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    Hi again,

    I think the generic I tried was the Walmart one. I haven't tried the men's foam yet, but if I do go back to trying it, that will be the one I try. That long as it won't have any bad effects on my blood pressure. Isn't this made from a blood pressure drug ? I remember seeing warnings to men a while ago about it. Kind of scares me. I'm a little paranoid about side effects of drugs. Any drugs.

    I haven't heard of the laser comb however. Sounds like it might be another thing for me to try.
    I also took Biotin for quite a while without success. Altho, my nails have improved a bit.

    I once used Nizoral prescription strength shampoo for another issue. I had some kind of dermatitis on my scalp & they gave me that plus a mild antibiotic to take for a long time. It finally worked & I could stop using both.

    Now, I'm getting a lot of Eczema. I'm getting it on my elbows & have spot on my upper, rear thigh area. From what, I don't know. I have noticed tho, that my hair is extremely dry lately. It seems to be breaking off more than falling out in clumps like it did before. There's just an awful lot of it in my sink, on my floor & in my brush. I grab handfuls of it at least twice a day. I try to not comb or brush my hair anymore than this. Only do it when it has to be done. No more. I also use wig brushes that are mild on my hair & scalp. Yes, they do have rubber tips.
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    That is completely understandable. The possible side effects of topical Minoxidil are very mild and well tolerated. Most who use it do not experience the possible side effects.

    Minoxidil was originally a blood pressure medication in an oral tablet. It's ability to stimulant hair growth was an accidental discovery. A topical solution of the medicine was developed to more directly address hair loss and reduce the possibility of side effects. I've been using it for years now and I don't have any trouble with it.

    What the laser comb does is it increases the caliber of individual hairs making your hair look fuller and more youthfull. When using it as part of your regimen with Minoxidil, it also increases the caliber of the hairs that Minoxidil stimulated to grow.

    The laser comb is expensive though and it doesn't work for everyone. It improved my hair so I think it is worth trying. My sister purchased one for herself once she saw what it did for my hair. She has also seen improvement from using it. It takes time though. About four to six months.

    The medicine in Nizoral is used to treat several conditions. The active ingredient is a mild anti-androgen that may be helpful in treating hair loss. I felt the evidence was promising. Also, so many include it in their hair loss treatment regimens that I decided to use it too. I'll take every little bit of help I can get.

    I was getting dry spots on my knees, elbows forehead and tummy that looked like eczema but I don't know if it was. I changed the body wash and lotion I use and it went away.
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    I don't know why my message went in as all quotes I apologize. I have a question about the Minoxidil side effects again.Do U take any kind of blood pressure medicine currently ? I do, & this is why I worry.
    I use several different shower gels, so I don't think changing them would work for me. I'm using a prescription cream for the Eczema right now but it isn't working that well yet. It is diagnosed by a doctor.

    I really feel that all of this trouble comes from a problem within that possibly an Endocrinologist can find. I plan on going to one in a couple of months & I will find out.
    I'm tired of playing games. I want to get down to the nitty gritty this time & do the best thing for me, whatever it may be.
    I feel I have so many related things, there must be a clue in them somewhere. I'm determined to find it. I don't think it's a cosmetic thing by itself. I believe it's medical. But I have to include my stress load also. Just can't get rid of it fast enough. Seems it keeps getting worse no matter what I try. No sleep doesn't help either.

    Once I'm sure something will be safe for me, I will give it a try again. I'll do it while I wait for a better solution. Just in case there is one.
    Thanks a bunch for all your input. I'll likely use a lot of it.
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    I did that to make it easier for others reading this to keep track of the different things we are talking about. This is important stuff here and other women may be helped by it.

    Yes I do. I also take Spironolactone, which is primarily a blood pressure medication. In my case, I am taking it for a dual purpose. I take it for both my blood pressure and my hair loss.

    I agree. That is why you will read me talking about how important it is to work with doctors to find the cause. Finding the reason a women is losing her hair can be very difficult. I am not surprised that it can take more than one kind of doctor to find the cause. Sometimes you need to treat hair loss from the inside out and the outside in at the same time, such is the case with Androgenetic Alopecia.
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    Hi everyone. , , I was asked to give a little more detail about the Minoxidil. I used it for about a year and it was a pain and I saw no change. It's also expensive. I know a man who uses it (for years) and he thinks it has helped him keep some of the hair he had longer, but he says he will be bald soon. He uses Toppik to make it look thicker. He's a little, how we say, vain. My husband wouldn't use anything like that ever.

    I don't know anyone who has said it worked.
  6. Tracy C

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    Hi blythe,

    For the benefit of every woman reading this, I am going to respond to your statements. In doing so, it may sound like I am picking on you. Please understand that I am not picking on you. It is very important for women to have this information.

    Unfortunately, Minoxidil does not work for everyone. However Minoxidil does work for most women who use it and stick with it. This as well as the fact that Minoxidil is the only medication proven to regrow hair is the reason most doctors recommend it.

    Liquid Minoxidil is a little bit of a pain to use, but it's really not so bad. Since I did grow back some hair from using Minoxidil, it is well worth that little bit of inconvenience to me.

    Generic liquid Minoxidil is less than $20.00 for a three months supply. Whether that is expensive or not is relative. Since I did grow back some hair with it, it was well worth the minor expense. Men's Rogaine foam is rather expensive, it is also a lot more convenient to use. So their is a trade off there. Fortunately, women can get away with using men's Rogaine foam only once per day instead of using women's liquid Minoxidil twice per day. So it kind of evens out a little bit for women who choose to use men's Rogaine foam over generic women's liquid Minoxidil.

    It is not correct to judge how well Minoxidil might work for a female based on the experience of one male. You are not comparing apples to apples when you do that. Males have a much more difficult time regrowing hair than females. The reason is simple and rather obvious. Males have significantly more androgens fighting against them than females do.

    It is also important to note that if a person saw any benefit at all from using Minoxidil, the medicine worked. Maintining the hair he had, for however much longer, is a benefit. So Minoxidil was working for him.

    You stated that you knew one man who used it and felt it helped him maintain the hair he had for a while longer. That means you know at least one person for whom Minoxidil worked. Now you know two - because it is working for me.
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    Hi Tracy,
    Oh...I wasn't aware U had done that. It's okay.
    I'm glad U agree with me about seeing all doctors possible to find the reason for losing our hair. I know I'm not ready to totally give up. I so much prefer to wear my own hair.
    I've never heard of the drug U said your taking for blood pressure. What is it's main purpose ? And is it working well for your blood pressure, as well as your hair loss ?

    I'm not sure the cause in my case is A.A., but hope to find out.

    Also, back to the Minoxidil...I know it might work, but I also know U have to use it for life. I'm not too thrilled about that; especially knowing the discomfort I have with having sticky hair. If it didn't do that to me, it would just be like using all the other hair products I use now to make my hair seem thicker.
    It's a tough call for me. The expense is a lot too. More so using the men's foam.

    Do U know if they make a generic men's foam yet ? I might give that a try. But I would also like to have another source to go along with it. U know...something to hopefully speed it up.
  8. Tracy C

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    Hi midnite,

    It is very important to determine the type of hair loss and the cause. It's so important it is worth repeating as often as needed to get the message across.

    I also prefer my own hair. I absolutely hated wearing wigs. The only thing I hated worse than wearing a wig was the fact that I needed to wear a wig.

    Spironolactone is the generic name. The name brand is Aldactone. The main purpose is a blood pressure medication. It is also used to treat acne, hirsutism and hair loss in women. My blood pressure has been normal sice starting on it. My hair loss is resolving and I also used to get really bad body acne but that doesn't happen so much any more.

    If the cause of your hair loss is Androgenetic Alopecia, yes you have to continue to use Minoxidil for life if you want o keep your hair. It just is what it is. There is no such thing as a cure for Androgenetic Alopecia. If the cause of your hair loss is not Androgenetic Alopecia and you have identified and resolved the cause, you probably do not need to continue using it for life.

    You see, I don't think it is expensive. $20.00 for a 90 days supply of a medication that will help me keep my hair is money well spent in my book. The men's Rogaine foam is expensive. However a 90 day supply of men's Rogaine foam can last a woman 180 days - because she can get away with using it only once per day.

    As far as I know, the patent on Rogaine foam doesn't expire for quite a while. There can't be a generic version until after that patent expires.

    The only other treatment that is proven to work is not a medication but a medical device. It's low level laser therapy. The laser comb is expensive and it doesn't work for everyone. I use one myself and I think it's worth a try if you can afford it.

    The process of resoving hair loss is painfully slow. You are at the mercy of the speed of the cycles your hair follicles go through. Sorry. It just is what it is.

    Take care,

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    I did not feel "picked on" reading your post. I am not petty. The key for me was "some" hair growth. I would need a lot more than "some" to wear my own hair. To add to this, I did use the men's product and I didn't mean to mislead anyone but I tried it twice. It's been so long, I lforgot this. The second time I only used it for 3 months so that would have been too short of a time. Also here are two tips. Use a crayon you can buy in a place they sell wigs if you have a blond wig or hair piece. A dark color in in each side of the part makes it look more real. And if it's blond and shiny, use some baby poweder and shake it through to dull the shine.

    I got a great "topper" by using midnite's advice. Thank you midnite!

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    Hi Blythe,
    Sorry to correct U but it wasn't me who referred to U as "petty". Look back to see who it was sweetie. Anyway, thanks for the hairpiece tips. I've never had to deal with a "part" problem, but if I do I'll remember your tip.
    Did U already get your "topper" from Paula Young ? I'm curious which one U ordered. Let me know, k?
    Oh yeah...your very welcome !!!!!!
  11. blythe

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    Jeez, no one actually called me petty. I meant it as I would not take it wrong when you said I might think you are picking on me.

    I find a part makes it look more real, and the toppers I have do have parts like real parts look but since they are sort of highlighted blond color, to use a darker hair crayon makes the piece look more real

    The one I that was just delievered from Paula Young is: A2420. Color 16. It does not have a part in it but I will try to add one. The only ones I have found with a part that looks real are in a local wig and salon.
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    It's okay. I think U saw what Tracy put in "quotes" when she was replying to me. I still never said it....even tho I knew what U meant by saying U weren't that way too. Just wanted U to know. No anger, no nuttin' here. Really !!
    She does that a lot. I didn't know what happened to my own messages when I saw them in "quotes" myself. I had to ask her. I actually apologized n' said I didn't know I was doing it. ( I didn't. lol), She told me she did it, so everybody else would notice what we were saying. I didn't know we could do that to somebody's post.
    Isn't this silly ? My Gawd....Oh well. What's that saying Doris Day sang ?
    "Kay Sera Sera"?
    I really hope U like your "topper" from P.Y..I never took notice if any of them had parts cause I don't use that type. But that's why I turned U loose to the site on your own. So U could see everything that was on there for yourself & choose what U liked.
    I have no idea what U look like or what your hair problem looks like. I can only guess & go by whatever U tell me anyway. For all I know, U could have blue hair, down to your knees & U wear it in 3 long braids...LOL
    But really....I really DO wish U the best of luck at P.Y. I know I'm happy with them.
    And no...I don't have any stock in them or anything else. I just like to share my experiences, if I think someone needs it.
    Have a good night. ;o)
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    I'm confused. I didn't see any quotes and didn't even think I was replying to a post from you. I thought I was replying to someone else. But, as I said, I am not very computer savvy. I sure don't think anyone should be able to alter one's post.

    I am really liking the Paula Young site and like it. Thank you for all your help. I am pretty wondering how to negotiate this forum now. The mixup is weird to me. Also, I think women get too many high hopes from any hair growing products. I know some women who have acess to any doctor (thier husband's being one) and they have lots of money but have hair loss that is easilky noticable. And I see the same thing on TV with women who have a lot of money, no to mention some movie stars who wear a hair piece and it's easily spotted. Glad we could try to clear up the confusion.

  14. blythe

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    P. S. Sorry for my typos. No coffee yet, ha ha.
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    No one is altering posts. Everyone can use that little "quote" button down there on the right of every post. The purpose of using quotes is to draw attention to a specific thing, such as what I have done here with this post.
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    Well.....she does it to emphasize certain sentences others post. I can understand why. Unfortunately, it can also get confusing for those of us who aren't that sharp on a computer. It is easy to put quotes up tho. The box to click on is right there on the left of where we hit quick, for a quick reply. U see the 3 boxes ?
    I'm thrilled U like the hairpiece & wig site. I hope your successful with everything U try.
    Also...sometimes it's hard for me to understand when someone uses so many different things to get to a place where she reaches success, and I just can't see myself going thru that much to get hair. I want an easier fix, like having that cloning process get approved. I will sure go for it when it does !!
    Why should I go thru all of that shedding crap, if I don't have to anymore ? Yuckers.
    I find that part so disappointing. I sure don't need any more things to depress me about going bald. Thank God the guy I'm with is kind & understanding as yours is. This way, I only have to worry about people on the outside when I wear my hair. (or not) Especially on a windy day. Gosh those days freak me out.
    Ya know...I have an email notice right now where it looks like someone got confused who they were sending a message to, from reading a quote. I don't know if I like this happening...but I guess there's no harm done. I'll have to be more careful reading stuff myself & when I reply, too. Cause like U...I'm not so good at navigating this site & following the way to do everything. Like I said...I still haven't figured out what "befriending" somebody does.
    Hey...No worries about typos. I understand purrrr-fectly !!
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    Oh yeah...I know most actresses wear hair of some sort. They can afford to have exclusive stylists work on them too. Plus I'm sure they get the best kind of hair out there. I wouldn't mind having someone with training come to me & style my wigs for me. I have a few I haven't styled yet & they can sure use it. I botched a couple of my wigs up by trying to style them myself. The "Micki" is just a straight trim so I can handle doing that. But actually, I ruined a couple at 1st too cause I cut too much hair off the 1st few times I did it. Those are used for emergencies only. I don't really enjoy them quite that short on me.
    I'm annoyed at myself cause I tend to break the teeth on the comb attachments easily; so now that I cut the hair part too short, I have extra combs I can transfer to another piece when they break. U can remove the attachment combs carefully & re-sew them to another hairpiece if U need to. It's kind of on the difficult side. Once U break too many teeth, they don't want to hold on too well. Not unless U have some thick hair left on your head, which I do not. Over time...U learn U can do a lot of things to make your hair last longer for U. I can't be buying new ones every week. I have to spread my purchases out. But I have lots right now. So I'm pretty set for a while. I'll still buy new "Micki's", tho. but only when they're on a good sale & they have my colors. I could fill a closet with those. Gee...just saw Dolly Parton on TV. She has a great collection of hairpieces & wigs. I bet she can't stye them all herself tho. I remember a long time ago, how she told everybody her own hair was super-duper thin & fine & she never went outside without her hair on. You'd never know with her, would ya ? I couldn't believe her waist either. My God...she looked like an avatar !! I wonder if she had any ribs taken out ?
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    Hi Blythe and Mindnite,

    I think I know what is confusing you. You think members are sending you e-mails. That is not what is happening. You are receiving e-mail notification that someone posted something in the thread you have participated in.

    You see, when you participate in a thread, you automatically "subscribe" to that thread. Since you are "subscribed" to this thread, the forum software will send you an e-mail anytime someone posts something in this thread.

    If that bothers you, you can unsubscribe from the thread by using the "thread tools" button up top there. When you click on that thread tools button, a pull down menu appears. The selection on the bottom of that pull down menu is "unsubscribe from this thread". If you click on that, you will no longer receive an e-mail every time anyone makes a post in this thread.

    Take care,

    Tracy :)
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    Thank you Tracy. I so appreciate it. I think I am not computer savvy enough to continue posting. It's confusing to me all around. I can't even post a new thread. All my fault. Thanks again!
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    Midnite . .

    Windy days do play rough on us. I use a headband to keep the top in place on those days. It's not perfect, but it helps a lot. A small knitted cap helps too. If you want to take them off, you can do so in a ladie's room mirror. (the headband or hat, of course, ha ha)