Post Partum/Surgical Abortion Hair Shedding?!

Discussion in 'Iron' started by Lola6823, Dec 9, 2011.

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    Hey All!
    My name is Lo and basically I am going to give you a briefing of what has happened to me in the last year leading up to me joining this site. I would love to here feedback, experiences and any positive reinforcement. I will welcome it all. Please just no judgment regarding my topic/story. It hasnt been easy. Okay, so this March I had a surgical abortion for which I was under general anesthesia. It was about 2 months in when I decided to terminate the pregnancy, however at the time I was very much feeling every ailment a pregnant woman would feel......nausea, morning sickness, sweating, was hellish beyond belief. I am almost positive this was due to my estrogen levels being through the roof due to my partying ways and previous alcohol consumption (nuff said there!) Following the abortion, I became a workout fiend....I was at the gym 5x a week for hours at a time...and I resumed my partying except not as hard as I had been....therefore which I started to lose weight relatively fast...maybe say 25 lbs over the course of 2 months? I also during this time stopped taking my long beloved Prozac for which I decided to supplement with numerous over the counter vitamins, supplements etc. Nothing worked! Anyhow, approx 3 1/2 months later I started to notice excessive hair shedding (Im nearly positive it was TE...white bulb, diffuse, eyebrows and eyelashes were also shedding...etc.). This began around the last week in July/first week of August....just about four months ago. Ive went to every doctor....had blood run....ferritin is in the 40's (last time I was there...low but not freakishly low)...thyroid checked, zinc, mercury, b12.....the whole nine all came back NORMAL. Even my hormones were checked and came back normal. Then I changed my diet around sugar...low carb...I also include iron supplements and also various other fun hair supplements (zinc, biotin, fish oil....I rotate them)...However the shedding has slowed a great deal and there are new hairs everywhere...I had no widening of part and my eyelashes and eyebrows keep growing in just as fast as they fell out....thought they are falling out much less now. But for the love of God, I can not understand why and how I am still somewhat shedding! Even some of the new hairs (some are sturdy and unpluckable and others are baby fine) are falling out along with the older and longer hairs. This is perplexing! Could it be that TE can last four %$#@ing months? And is this due to post partum? I thought this only happened to ppl who went full term!? If anyone could shed light on the situation or share their experience if a similar one...please feel free to do so! I had the abortion in shedding started in July (way end) and is still (but slowed somewhat) going on now in December. Is this abnormal? Im a tad worried...
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    Hugs to you!! you must be going through a tough time. I don't have answers you want but I have hair loss ( alopecia) since I was nine. Been bald for 14 years. When I got it for 2 weeks my hair was shedding and it wasn't fun at all and I also can't figure why it happened. Its the mystery of my life. So if you ever need someone to talk to I am here.