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    Hello. I'm 19 and live in Indonesia. My hair loss started when i was 15 and its shedding on the crown. My hair used to be very thick but now it has become very thin. I often feel depressed about it. I'm not sure what kind of hair loss i have. Every time i try to talk about it with my mother she tells me not to worry about it and that it will eventually grow back on its own. Both her and my older sister have very thick and beautiful hair. So did I at one point :(

    Things haven't been getting better and now my mum blames the hair loss on my stupid mistakes. I went through terrible depression when i was younger and took a whole bunch of pills to escape, i had done this twice. My second time i was rushed to the hospital. My mum blames this for my hair loss and also my excess use of the blowdryer when i was younger. It makes no sense to me though... i have friends who treat their hair a lot worse. They dye it every month and they too use hair dryers and such excessively and yet they have a thick head of hair.
    But i do agree with my mum about how maybe those pills i took mustve ruined something inside me. I regret making that mistake everyday.

    I am glad to have found this site. I am new on here and have read so many stories. I was in tears reading them. The support shown on this site is so amazing.

    I saw a doctor over a year ago and she prescribed me this hair tonic containing minoxidil. I was not proper with my hair care routine and didn't really apply that tonic. Now I'm older and my hair seems to be getting thinner.

    I was wondering if anyone has ever tried the Provillus Kit for women? I read online that its supposed to be helpful for hair growth. The kit contains a bottle of provillus for women capsules and hairloss serum treatment with 2% minoxidil.

    If anyone has tried this or have heard anything about this treatment then Id really appreciate it if you could share your thoughts on it. Thanks in advance everyone :)