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    Hi everyone,
    I’ve been meaning to post for months now. I have learned so much about hair loss over the past year that I feel selfish not imparting the mistakes I’ve made, and the solutions I have found.

    My hair began thinning one year into puberty (around the age of 13). It was a slow and gradual process, but definitely noticeable by the time I hit 15. By this point, my middle part was unbearably wide (though the rest of my hair maintained its thickness).

    Given my age, doctor’s attributed it to iron deficiency for many years (I have been brought up vegetarian). I eventually met with a dermatologist who told me quite frankly that this was androgenetic alopecia. My father is nearly bald, and all his sisters suffer from pretty advanced stages of hair loss. So it was a plausible diagnosis.

    She put me on Diane 35, an anti-androgenic birth control pill only available here in Europe. I stayed on it from the ages of 16-20, and though no hair grew back, things definitely stabilized. At age 19, after believing I had hit the worst of the worst and things would remain stable, I opted for a hair transplant from a reputed surgeon. I had a great donor area, and the plan was to refill my middle part which had thinned over all these years.

    Everything went great. I spent the year following the transplant feeling glorious - refuelled with a youthful confidence that had been taken away from me. It wasn’t that I ever stopped believing I was attractive- but there is a difference between believing it, and genuinely feeling it. Hair loss definitely shat on the latter.

    At 21, on top of the world hair-wise, I decided to quit the pill. There is a history of breast cancer in my family, and given the stable state of my hair, I thought it was silly to expose myself to gratuitous amounts of oestrogen. I guess you can all guess what happened next. Six months later, I went through what can only be described as chemotherapy-esque hair loss. It was sickening, and I remember feeling crippled, unable to leave home or progress in my life.

    I had properly shocked by hormonal system by going off the pill and it was taking revenge. The thinning continued ceaselessly - it was as though an episode of TE turned into rapidly degenerating androgenetic alopecia - everything was being slowly stripped away, the sides of my head/every imaginable part line. It was like I had set off something that may not have happened for many years, purely by getting off the pill.

    Lesson #1 (which I’m sure most of you know already): if you are hormonally vulnerable, or have expressed some abnormal sensitivity to even normal hormone levels, don’t play with the pill.

    After reading Admin’s post back in March, I was determined to get PRP. I received my first treatment in March in Belgium. I noticed a small decrease in shedding and a definite enhancement in the quality of my hair (shine and perceived thickness), but no regrowth. I had my final set of university exams at the time, so wasn’t able to fly out to Dr.Greco till July. I was so extremely hopeful still, thinking his magic blend of growth factors was so uniquely different from what had been offered to me in Belgium that it would, at the least, give me back what I had lost over the past year.

    Lesson # 2: don’t have high expectations with PRP. The treatment made absolutely no tangible difference bar the initial week of decreased hair loss and increased hair shine. It is nothing but a fancy conditioning treatment, ladies. And investing time, hope and money is simply not worth it. Come September, my hair had hit new lows - even my temples were slowly disappearing.

    It was at this point that I heard of mesotherapy for the scalp. Mesotherapy is essentially the medical term for a series of shots that deliver beneficial ingredients (e.g. B12, biotin, other vitamins and minerals, and sometimes DHT blockers) via needles, to the scalp. Esthetic clinics offer it for many body parts - for the scalp to reduce hair loss, for the face to reduce wrinkles, for the bum to reduce cellulite - each solution blend is specifically tailored for that body part.

    It is something that has been around for years. But it has little clinical backing and therefore never received much attention. By this point, my optimism had worn away and I was just looking for something to make my hair look full -PRP style - but without the heavy cost. Each session of mesotherapy costs me 65 GBP or $100.

    I have had 3 sessions so far and honestly have been pleasantly shocked by the results. My hair looks so much fuller and healthier. I can’t spot overnight regrowth, but it’s as if the existing hair has mobilized itself to make things very easily concealable. I have had friends come up to me telling me my hair looks better than it ever has (they don’t even realize that I’ve lost at least 30% of it over the past year). For the first time in a long time, I feel good about it.

    So Lesson # 3: If you are going to opt for PRP, mesotherapy for the scalp delivers the exact same results. No regrowth as such, but a tangible difference in quality of hair and hair loss, so much so that it might even conceal a little of what you have lost. It is offered at many beauty clinics in big cities. It is certainly painful, but the injections only last one minute and a nurse will administer them. They do not use anaesthetic - but trust me, it is fully bearable. Here is more info:

    The other thing I am using alongside the weekly mesotherapy shots is something called a High Frequency machine. Professional ones are used at beauty clinics to tighten/improve quality of facial skin, and it even functions as an acne-clearing device. Many Ayurvedic hair loss centers (in India) use it to promote scalp blood circulation. I had been to such a clinic and noticed how much it was helping me with the terrible scalp pains that come with intense periods of shedding (trichodynia, as many of you must know). Essentially what it does is generate a current that is transmitted to the skin through a glass electrode which helps to kill harmful bacteria and stimulate circulation. Sounds a little freaky but they have ones on the market for home-use only and are perfectly safe.

    Lesson #4: For those of you suffer scalp pains (which doctors trivialize as psychological for lack of a better answer), high frequency therapy gives long term relief and wakes up areas of the scalp that are a bit dead. Here is the link to the one I purchased:

    The last thing I have to share with you guys, and probably the news that has fully restored my optimism is the invention of QR 678. Two doctors in Hyderabad, India have discovered the perfect combination of plant-based growth factors and claim to have induced 90% regrowth in several hundred patients over the last 4 years. There is a huge lack of real evidence, but their excuse is that while their patent is pending, they are unable to release much information.

    I am scheduled to have my first of this five-course treatment on the 22nd of November. Each treatment costs about $112 which is incredibly reasonable (it’s the air fare that kills). While this may not be the final cure, it is surely an hopeful indication that in the very near future, hair loss will be an eliminated epidemic.
    Some more info on QR 678:
    a) 678&aq=f&aqi=g10&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=
    (the doctor’s own blog which explains some of the doubts people have had)

    I will keep you guys updated on how I go. If you have any questions about the few recommendations I have written about, I have created an email address specifically for this purpose.
    (I have also had long-term experience with both Minoxidil and the Laser Hair Comb, and know a fair bit about PCOS and hormonal issues in general - so if you have questions about any of those two feel free to shoot them at me. I’m by no means a doctor, just someone who was dealt an unfair hand at an unbearable age, and have tried everything humanly possible to change it.)

    Take care girls. Know that your fears are not vain, they are legitimate. If you have ever been told that hair loss is a worry for people who don’t have bigger worries, know that this is untrue. Hair loss, especially before the age of 40, is one of the hardest things to come to terms with. Even my mother, who has had a mastectomy at the age of 30 says to me, “Honey, at least my scars aren’t out on display to the world. I don’t know if I could handle thinning hair.”
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    Hi KVC,

    I am really looking forward to know about your experience with QR 678. I intend to take an appointment soon, but I would like to know how it went for you.
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    Hey, this is Lisah and I am very interested in what you think about this procedure. I have tried many different things and am willing to try this also.... Please let me know what you think after this initial treatment. I couldn't find your direct e-mail or I would have tried that. I'm not very good at posting on here because I'm not very good on e-mail is Thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions about this treatment.....Lisah
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    Hey Lisah,

    I mailed one of the doctors there and they said that minoxidil and some other 'applications' will be prescribed along with the injections. Now here are my concerns--if this is really supposed to work, why should minoxidil be prescribed, even when I said that I had an adverse reaction to minox when i used it.
    They did not seem to be very open and forthright about the procedure, so my scepticism grows. I definitely don't want this to get worse. Really looking forward for a feedback from KVC.

    Chin up![​IMG]
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    Qr 678

    Hi girls,
    I just went for my second session. You have to take at least 5 to notice a difference. It is extremely difficult for me to travel such a long way for a 2 minute procedure - and I am growing increasingly skeptical about it.

    I have started and paid upfront (not a huge amount, but an amount nonetheless), so I'm going to try to persevere.

    The doctor (Dr.Rinky Kapoor) has till this point made no promises about anything. Never has she said "your entire head of hair will grow back after 5 sessions" - so please be cautious about the media hype. Most of their customers come from within India and perhaps the Gulf region (I think I am the only one that has trekked it from Europe, and have only done so because I have a home in India). The shots themselves are extremely superficial - you barely feel them. In contrast to regular mesotherapy which I receive back home, it was a painless experience. She claims that the stem cells they are working with need not be injected deep.

    After my first treatment, she gave me steroidal creme (?!) and minoxidil 5%. I have had bad experiences with minoxidil made in India, so I opted not to use it. I know for a fact it does not affect my hair growth in the least, and has in the past, only made it worse.
    The steroidal creme I used for a week, but the instructions on the box clearly said prolonged use is unhealthy. It is generally prescribed for people with proper scalp infections - so I am still unclear as to why I was told to use it.

    I stopped using both. The Doctor continues to insist that application of both these creams maximizes the effect of the stem cells - but I think it's individual. If you're somebody who benefits from minoxidil - keep using it. As for the steroid cream - it has nasty side effects and I cannot understand why she wants her patients to use it for 2 months continuously (strictly against the instructions on the box).

    On the whole, I don't know what to expect. Nothing has changed yet, of course. I have been a believer in the past, but not so much any more. Suffering from this at such a young age however, I find it hard not to try everything available to me, and try to block the voice in my head shouting 'GIMMICK GIMMICK'.
    So let me be your guinea pig. But I don't advise any one to make the trip (unless your around there for other reasons) until legit results are published.
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    Hi KVC,

    Thanks for the update.

    Did you pay the money for all the 8 sessions at once?

    Good that you are not using the steroids and minox. Strange that it was prescribed in the first place!

    If the hair grows without the minox and the steroids, I'll definitely give it a shot, but definitely not otherwise. What baffles me is why they would wan't to take such a risk with their reputation? They might end up losing their license!

    do keep us posted.
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    Thanks For The Update On Treatment

    Hey Girls, Thanks for posting about the procedure.. I am glad you are trying something even though your not sure.. I say what the hell.. sorry I've had a few drinks. But really I will try whatever will help this shit get better. I was the first to try the PRP therapy and I'm not sorry I did.. Not sure If it helped or not because the shedding has always been a problem but I do think it might have helped slow things down for awhile. Anyway I want to fight back and not give up that is my nature and especially when everyone in my family has damn hair(wtf) I feel like we have to keep fighting to find a way to make this right for everyone and those who will come behind us... I don't want my niece to ever have this problem.. and she is only 12 but I think of her ofter when I am hoping for a solution. Her hair is so pretty kinda like my was 6 years ago and I really miss the hair. I want to find a answer for this for everyone.... Please keep us posted no matter what happens and know I'll be hoping for the BEST for you and all of us... God Bless and Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!! Lisah:)
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    Hi KVC,

    Are you continuing with your treatment? Anything positive or negative to report?
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    Hi guys,
    I had my 3rd treatment a few weeks ago. I really can't say anything positive about this experience. I have been going diligently, traveling a far way to get there. My hair currently looks worse than it ever has due to a huge stress-related shed.

    It is by no means some overnight miracle cure. I have another 3 treatments minimum before I am to "start seeing results" however, so I can't totally rule it out despite the hopelessness I am feeling right now.
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    Thanks for Responding

    Hey, glad to hear from you. Sorry that things are not as good as they should be considering the effort you are making!!! That is what really sucks about Hairloss to me.. Trying to find something that works and it just seems out of reach sometimes.. Sounds like you are hanging in there and trying. I wish so bad I could find out the answer so that so many could be helped.. Keep your chin up and hopefully we will (someone) will come up with some REAL answers for this pain in the ass problem we are trying to deal with. I believe this will happen one day... There are way to many people dealing with this. There is a market for someone to get very rich from and the way people like money I think It will happen.. Take care and let us here from you.. Best wishes also.. Lisah:)
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    Hi KVC,
    I’ve also intended to give QR678 a try but lately, I came across another injection type like QR678. It’s PRP with the combination of ACELL matrix. Doctor Hitzig from NY had performed the PRP/Acell on two patients and he had published the results on his website
    replace xxxxxxxxxxx with nyhairloss
    I don’t know are the pictures real but if it is then I would say there are definitely improvements to the eyes. He claimed it as a hair loss ‘vaccination’ as both patients’ hair loss had put halt since the treatment.
    Anybody had experience with this? Is it the same as the previous PRP that you’ve done? Is this one a better option than QR678?
    What are your views?
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    Dear Jlj,
    I have been doing a lot of research on ACell recently; as you probably know, both ACell and Histogen's HSC Complex are all we really have to place our hopes on.

    Now I have done PRP twice; once with Dr.Greco (the most experienced) and once without, and neither time have I found the result substantial enough to justify an overseas visit. I sometimes wish I had gone during periods of huge shed (like now!) because I do believe PRP helps with shed (though little else).

    All I want to say to you with regards to this new treatment is that this time last year, I remember reading the original Greco paper (the one Hitzig cites on his website) about PRP and getting so, so hopeful. Ultimately however, these aren't "miracle treatments" and won't be until they legitimately crossover to the next generation of hair loss treatments that actually promise to GROW hair back (e.g. Histogen's HSC). I am sure PRP+ACell probably works somewhat better than PRP on its own, but I can't imagine it growing back lost hair. So be cautious in your excitement. Definitely go try it out if cost/distance are not worries. It cannot do harm. I am a firm believer of trying whatever is available to you if money permits. My frustration arises when doctors claim to have solved hairloss (like the QR 678 doctors) when really they have done no such thing - making vulnerable people travel around the world with the false hope that they will have their hair back within 3 months.

    So to clarify, QR678 and PRP/ACell are not comparable treatments. The doctors behind QR 678 claim that their treatment is next-generation (but is in fact, probably not - as published studies showing results have STILL not been released)....What I appreciate about Hitzig/Greco on the other hand is that they don't make such ambitious promises. They simply want to help halt hair loss and miniaturisation and will maintain that at this point in time, nothing but a hair transplant will grow new hair where there wasn't any before.
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    Hi KVC,
    Thanks for your reply and my apologies for the late reply.
    I’m really hoping that PRP, Acell or QR678 could at least maintain what hair I have now.
    I’m delighted with your detail explanations and sharing your experiences on PRP. I hope your shedding is for a good turn my dear.

    Residing outside of The States definitely poses the biggest considerations for me. To be really honest, I really have no idea what I should do now. Maybe I should wait a few months see how things are progressing. I’ve been on minoxidil since Jan 09 and it has been shedding for one and a half years until it has stable a little the last couple of months.
    Now I started to doubt the effectiveness of minoxidil and on the other hand afraid to get off it. I’m so tired and unclear how much hair is the original or all have turned into minoxidil grown hair.

    That lead me to hopefully think PRP, Acell or QR678 can maintain whatever hair I have now whether minoxidil grown or not. I read your previous post that minoxidil actually made your hair worse? Do you mind sharing your experience and how you manage to get it off?

    Anyway, I hope you can keep us updated on your progress on QR678. Many sincere thanks and good luck.
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    qr 578

    Hi kvc thanks somuch.i am from india .i was thinking of trying this treatment.but now i have my own doubts about it
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    Hi KVC, I'm dying to know the results of your QR678 treatments. Are you on your 5th treatment yet?

    Also, about your PRP experience, when you had it done with Greco, was he combining it with Orogen+ yet? Not sure when it was that he introduced it in his practice, but it's an alternative to Acell that he seems to swear by:

    Hope you're doing well, we'd all love an update :)
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    hi kvc it is very sweet of you to write and warn all of us
    i am from india.i live 500 kms away from hyderabad.i am adoctor.i asked lot of my doctor friends.they did not have anything to say about these treatment.
    i went and consulted a dermatologist.He said stem cell therapy does not grow any new cells it makes the hair grow thicker and it covers the bald spots and it is better for young i am 50 he had his own doubts