Pregnancy causing my hairloss

Discussion in 'Hair Loss Causes' started by Cel, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. Cel

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    Hi all, I'm new to the network and want to say hello. I also want to describe my hairloss in the hope someone has some advice. (sorry for the essay)
    I'm 8 weeks pregnant and have been losing my hair in handfuls since before I even knew I was Pregnant. My GP simply told me it was normal but the sides of my head are almost bald so I dont think it can be normal. All I've heard about pregnancy and hair is that it grows more so it seems odd that mine is shedding.
    This isn't the first time I've experienced hairloss. 3 years ago I went on the mini pill - Cerazette. Within 2 months my hair began to shed excessively. Mostly on the sides and top, but generally all over. I told the GP back then but she insisted it was not the pill and that I should continue to take it. I did for a few months more but when my hairdresser gasped as how thin my hair had become I took the decision to stop. The hairloss continued for around 12 more months and I was unable to find anyone in the medical profession able to help. Tricholgists told me it was genetic hairloss and that I should take minoxidil. Dermatologist suggested ferritin supplements (even though my iron was well within the normal range). Eventually the hairloss stopped without any medication but it never grew back.
    My husband I tried for a baby for the next 2.5 years. Its taken a while and we are overjoyed to be pregnant but I'm concerned about the excessive hairloss that has started due to the pregnancy. To me it feels as though there must be some underlying problem with minerals/vitamins or hormones that is triggering the hairloss and I am obviously concerned about the baby's health.
    I have made an appointment with an endocrinologist in the hope he can diagnose the cause but I don't have too much faith. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Desperate for success stories!
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    You may find the answer at First 3 months may be normal. Make sure your Dr. checks your thyroid hormones.
  3. Skylark

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    Hi Cel,

    I'm having the same problem during the first trimester of my pregnancy and am wondering if you figured out the cause of yours or if it eventually stopped?

    I have a history of shedding (probably due to low ferritin) which seemed to have resolved itself before I got pregnant and I didn't expect it to start up again!

    Hope yours is better now you're further along in your pregnancy.

    Good luck with everything!

    Skylark x
  4. Cel

    Cel New Member

    Hi Skylark,

    Bad news im afraid. My hair is still shedding and I'm now 23 weeks. The dandruff stopped around 10 weeks I think so I guess it was hormonal. I didn't get to the bottom of the hair loss. I'm due to get a whole load more blood test results this week and I'll follow up with my dermatologist in a couple of weeks.

    Deep down I believe that the loss is hormonal and that the trigger was a few years ago when I tried a progesterone only pill called Cerazette. Although I was only on it a short while, and the shedding did eventually stop, i truly believe that it gave me a sensitivity to hormonal hair loss which has resurfaced during the pregnancy.

    Nobody else in my family has experienced hair loss, either during pregnancy or due to male or female pattern balding so I'm in denial about any hereditary factor.

    Good luck with getting to the bottom of your hairloss.
  5. Skylark

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    Hi Cel,

    Sorry to hear you're still shedding :( I noticed my shed initially began a few months after I came off the pill (Microgynon.) It could have been triggered by other factors too, but I wonder if I'm sensitive to hormones like you. I also have a possible hereditary factor although my shedding is diffuse and I luckily have normal regrowth. Do you get regrowth?

    Did your latest blood work show anything interesting? I'm still waiting for updated ferritin and thyroid.

    Hopefully this will mean less of a post-partum shed as I think that's usually hair that didn't fall when it naturally would have. I'm not sure my hair would survive a dramatic shed after pregnancy too!

    Good luck with your pregnancy and blood tests x
  6. Cel

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    Hi Skylark,

    I got my results back but not discussed with Derm yet. My prolactin is 3270 mu/L - normal is between 125-625, but I think mine is probably high due to pregnancy and therefore normal. I'll know more when I speak to the Derm. haemoglobin, haematrocit and red blood cell count are a bit low, (but iron and ferritin are fine), also probably related to blood volume increase of being preggo. Also borderline low for zinc, serum total protein and albumin. No idea if any of this stuff is relevant yet.

    I'm not seeing any regrowth. I suppose it must be because I'm not totally bald, but I do have patches where you can see the scalp clearly, like the sides and crown. The thinning is mostly diffuse all over like yours though. I have noticed my hair length growing incredibly slowly this trimester, much more slowly than usual (and much slower than in the first 2-3 months). The shedding happens all the time, but I really notice it when I brush my hair, it's almost like its so delicately attached to my scalp that the slightest tug pulls it out. Quite weird.

    Will let you know if my Derm has any insight from my test results (he was convinced its due to telogen effluvium unrelated to pregnancy but I don't agree).

    Hope you're not worrying too much about the hair loss and managing to enjoy your pregnancy :) I'm so happy to be pregnant I can kind of deal with the hairloss for now.

  7. Reha

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    Hair loss is very common problem faced by every women after pregnancy due hormonal changes
  8. mc41551231

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    yes this is fact most of women face hair loss problem due to pregnancy.
  9. Reha

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    Yes high dose of medicine may cause hair loss, But in many cases hair loss is observed after pregnancy.
  10. Cel

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    I wanted to reply to this post I did two years ago. My hair shed for about the first 6 months of my pregnancy. I wasn't taking any medicine, other than folic acid, so it wasn't that causing the hair loss. My blood level were also fine. I firmly believe that it was the hormonal shift which triggered this hair loss, or perhaps all the nutrients were going to baby...Either way, the hair loss did eventually stop in the final trimester. I got a little bit of shedding 4 months postpartum. But now, two years on, my hair is pretty much back to normal. Family have even commented recently on how my hair is looking thicker. Hopefully this post will serve as some kind of reassurance to anyone else experiencing hair loss DURING pregnancy. I found out that one if my Mum's friends experienced hair loss during her pregnancy too. So it can happen and you don't need to worry because the hair will grow back in due course.
  11. Julia David

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    if you're losing ALL your hair, that's deffinitley not normal. If you're exaggerating and you lose hair, that's normal, the baby is taking away nutrients from you. the best advice is to make sure you're taking your prenantals and if you're too worried about it ask your ob about getting another vitamin that would help your hair loss. if you're serious about it being ALL your hair i would contact your ob right away, something could be going wrong.
  12. Cel

    Cel New Member

    Hi Julia, I didn't say that I lost all my hair. I lost a lot of hair and it was incredibly worrying. It became extremely thin on the sides and top of my head and was very noticeable to friends and family as well as to me. I sought the advice of tricologists, endocrinologist, dermatologist and GP at the time and none of them could give me an answer - they all thought it highly unusual to lose hair DURING pregnancy because "hair becomes thicker during pregnancy due to oestrogen levels". I even had one dermatologist diagnose me with female pattern hairloss / miniaturisation which I know now cannot be correct. With the luxury of hindsight, I now know that for me, the hormonal changes I experienced during the first two trimesters of pregnancy caused my hair loss. I know this because by the time my daughter turned one year old, my hair was much thicker again, to the levels it was before I was pregnant and I could tie it up without my side scalp visible.
    Many women talk about shedding hair AFTER pregnancy and I did indeed have a small shed at 4 months post partum, but the point I raised in my original post was about hair loss during pregnancy.
    Since that time I have also met other women who have lost hair during pregnancy. Some have had hair grow back to pre-pregnancy levels but some have not because it has triggered female pattern hairloss.
    It is not simply a case of taking a "pregnancy multi-vitamin/supplement". That is an incredibly naive thing to state. Hair loss is caused by many different factors and in my case was hormonal. Not abnormal hormones, but the way my body reacted to the change in hormones. Taking vitamins didn't and would never have cured it. However I do concede that if the someone's hairloss is cause by a difficiency in iron, for example, an iron supplement would be helpful.
    What I want to do is give people hope who might be suffering from hairloss during pregnancy, that like me, it may only be temporary and will grow back. This is something I needed to hear when going through the hairloss myself.
    Obviously those suffering with hairloss during pregnancy should also take steps to understand what is causing their hairloss by speaking to their GP initially but also in following up with relevant specialists if they don't get a satisfactory answer.
  13. Cel

    Cel New Member

    One more thing to add that might give people additional comfort. if you experience hairloss during pregnancy once, it doesn't necessarily mean you will experience it again the next time. I am in the final trimester of my second pregnancy and did not experience hairloss this time.
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    Thanks for this useful information..
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    Yes, thank you so much for the information!
  16. Julia David

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    Everything that I've read says that you lose LESS hair when you're pregnant. I know that every person is different, but I've never heard of losing all your hair in pregnancy. You should see the doctor about it. Before I was pregnant I usually lost a good many in the shower, but during the first 8+ months of pregnancy I stopped losing any hairs in the shower until now (I am 37 weeks pregnant now).
  17. DewayneWood

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    Hair fall during pregnancy may be due to hormone progesterone, which is released in high levels during pregnancy. This cant be controlled during pregnancy, so if you want a heavy volume of hair during your pregnancy duration then you can try hair extensions. It will not cause any harm to you as well as your baby.