing so much hair on a daily basis I had to wear it clipped up every single darn day and now after just several weeks of over the counter iron ferrous fumarate, vitamin c & L Lysine I have no hair loss. The answer to everything that troubles us is always found in nature...wish I had realized this 12 years ago! I'm wearing my hair down daily for the first time in over ten years and i just started taking 5,000mcg biotin to help it grow fast so I can recapture my long spiral curls. To be focused on my hair growing fast and not solely on going bald is like a miracle. Low ferritin levels is the single biggest cause of hair loss, excessive hair shedding out there. It must be at least 70 for the hair to not fall out and over 100 to stay in and be beautiful. My goal is to get to the 120 range. I may be there now, I'm doing blood work next week.
    Best of luck to you all :)

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    Hey Elisabeth, I am new to these forums as well. I requested you to be my friend :) Love your posts and enthusiasm! I first started losing handfuls of hair with childbirth, then major stress made it worse. Have been living with a 1/4 to 2 inch PUNNY TAIL for over twenty years, so I hear ya gal!

    So glad you responded to my question, and thrilled you are having success! I am taking 5000 mcg Biotin as well. I sometimes take more & try to spread it out throughout the day as it is a water sol vitamin; so I take at 2 to 3 1000 mcg capsules with each meal. I want to add a really good daily supplement (one tried & tested for hair loss) I've tried so many and am on a mission to do EVERYTHING I possibly can to win this battle. I've been using a laser helmet since mid August and I believe it is helping as well. BEST WISHES :) STAY POSITIVE:)
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    Did you have your ferritin levels tested? I'm dying to know how many of us have hair loss due to this issue. If you did, what was your level? Mine was 34 and within 3 weeks of taking iron my hair just stayed in. Like a dream I have always dreamt!! Please tell me what your hair loss is from if you know. I wish everyone to discover their smoking gun like I did.

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    I am just down right excited for you. My iron levels have always been high, 93 to 127 in past 20 years. I wish I could confirm low iron as my hair loss cause; but I'm pretty certain it is more hormonal related as well as stress. I am post menopausal by about 22 months, which began almost 10 years ago. I've never taken hormone therapy, but am re-evaluating that possibility
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    Thank you!

    Thanks for your good thoughts! My iron ALWAYS came back fine with each blood test given since my hair started falling when I was 29. Only when my new and very thorough doctor tested my iron saturation and my ferritin did the problem become crystal clear. Finally I had my answer. So if you haven't had those tested please do so. I'm 43 now and I wasted my entire 30's with fuc#ed up hair!!!
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    Question for you

    Did you have your ferritin levels checked? Because my iron always came back normal so if you haven't please check!

    Merry merry Christmas
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    Low Ferratin and bad eating habits etc

    Hello Ladies! I am so thankful to have found this forum. I am almost 39 and my hair has been falling out for about 3.5 years now. I have lost about 50-75 percent of my very thick curly hair. Ponytail way thinner, layers upon layers are missing underneath and underneath it starts very high....most recently the front and sides have decreased a lot. I am thankful that I started out with so much hair and that I can still get it to look good, but we all know our hair and what is what like and how devastating it is.
    About 2.5 months ago I stumbled upon this site as well as other info related to hair loss. I went to my GP and told her about my hair issue...had been to derm, had thyroid and other hormones checked and everything was fine. I briefly explained about Chronic Telegan Effluvium and low iron stores and could she please order a Ferratin test. I have very heavy periods and barely ate red meat. My Ferratin came back as 19. Iron 55 and saturation at 17. She told me I did not need an iron supplement. At that point I had not found the information that the ferritin needed to be at least 70 for normal hair growth, but I was not satisfied with the "19 is a low normal, but you are in the healthy range". I went back online immediately and found the 70 number. I put myself on Ferrous Sulfate 65mg(which in ingredients reads...Dried ferrous sulfate 200mg- 65 mg elemental iron equivalent to 325 mg of ferrous sulfate per tablet). I was taking this twice a day(bumped up around my period to 3 times and have kept at that ever since.. It did make me constipated for a few days, but I started eating cooked spinach every day and I am totally fine. I don't take on empty stomach bc it makes me nauseus. I also took one Vitamin C tab- 500mg and a few spoonfuls a day of black strap molasses. It is nasty at first but you get used to it. This was on 11/1/2013.
    On 12/10/13 I had just the ferratin test done again and it came back as a 31. I was very disappointed as I felt like I was doing so much. I told myself that 12 points in a little over a month was not bad and it would take awhile to go up. I was panicked though b/c I had been taking pics of my hair and could see a major difference in the previous 3.5 months to beginning of Dec.
    Long story short(no pun intended)...I got my ferratin re-tested on 1/6/13 and it jumped to 62!!!! I could not believe it. Let me add in that I also added in another 500 mg vitamin C tab with my bedtime iron tablet as well as 1000mcg of B12(had only been on B12 since 12/20).
    Here is where it gets even better. I live in Philly and I found a clinic in New York called Philip Kingsley. I went in on 1/8/13 with all my blood tests from start to finish. She looked at my tests and right away said I needs more Vitamin D(30) Zinc(mine was 62 and needs to be between 90-100) and that my saturation was bad as well. We discussed diet and apparently yogurt in the morning cereal throughout the day and a real dinner and maybe 6oz of water a day doesn't cut it!! She said I was starving my hair on top of everything else. So now I am eating protein in morning, lunch and dinner. If more than 4 hours elapses in between meals I am eating raw fruits or veggies. She also told me that washing my hair every 5 days was making it worse bc my scalp is now its every other day. I told her its bc hair washing is traumatizing for me, but I would do anything she told me. She is a Trichologist....they specifically deal with all hair and scalp issues. I'm rambling and I hope this all makes sense.
    I can tell you that the shedding is less than it was, but I am still seeing major changes to it...the latest being up top. So that confuses me a bit. She said whatever is going on with your hair right now is based on what was going on in your life 2-3 months ago. She examined my head and did see new growth, but said the health hair won't likely start coming in until June and I should see a difference by then and just focus on June and not examining my hair everyday. She agreed it would be hard but to try and keep stress to a minimum. She was great and answers email and calls.
    You all absolutely should scour the philip kingsley website for info and tips. It has great info on why and what you should being doing.
    In a nutshell....
    I am taking 3 ferrous sulfate tabs a day. 65mg which equals 325 mg.
    Morning and night tab with 500 mg of vitamin C. I try to eat an tangerine or drink OJ with the middle of day one
    I am taking Black strap molasses about once a day(very hard to time everything out).
    With my nightly iron and vitamin C I am taking 1000mcg of B12.
    During Day I am now taking 30 mg of zinc and 2000IU of Vitamin D.
    Drinking way more water, eating 3 real meals a day with protein. Also 2 protein pills(gelatin) with breakfast and lunch to get amino acids.
    I should be going for next set of tests in about 5 weeks. I will report back.
    I hope this has helped. If you do that website!!!!! Oh and also any NSAIDS(pain relievers----except for Acetmenofin) can cause hair loss too. I used to pop advil for daily headaches and cramps. Stopped that the minute I read that.
    Thank you all so much!!!! There is hope and she said with doing the right thing(as long as no genetic or other underlying issue) a healthy full head of hair is possible!!!!!
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    One more thing, but ead my post above first!

    Do not drink coffee, or tea or within 2 hours of taking iron sups. It reduces the absorbtion by 80 percent. Its something in it called tannin. I also read that other things like soda and cocoa other things with caffeine can affect it too. I pretty much used to drink coffee everday. I stopped totally one I read that. In the past month I had it about 5 times, but not within 2 hours before or after.