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    I was wondering if anyone knew of any places online, where you have ordered hair toppers and have been happy with your purchase. I bought a topper from a local wig shop about a year ago and i'm not happy with it because it looks way to fake, to me. I was hoping to find one made with human hair. There are so many places online and it's hard to know where to go. Thank you!
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    Have you thought about trying another wig shop and looking for human hair toppers and wigs? I am not sure if it is a good idea to buy something like this online. You need to be fitted properly and the prosthetic needs to be matched to your color and styles. You need to try different types before you buy and so on. The wig shop I went to when I was wearing hair put forth all the time and attention needed to match my prosthetic to my real hair and make sure the fit was correct. They did a wonderful job for me. I don't know how it could be possible for an online shop to provide that level of service.
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    Hi . . I'm new to the forum. I found a place near me that sells toppers. But she won't tell me where to find them. (of course I understand) I am sure they are much cheaper if you can find them online but I just can't find any that look right. And I can't find the one I bought. If you can get one that works, it's easy to wear and low maintenance. It made a huge difference for me. Hope this helps a little bit.
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    online wig & hairpiece store

    Hi, I'm not sure I understand your desire exactly, but I have been buying wigs & hairpieces from Paula I'm careful to only look atthe ones that are made with lighter fiber or I have found thatthe Jaclyn Smith line is a nice light hairpeice or wig to wear. They're comfortable & come in a nice variety of blended colors. If you can catch a good sale, they're even reasonable in price.
    To find a wig that's more natural looking, look for ones that are mono-filiment on top or have a lace front. They are the best & easier to style. Paula Young also carries human hair stuff in both full wigs or pieces. They have a large selection too.
    If you can wear a piece in your hair, I usually buy the Jaclyn Smith "Micki" style & I trim the ends about 3 to 4 inches shorter & wear it upside down on my head. I comb my own hair all on top of my head & secure it with one or two bobby pins that will be the anchor for the hairpiece's lock-in combs. I also wear a rolled up scarf as a headband to hide where it connects to my head. Sometimes, depending on how U style it, U don't need that. Most people have no idea it isn't my hair. Where my hair is the thinnest, I use a product called "Toppik", that sprinkles on & blends into my thin hair to cover the bad bald spots more. Paula Young's colors match nicely & the hair itself is great for people with naturally thin hair. I never could wear a wig before because the hair on it was far too thick & I felt like I had a rug on my head. Now I can.
    Unfortunately, my own hair is still thinning out & I may have to start wearing a full wig soon, unless I can find a way to cure my baldness soon. I've already purchased some so I can be sure I'll like it on days when I must wear it.
    I'm not brave enough to go without hair help. I keep saying I'm just gonna shave it all off one of these days, but that day hasn't come yet for me.
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    Thank you very much for your help. I will look into these tomorrow for sure. You gave me so much help. I thank you again!

    For some unknown reason (guess because I know no one with this problem) I figured I was one of the only women with it. I am feeling better to cope with the help from two of the forum women who emailed me.

    I feel so much more like I can get through this.

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    Blyth, U are not alone with this problem. This site is proof. I don't know what caused my problem & I'd still like to get it corrected because I really hate to wear a wig or a hairpiece. I have been using the ones I told U about tho & I can at least not feel like I have a rug on my head. It takes some time to figure out which styles are good for U, but once U do, you will feel better. Like I said...I mostly wear the "Micki" style for every day. But I also own some nice wigs that look natural too. I usually have 1 or 2 long styles & a couple of short ones for quick wearing; and I also have a medium length I like also. I really don't care if people see me & know it isn't my own hair, since I do change the lengths. If it looks good, then I'm okay with it.
    By the way, did I mention I also use the "Toppik" product ? Think I did. That makes it more possible for me to get away with wearing the pieces instead of a whole wig.
    I hope U find some things U like & U will enjoy them. Once U learn about Paula Young, they will start sending U all kinds of sales. That's when I try to stock up. I always keep a spare so I have a clean one to use all the time. But the pieces dry fairly quickly. ( like overnight )
    There's also a sister site called if you'd like to check them out too.
    Good Luck !!! & Happy hair hunting !!
    p.s.) I've considered shaving what I have left off & just going "au naturalle", but I just can't get brave enough. My hair loss is so spotty, I think my scalp would even look awful, if I let it show. But God Bless all of us who are brave !!
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  7. midnite113

    midnite113 New Member has a nice selection. She carries all kinds of synthetic & human hair wigs & pieces. It's mail order, but I've had luck with them. They help U measure your head so U know what size to look for. They also carry adjustable wigs to make them fit better. After U get your wig, U can always bring it to your stylist to make it more custom for U.
    I like the "lighter" pieces or wigs. They make what they call "feather lite" wigs. They also have Human hair. My natural hair was baby fine, so getting hair was very hard for me for many years. It's no longer a problem with Paula Young. Check for her lace front styles or mono filament styles for more versatility. They're great ! Prices aren't bad, either. I saw a wig my sister bought at a shop that she paid $500.+ for & I thought it was awful !! The hair was thick & unnatural for her. Yuck !! She made a big mistake & wasted her money. Thank goodness her hair came back after chemo; but it's still very thin. I hope U have good luck finding what U want & what makes U feel comfortable.
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    Thank you again. You have helped me so much. I am now deciding between three different ones on the Paula Young site. I've only had symthetic so far but am wondering if I should go with real hair. My hairdresser said the real ones are a pain to care for. I do have something like Toppik called Millefolium. Thank you again for being so kind!

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    Your very welcome. I agree with your hairdresser that Human hair is a pain. I have 1 human hair piece & it's awful to keep a shape in. It's also too thick for me to wear happily. The only benefit I ever saw to getting Human hair was that I could die it to match my own. But with the availability of so many new colors & mixed colors now, it doesn't matter. I also prefer synthetic in the rain. It keeps it's shape, even if it gets wet. I also think synthetic feels more like my own hair. Human feels kind of wooly to me. It used to be Human hair was preferred so U could set it. But who in their right mind wants to set their hair anymore ? lol Shake & Wear is for me.
    I like to get the blended colors for my naturally mousy brown hair. I like 8/12a & 8/27 in the Jaclyn Smith ones. I also like to get reddish sometimes & I order either the Flame, which isn't too bright. Or a combo with the Flame & brown roots looks natural. Some of the newer red colors are great too. Like Auburn sugar, Terracotta, & a few others. They're usually under addt'l colors.
    If your in doubt on color, don't hesitate to order sample ring. Saves extra returning or exchanging.
    In addition to the "Micki" I order, I also have the "Christy" style, Rachel, Montana & a long one called Annabella.
    The short styles tend to wear a little shorter than they seem in their photo, so take that into consideration.
    Any other clues I can help U with, just let me know.
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    midnite113, you have really helped me a lot. I thank you again. I'm happy I asked about real hair. I once ordered a "made to order" wig and it came with so much hair it was ridiculous. Even though I was promised it would not. Even my hairdresser could not thin it enough. It was almost $1,000.00. For nothing. I donated it and hope someone can do something with it for cancer patients.

    You gave me some real good tips! ordered a couple of different ones and will let you know how they work out. I am lucky to have a very loving husband.
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    I'm more than glad to help. I hope your happy with them. But like I may take a few shots before U get the ones U really like. Hang in there. Good that U have a great hubby too. My guy is also very understanding & has offered to shave his head if I do it. He has a gorgeous, thick, curly head full of hair !! I'm jealous. I know his will grow back fast & mine won't. But he'd keep shaving. I know it. Yes, be sure to let me know how U do with your orders. If there's a problem, they've always been very good to me when I call too. I just hate wasting postage money. But I get such good sales, it really doesn't hurt much. Be sure to look at a site called "". U can find % off coupon codes to use on Paula Young too. Wish I would've thought to tell U this before U ordered. Darn !! Old age strikes again !! lol
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    I am so glad to hear you have a wonderful husband too! We are lucky women. You have made me feel braver to wear these pieces, and I thank you for it.

    I'm sure I'll be ordering more so I can use that site for cupons then.
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    Your always welcome. Also, I didn't notice if U had posted under any other titles on the site, but if U don't mind, may I ask U how U lost your hair and if you've tried anything to get it back ?
    I don't know why I lost mine. Just seemed that soon after I filed for divorce from my ex hubby, it started to come out in major clumps & didn't stop. I tried Minoxidil, but had trouble with it on my head. When I would sweat, it made the hair I had left very sticky & it looked awful. I had to wash the stuff out all the time, & restyle my hair to make it look anywhere decent.
    I couldn't stand all that extra care, so I stopped trying the Minoxidil. Haven't tried anything since. Dermatologist had told me to try the Minoxidil. I just never went back to tell her it didn't work. I truly felt she didn't care, & took the easy way out. I do know of someone it did work for tho. Just not me. They used the men's version. The 5% foam. I didn't.
    I'm planning on going back & also to see an Endocrinologist before I totally give up.
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    Hi . .I didn't post under any other titles. I did try the same thing. It didn't work at all for me either. No one can tell me why I started losing my hair. The dermatologist didn't care either. He said "Just wear a wig, I have a lot of women patients who wear wigs." And my doctor didn't have a clue. I gave up on finding out anything. If you ever find out anything, please let me know, and I will do the same. I had a lot of stress (divorce) too when it started happening so maybe it was all stress for us.

  15. midnite113

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    Okay thanks for letting me know. I noticed, tho that U had Androgenic Alopecia listed as your cause so I thought U knew more about it. I don't know anything about it, but sure hope to. Far as the stress being the whole's very possible. I also was starting menopause, so that might've helped it along too. I was really freaked at the clumps coming out. Would've sworn I was on Chemo. By the way...Do you mind if I befriend U on here ? Even tho all of us here are in a similar situation, some conversation doesn't need to be public as much as others, ya know ? I found a spot where we can do that. Just hope I can find it again !! lol
    I hope to start my investigating medically somewhere during February or March. Soon as I get my deductible covered, anyway. I'll be sure to let U know if I find anything out at all. My suspicions lean towards the stress & menopause; but also a possible slow thyroid problem. Regular doctors don't usually test for the deeper causes of stuff unless U go to a specialist who is geared for what U need. I saw a doctor online who does these tests. I just have to find them again, so that whoever I do go to, can do those same ones on me. I also have another problem that's never been explained to me well enough & I would like answers for that too. Maybe I'm wrong...but I feel that when U take a lot of medications for one thing, it can affect other things in a bad way without U knowing why. I want to know !!
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    Sure you can "friend" me. I am not very computer savvy so you'll have to let me know how to get your posts. I just chose that Alopecia as a guess. I really don't have a clue but the stress. I agree on the meds. I have taken thyroid meds for 40 years. But so has my friend and she doesn't have this trouble.
    I really like my doctor but he always says.."I know what I'm giving you and you need to take it." He will, however, answer my questions about a medication if I look it up and find something I don't like.

    I might see about an endocronologist.. But I've pretty much given up. I even ordered a couple of turbons in case I get sick and can't wash my hair and have to wear my hair piece. Sheesh, so much trouble, this problem.

  17. Tracy C

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    Hi midnite113 & blythe,

    For the benefit of everyone reading this, could you please state how long you used Minoxidil when you treid it. Did you use the name brand Rogaine or did you use a generic brand? It is important for other women to know this kind of stuff.

    This is important because Minoxidil is the only medicine approved by the FDA and proven to work to treat women's hair loss. Unfortunately many women do not realize that they need to use Minoxidil for a minimum of six months to determine if it is working for them. Sometimes they may need to use it for a full year before they will know if it is working. Treating hair loss takes a long time. There is no way to speed up the process. I was wearing wigs for years before I started treating my hair loss. I continued to wear wigs for three years after starting treatment until I grew back enough hair that I no longer need to wear wigs.
  18. midnite113

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    Ya know...I think we have to try an Endocrinologist. I really believe this is an internal foul up of something in our systems. I volunteer to try it 1st !! The thyroid meds confuse me some. Does your friend take the same type & dose ? I'm thinking that maybe if it's for high thyroid, it might be slowing yours down too much now, since you've been on it so long ? Meds affect different people in different ways.

    I know that type of doctor. They feel they know it all & don't really want U interfering or going by what U read online or in a magazine. In some cases I can agree with them, but they should always address your concerns with a medication. Glad yours will at least listen. If any of my doctors won't listen to my ideas, I look for a new one. I'm having some trouble with a current one, but a new one of her type is so hard to find.

    I think U will still be able to read my posts to U Blythe. I think befriending someone just might be a way to share your email with them. I'm not sure...but U did say U shared email with 2 others didn't U ? I don't know how to do that or I would have by now. Unless this is the way to do it ?
    (I hope so) It does ask if I want to share my profile, so possibly so. I sent it in.
    Uh-huh, it is a problem. Especially when we have to go out unexpectedly for some reason; sick or not. Can't just throw coat on & run like we used to. My mate realizes now that I need extra time before I can run out & is patient or just goes for me sometimes. Still bothers me that I can't just run out. (Or even answer the door )

    I actually sleep in my "Micki" piece, just in case doorbell rings early & I haven't had a chance to get ready. Once I get up, I just re-brush the loose ends & I'm ready to go another day. I can get away with up to 3 days, then must wash my hair. That's also why I keep spares handy. I actually got caught once, unexpectedly when doctor sent me to the hospital for overnight stay. She wouldn't let me go home to get anything. Straight into an ambulance it was. Geez. Good thing my hair was fairly clean that day & it was only 1 night.
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    Yes Tracy. I got very impatient using Minoxidil because of the trouble I had when I sweat. So I have to admit that I did not use it as long as told to. I think I only tried it for about 4 to 5 months before I gave up. I also only used the mild dose of it & it was a generic. Hope this helps.
  20. Tracy C

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    Hi midnite,

    I have used both the name brand women's Rogaine and Walmart's Equate generic women's Minoxidil. I have to say though that the men's Rogaine foam is the most convenient and the most stealthy. So I use the men's foam in the mornings and generic women's liquid Minoxidil in the evening. That way I avoid problems when I sweat during my workouts. On evenings I am going out, I skip my evening dose.

    I have read from many doctors that women can use the men's foam once per day. I've been using it once per day for quite a while now and I have been fine with it.

    Though Minoxidil is the only medicine proven to work to treat women's hair loss, there is some evidence that the active ingredient in Nizoral shampoo can help as an adjunct treatment for hair loss. Many who are on a regimen to treat hair loss include Nizoral in their regimen. I use the 1% non-prescription strength Nizoral A-D version twice per week in place of my regular shampoo.

    So if you do decide to try treating your hair loss again, give men's Rogaine foam a try. Also consider using Nizoral shampoo once or twice per week. It wouldn't hurt to look into the laser comb as well. Every little bit helps. You do need to allow reasonable time for treatment to work. That is at least six months but more likely a full year.

    Take care,