pura d'or anti hair loss shampoo

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by quinn, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. quinn

    quinn New Member

    has anyone tried this one? I just ordered a bottle from Amazon, because I was impressed with the ingredients and figured if I doesn't help regrow my hair, at least it is a quality shampoo. it's all natural and contains saw palmetto, and about a bazillion other good components.
  2. DemetriaBeth

    DemetriaBeth New Member

    I know you have gotten this by now :) But i thought i would answer the question. I ordered this off amazon too. I think it was a huge waste of money. 1. IT STINKS!!! To me it smelled like wet hay. 2. Barely Lathered. I know that some shampoos don't and they clean perfectly fine, but i want a headful of lather, or i don't think it's doing the job. Plus there is something a little decadent about a luxourious lather. 3. Couldn't tell a difference after 3 weeks, and i thought, this is not worth it because i am walking around smelling like wet hay. (I actually had comments from family members about it. Who knows what strangers were thinking.) I will be sticking with nioxin or trying the bosley biorevive.