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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Atlanta, Jul 6, 2014.

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    I've been trying to find the time to post since I've scoured the internet and this site for a few years now. I feel like it's my time to post!

    Background: Went off the pill, huge shed 4 years ago, hair grew back but not well. I've been struggling, worrying, crying, etc. I finally took the plunge and went to the Griffin Center in Atlanta which is where I live. They specialize in hair loss. It was so hard and embarrassing for a lot of reasons. I booked an appointment with Dr Curtis. She's not the warmest person in the world but her staff is great. Very understanding, sweet and kind. I was diagnosed with female pattern hair loss.

    I'm on a compounded formula of Minoxidil and propecia. I also was doing red light therapy that I thought was helpful. However, what I think is really working is a PRP session I did in May and noticed about 4 weeks in that my hair on top of my head was "puffy". Definitely seemed like "happy hair". It's now been 8 weeks and it's looking better all the time. I'm going back for a second treatment at the end of July which will include Acell. I wanted to post because this has definitely helped me and it could help you as well. I'm really really happy with what's happening with my hair. I hope this helps you!
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    That is Great! What are the PRP session like?
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    I'm also wondering what the PRP treatment is like or if anyone else has tried it... I've heard from that some doctors do the needling as well and others just inject the PRP without additional needling.
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    Hi Atlanta! I just read your post and have a question.... I too went through a shed after I went off the pill about 8 months ago. I lost maybe about 30% with a thinner patch behind my bangs. I see a good amount of regrowth and the patch is getting better. I am so scared that this could have triggered fphl. I went through TE 2 times before after each pregnancy and my hair came back fine. My question to you is when you say "your hair grew back but not well" what is not well? Did it not look as it did before? Just not as full?
  5. Atlanta

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    Sorry for the delay. My hair grew back which was evident in it sticking up all over my head but it didn't seem to grow long and it just seemed not as healthy. I continued to have shedding of hair that was about 5 inches in length. The topical treatments that Dr Curtis prescribed have seemed to get the shedding under control. I just finished a second PRP treatment this time with the booster "acell" also included. Overall my hair looks a lot healthier through the crown and I recently had my hair trimmed so it's just above my shoulders and I'd say my hair looks the healthiest it has in years. I'm hoping now that my hair seems to be on the right track I can get it down to my shoulders or just past.

    I stopped doing the hair light part of the treatment mid summer so the main results I think are coming from the PRP. I never had any bald spots but it was more thinning and shedding. I'm very happy with the results. I won't go in for a third PRP treatment until maybe next year just to maintain. I'm very happy with the results.

    The PRP treatments do kind of hurt. It's actually the numbing shots that are a killer. Your head will be tender for about a week after. Totally worth it though. I'm crossing my fingers this continues to work for me.
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    PRP Hair restoration thearpy is for both men and women. It is non surgical and totally natural medical procedure used to treatment of Hair loss. It is an injectable treatment which uses the patient's own blood. It is a good treatment with one most harmful effect. There is a fear of falling patient blood level. That is why this not comfortable for all. Congrats to you success of PRP treatment.

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    Atlanta, do you have any updates. Or has anyone else tried this kind of treatment? Just wondering how expensive it us and will insurance help out.
  8. Atlanta

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    Hi Jodi09. It is expensive. I spent about $1300 per treatment, I've had two. I doubt insurance would cover it. I swear by it though. I've seen a huge difference in my hair from this and using a compounded topic treatment prescribed by Dr Ashley Curtis in Atlanta. The only thing I worry about now is the future, like menopause someday and what will happen to my hair. Another thing I've done is cut down on washing my hair. I also almost never blow dry it straight. I have naturally wavy hair and I've embraced that which I haven't done since the 90s! Ha! II saw the post above about falling patient blood level but I don't understand that. They only take out a small amount of blood. There's really no side effect except soreness for a few days. The only other downsize is cost.
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    Thanks for your reply. I am interested to know do you have aga. Also what is the compounded formula on propecia and monoxidil you are on. Very interested in this. How long have you been taking it? Also, did you get regrowth in your hairline. This is my main area of corcern as it is receding some. Thank you . Glad to hear of your success. Those PRP treatments may be an option down the road, but not in my budget now. I have been on spiro for 8 months and rogaine once a day womens 5 percent for 6 weeks. Not seeing regrowth yet. I am praying too. I am 45 and I know what you mean about menopause worries. Ugh!
  10. Atlanta

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    Hi Jodi09,
    I looked at the bottle, and I don't see any specifics on formula. I just have good ol
    aging hair. Hereditary. androgenetic alopecia. So I don't think I was going truly bald, just very thing and my hair kept shedding and wouldn't stay in growth phase. I'm 44! I do have hair growth along hair line but I attribute that to PRP treatments. Good luck. I know how hard it is. I obsess over my hair and I hate that I do it but... its just so hard. I understand your pain.
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    Hi Atlanta,
    Yes. It is just awful worrying about how bad it,any get. I was diagnosed with aga by biopsy. I can still hide it pretty well but myhairline is really starting to recede. I need my bangs. It is a contant worry which can't be helping. So, what you applying a topical mixture of propecia and minoxidl? Is that what you are saying. You are not taking it orally? I,thought propecia was taken orally only. How long have you been taking it and how do you know what exactly is working and is helping you with regrowth? Or do you think it's a combination of PRP treatments and that. Do you lose hair when you have PRP treatments done and can you just get them like in your worst areas? Like my bangs and hairline? Did you notice an ever bigger improvement after your second PRP treatment. Darn it, why do they have to be so expensive!