Recommend or Run from these Hair Salons??

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    Please share any Hair Salons with solutions on how to conceal hair loss...wigs, toppers, extensions, anything! Share yoru experiences and prices

    One I recommend: ANGELO DAVID SALON NYC (near Grand Central) :>- compassionate, educated, classy, dtook his time to learn about my hair lsos, what I dont like about my hair, and what he offered. He has high quality wigs, toppers, extensions, clip in falls, and I felt he'd make whatever you need! All human hair. He is an honest business person who will tell you the truth! In my case he was frank to say I didnt need anything instead of sellingme whatever he had to sell. He is worth a trip for a free consultation. If (more likely WHEN) I buy a topper or anything, I would 100% trust his expertise and sense of style hands down!!!

    One to RUN AWAY from: RODOLPHO VALENTIN NYC (Madison Avenue):mad:. How he is on madison ave is beyond me! I waited hours for the owner. He said he was going to "show me" a topper in my texture. He/his assistant mustve put adhesive on the other room where he got the topper, because n a spilt second I had a topper *bonded* onto my forehead without my consent. I thought he was going to show me how it looked against my face and near my real hair...not bond it on as if I owned it! And it was torture to get off...even he was fussing at his assistants who were prying it off of my forehead. Between his accent and him speaking in spanish to his assistants, a client has no idea whats going on!For someone who claimed he didnt need my $, he didnt hesitate to tell me a topper was $5,000-6,000. And then you'd need a color by him so it matches. And I suppose he'd want to trim your hair to the topper at who knows how much $. Oh cant forget the monthly service for the topper (whatever that means). Hands down worst experience of my life!!!! If I hit lotto tomorrow, I wouldnt set foot in there! Even Angelo David couldnt believe this happened and had the class to say I didnt need anything (yet) and fools like Rodolph will prey on people in a vulnerable situation. No thank you keep helping the alleged celeb clientele
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    Dear use mixer of yogurt+egg+hair oil for one time in a weak for 2 hours before bath. its really work.