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    Hi there,

    So in the interest of full disclosure, I am NOT female, but the shame and depravity I've felt at losing hair probably exceeds that of most females - I've barely left my house at all in 2 years! It started happening a few months after a calamitous event and ever since I've been very nervous - I haven't felt a shred of genuine joy, nor any respite from anxiety, in 2 years. All the while my hair has continued to fall out (not just on my head, but also on my legs). I went to an endocrinologist who couldn't find anything wrong.

    So I've decided that it's about time I do something about this, and that the best solution would be to get a female wig and cut it somewhat shorter. At very least it might help me feel less ashamed and less anxious. However, before I go off hunting for additional hair I have some questions for any experts out there --

    Do they stay on if, for instance, I pick up something off the ground? Ride my bike? Play tennis?
    Do they need to be washed?
    How expensive is a reasonable quality wig (i.e, one that doesn't broadcast the fact that it is a wig, isn't unbearably uncomfortable and doesn't fall off)?
    I still have a fair amount of I need to cut it short or shave it off or something?

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    Also, are there any reasonably-priced brands I should be aware of? Anything that comes highly recommended?

    Are people neurotic about getting dirt or rain or whatever on their wig?

    Is there anything you would recommend that I could easily cut to look like longish male hair rather than really long female hair?