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    I have recently started taking 50 mg a day of Spiro. I started in mid-August. I have not had a regular period since then. I was a week late one time and the other 2 times have been every 2 weeks.

    At the same time I started Spiro my integrative nurser practitioner changed the amount and kind of progesterone cream I was taking.

    Now fast forward to the beginning of this month (Oct.) I started going to a new intergrative doctor. I really like him. I have a lot of bothersome symptoms, one them happens to be hair loss. Anyway he put me on something for my adrenals (which are not in good shape) and something to clear yeast out of my system.

    In just 2 weeks my hair did a turnaround. I could tell it was getting better before that. But it started growing again. Now I can tell I have some new growth up front (where most my hair loss is) and my part is tightening up. My family can tell a difference. And I feel better physically and mentally.

    I am just trying to figure out what helped it. My cousin does hair and said the regrowth looks 2 months old which would point to the Spiro. But I thought Spiro did not make hair grow. I thought it just blocked the dht so more doesn't fall out. What could making my hair grow. And could it literally grow that fast in 2 weeks? Maybe it was improving all along since Spiro and I just could tell it until it got long enough.

    But I'm scared to death that the doctor will take me off the Spiro because of my messed up cycle. And I have to say I'm not thrilled at the thought of having a period every 2 weeks. But it is wonderful having my hair grow again. I just can't tell you :)

    He is going to test my hormones next week to see if he can figure out why my cycle is off.

    For those of you who take Spiro do you plan on taking it long term? I just wish I knew what exactly if helping my hair. The thought of stoping Spiro and it falling out again makes me so unhappy.

    Sorry this is so long. But maybe someone else may be able to help me.

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    Spiro helped me!!!!!

    When looking at this forum some four or five months ago, I swore that I would come back and write my success story one day. There were so few on here and I needed hope badly. I suffered the loss of both parents in the space of three weeks. I live in GA and they lived in MI. The extreme stress of these events I believe caused my TE. Of course, the shed didn't happen until two months after their deaths. I lost about 75% of my hair. In the meantime, I went to my derm and they put me on Spiro 50 mg once a day for one month. This didn't help at all. The shed was still described as clumps. I was desperate. Went back after 1.5 months on Spiro 50 mg. They bumped me up to 100 mg and still clumps coming out. I resorted to wig shopping. I made an appt with this expensive hair salon that specializes in hair loss for some sort of hair ext. or partial wig. Of course, everyone knows here that you do not take a shower unless you absolutely have to because of the massive shed during and after the shower. Well, out of the blue after being on the Spiro 100 mg for about three weeks, I shower and no shed. Comb my hair and no shed. Do the pull test throughout the day and no shed. I'm on my third month of 100 mg and throughout this time - no shed. A few hairs here and there in the shower - but definitely no massive shed. To respond to your above post, my cycle did get a little wacky and my cramps were extreme to say the least but I thought that was a side effect that I could definitely deal with considering the alternative. My cycle has now gotten back to schedule (at least this month), cramps are pretty bad, but NO hair loss. My derm said I could stay on this as long as needed. The spiro combined with Biotin (soft gels), and iron supplements has produced new hair growth and my scalp is no longer showing. Yes, the new hair is baby fine but I'll take it. Hang in there everybody. If you have TE your chances are pretty good at getting some self esteem back and some of your hair. I wish everyone out there the best of luck!!!! Patience is not my virtue but it's definitely needed when dealing with hair loss. Love to all!!!!

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    Your periods getting closer together is a good sign on spiro. When they stop its bad. As long as they dont stop I would give it a good try.