Pregnancy Hair Loss? What?

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  1. Merry

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    Has anyone ever heard of severe and sudden hair loss due to pregnancy? I went to a new obstetrician today and when I mentioned how much hair I've lost he just blew it off and said that if I wanted to check with a dermatologist I could, but it was probably due to being 8 weeks pregnant and it wouldn't last forever. Big fat blowoff. I stood up for myself "You may see this as vanity or of minimal importance, but its affecting my self-esteem and overall give me a better answer damnit!" He just reiterated, "I don't see any noticeable bald spots," (because I obviously covered them to go to the appointment in PUBLIC) " and you just need to relax because different women respond to pregnancy in different ways." Everything I've read said you lose your hair AFTER the baby's born...not during pregnancy, and not to this extreme. At this rate I will be completely bald by delivery. I've searched this website on hair loss correlating to pregnancy and I've found nothing. I've had a normal thryoid test taken by my gynocologist, and they've rules out PSOD...they did find endometriosis and removed that two weeks ago, but not hair-related it seems. I'd like to believe this is a temporary hormonal/pregnancy thing and not something yet to be diagnosed....any hope for me out there please??? Thanks.
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    How far long are you? Are you 8 weeks now right now? Can or did they check to see what your progesterone levels were?
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    First of all, good for you for standing up to your ob! And I'm sick of drs. who say 'talk to your derm' or 'see your endo' ...way to pass the buck! I don't have any insight on your hair loss, but I feel for you. I was the opposite during pregnancy. I had fabulous hair (and skin) during and, like you say, I lost tons when I stopped nursing. I know you just want some reassurance right now that it will come back. If this is the first time you've ever had hair loss, seems like it should be temporary. Wish I could help! k
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    Nooooooooooo! Propecia is not the answer for a pregnant woman. It's not even approved by the FDA for use by women. I personally would not recommend any treatment until your baby is born. I may be extreme, but I didn;'t even take cold medicine during my pregnancy.