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Discussion in 'Wigs and Toppers' started by leap, Jun 10, 2015.

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    I have noticed so far that every wig I have purchased has hair in the front hair line that falls forward into my face and when I push it behind my ears, my ears stick out because there is too much hair. I cant naturally push the hair back or pull it up in a French braid. It always needs to semi be infront of my face to look natural. This is even the expensive Jon Ranau human hair wigs.

    Does any one have suggestions for wigs that don't do this or do they all do this. I am thinking about saving up for a follea wig, but really don't think the money is worth it if is going to have the same problems. I just want to tuck it behind my ear or pull it back. I also noticed that the hair coming out of the lace front area is sewed in a certain direction so that it falls forward into the face. Is this how they are all sewn or are there wigs out there that have hair shafts sewn in perpendicular to the lace?

    Thanks everyone! Anyone's experience would be really helpful in deciding how Im going to proceed with my new self.
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    Wash your wig then condition it. Rinse, wrap in a towel, squeeze out excess water. Put wig on your wig stand and brush the hair back. Put the part in where you want it to be with a comb but then brush all the hair back. Let it air dry. This works for me with my human hair wigs.
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    I met with a follea rep for the first time on Saturday. I don't own one yet but when I tried them on, I was easily able to pull the hair off my face and clip it back to look natural. When it was down, it didn't fall in my face. I was able to put it behind my ears but my ears did stick out slightly.