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    I posted my story in that forum and have had a bunch of views, but no responses.

    I am so sad and feel lost. I have read other threads and haven't heard/seen of anyone having as much hair shed as mine within such a short time. I didn't brush my hair for two days (leaving it slicked back in a bun) and when I brushed it last night there was a compact pile the size of a softball of my fallen hair. I got in the shower and proceeded to lose nearly the same amount. My usual hair ties fall right out and I have lost almost all of my hair with noticeable extremely thin/few strands of hair left areas on the sides. I'm looking into wigs, but I feel so lost in this.

    I know I went through a major health scare and I am happy to be alive but this doesn't make the healing process any easier. I look "sick" now while I'm still trying to recover and am already contending with tons of scars on my neck from surgery. I feel so alone and like no one understands at all :(.
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    so sorry. i hope you can feel my arms around you and the big hug i am sending you.

    Well if it is any solace-- your shedding sounds absolutely like a massive TE due to shock on your body from surgery. you have to remember that hair has many life cycles. you are losing a great many of your hairs all at once--but that is still only one cycle. People with gradual AGA their hair cycles are actually sped up through miniaturization. That is not your issue.

    Is is very likely that when you body adjusts(and it will) and begins to heal, you will get as dramatic hair regrowth.

    I am not a doctor, but I have been at this long enough feel confident to say to you that this is not the end.

    Find something to cover your head while you focus on healing your body. Do your very best to be strong and let go for now...Then when you are not looking things will begin to turn around...

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    Thank you so much. I've been crying all morning. The shed is constant. I can brush my hair out thoroughly then brush it after putting in a dry colored shampoo to unsuccessfully hide the bald spots which are now everywhere and no matter what, tons more hair comes out. I've brushed it twice today (once to detangle and once after the spray). I counted the hairs and stopped when I got to over 400. This is happening everyday without fail now for two weeks. It feels like it's never going to end =/.
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    You are not alone. When I have an episode (currently on the fourth one of my life) in which I lose 90% of my hair, my hair falls out like that, too. The dermatologist diagnosed alopecia areata. I understand how frustrating trying to cover spots can be. I nearly had a breakdown at the gym last night when the cloth headband I was using kept falling out, despite me pinning it in place.

    Have you seen a doctor about this? Have you seen a dermatologist?

    Buy yourself some nice hats. You will feel better if you find ways to make yourself look good, despite the hair loss. I know it always sucks to think about needing things to cover the spots, but it might make you feel better.
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    I've seen my regular doctor so far. She said classic TE due to the timing and events. She did take some blood and I'm waiting on the results. We are going out of town as my father in law is in the icu. I scheduled a consult with a hair replacement salon. I've been looking into the follea wigs but am unsure if they're in my price range. I Have baseball caps but no other hats. Any suggestions? I'm nervous to see my family in law because my hair is lacking and we are staying at their house. I have no idea how to hide the loss.
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    Thank you. I so appreciate that.
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    Your family should be least, I'd hope they would be. That being said, I remember seeing my grandparents when I was nearly bald and that was really hard. I never quite felt comfortable...In terms of hats/cover ups, I have a fedora and a lot of newsboy hats. You should wear things that make you feel comfortable. I am uncomfortable with hats because I think it draws attention to the loss (I always know I wouldn't be wearing a hat if this weren't happening to me) but at the same time, hats are a TOTALLY NORMAL thing to wear and so it's not like others are really noticing/caring...I also really like bandana headbands...those are headbands that are super wide a expandable. You can buy them on Amazon...I think they might be called bohemian style? I really like those because they cover a lot and they stay put on my head.
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    They were. I was open and said I was going bald. I just wore a baseball cap because it was so late when we got there, I didn't need an alternative. Put it back on in the morning and have been living in them since. I finally got a big floppy straw hat from target that will work I think for summer at least. I will check out those headbands for sure. Anything that will help me with this =(. My hair is so paper thin you can see right through it and it's baby fine so it's tangling all the time. I have tried fedora style straw hats that have been in style for so long and I think they look crazy and tall on me so I always pass. Thank you for responding, it REALLY helps on days like today when I was wig shopping and there was nothing in stock for me to try and I'm stressed like crazy about having to afford the wig as it is. It just helps knowing there are others out there going through this or that did go through it and know the pain and struggle. I wish I could just shave it and be bold but that just isn't me right now :(.
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    Going through it, that's what I'm doing right now. For the fourth time. I only went with the wig option once. I was still in high school and my parents paid for it...I think actually my mother might have gotten insurance to cover some of it, but I have no idea how she did that. A good wig is expensive; it's a big investment. But if it will make you feel better, then it's totally worth it.

    I know what you mean about being bold. It's just not me either. I respect the people who do it and I envy their courage, but you can't beat yourself up for not doing it if it's just not something you're comfortable doing.
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    I am hoping that insurance will reimburse me for some of it. My first experience was just so cruddy. The woman helping me was perfectly nice but they had nothing for me to try on at all so I paid $30 to order a 3/4th wig (she said it'd be better for the "flat back of my head") where there was only one option then I had to pick a color from a teeny color wheel. I decided if I'm spending all this on a wig, I'm going lighter and blonder like how I looked when I had tons of gorgeous blonde higlights. Might as well, right?! But it was impossible to pick a great sample from that tiny thing of hair... I'm so sorry you're going through this too. No matter what I do or where I part my hair or how I try to hide it, there's just no hiding it. I have a few pieces of stringy hair left all over and scalp showing through everywhere.
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    I had a 3/4 wig. I liked it better because it made me feel less "sick." It didn't require a wig cap for the hair I had left, and I could just clip it in. But it depends on your hair situation. And I'm all for getting a wig in the style you've always wanted. That's what I did! I finally got to have face-framing bangs and it was awesome :)

    I'm sorry you can't cover with parts. Neither can I, really. Not even if I spend a lot of time with clips (as if I had that time/desire to spend). I just had surgery yesterday (for something else) so I just haven't cared enough to try today, or yesterday for that matter. But I'm just in my apartment so that hardly matters.
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    I hope you start feeling better from your surgery soon!! I am going to grab some Toppik for the days I'm "wigless" once I get one that is. I am concerned about the 3/4th wig though because I don't know HOW much longer or HOW much hair I'll end up having left and it's a big investment. *hugs* to you!
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    Aw thanks *hugs*

    In terms of 3/4 wig v. full wig, I was worried about losing all my hair too (specifically hair to clip the wig to). My wig specialist told me that if that happened, she'd just glue the wig permanently to my head. There is also tape you can buy. But you should do what's best for you: I had hair in the back of my head, but lost my hairline in the front. Your situation may be different.
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    I ended up going to a different shop that had human hair in stock today. She didn't have anything in my price range that I liked and didn't want to see me in a full wig because although my shiny scalp is beaming through my few strands of hair, I still have *some* left. She dyed a topper that she had in stock and sold it to me for $150. It's Asian hair so it's not the best and the color has a lot of red/brassy highlights even after dying it (originally it was an orangey shade). It was comfortable on, but you can see the tracks if you look closely and the red tone is making me a bit nuts.

    Her reasoning was that if my hair in the back hangs in there and my new hair regrows I could go with a European hair topper which would look more natural than the one I picked up today rather than a full wig. I'm concerned because I'm still losing a ton of hair so I worry what it will clip to or if i'll have any in the back left to be able to use the topper, but I guess if so it'll be a $150 lesson.

    None of the Asian hair full wigs she had looked good on me and the caps were not fitting me well. The European hair was much better, but it was over my top budget of 1500 right now at around 1900 and I would have wanted to order a different color.

    Overall it was a positive experience as I got to try the hair on and really see how different it felt. I do have a topper (although not the lux, fabulous hair I was dreaming of), the woman was very kind and wanted to help me find *something* I could leave with that day and was adamant that even after they dyed it if I didn't like it, I didn't have to take it. I knew that no matter what though I wouldn't be able to tell unless I took a chance. I feel confident that if I do need a full wig, I'll be able to get one from her. Right now the topper is "eh", but it does give me quite a bit more hair.

    I also picked up a scarf and am going to try some scarf tying that covers the top of my hair or my full head. I may do that since it'll be summer and hopefully be a fun "look". I'm just so over seeing my scalp and a few wispy pieces left that I almost wish I never bought the topper, just shaved it off and went about my life until I could afford the wig I want.

    I just cannot believe I've lost almost all my hair in less than 5 weeks. It's so crazy...