Recommendations for Indianapolis?

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    Hi ladies,

    Sorry my first post is requesting help and not offering it, but my GP has just agreed to recommend me to a dermatologist (after I told her "eating more protein" wasn't really a satisfactory response for my hair loss) and asked if I had a specific one in mind. Unfortunately, I don't know any derms in the area, and browsing their profiles / user reviews online has resulted in absolutely no information on whether they specialize in hair loss. (It seems all dermatologists "specialize" in hair loss...and about 100 other things.)

    So, if anyone has any recommendations for a hair loss-specific dermatologist in the Indianapolis area, I would be extremely grateful.
    I could also make an appt in the Southern Indiana region, or even Louisville, KY if absolutely necessary. But I figure Indianapolis is a big enough city, we should have someone decent here...

    I guess if no one has any advice, I'll just pick someone and let you know how it goes. =)
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    It's a lot better than people say. Indianapolis has all of the perks of the big city, without most of the downfalls. It has a ton of neat museums, like the Indiana State Museum, Eiteljorg Museum, and the world's largest children's museum. The Indianapolis Museum of Art is beautiful and there are a lot of artsy places in the city. Although Indianapolis doesn't have a signature food, like St. Louis ribs or Chicago/NYC hot dogs, it still has phenomenal places to eat. St. Elmo's steak house is one of th best steak places in the city. Also, Eagle's Nest, a spinning restaurant on top of the Hyatt Hotel is really neat. Downtown is filled with food places, and you can try them all really cheap during Devour zdowntown in the summer and the winter. Indianapolis is also known as the amateur sports capital of the US and there's always something going on. Jobs are pretty stable, especially in medical and pharmaceutical fields (at Eli Lilly HQ). Unfortunately, the weather kind of sucks. Depending on where you're coming from, the summer and winter will be terrible. Winter can be in the teens with snow, ice, and strong winds, but in the summer, we get up to 100, extremely humid, and drought. But spring and fall are beautiful. Downtown is so compacted, that you can walk and do anything down there in the summer. Lots of festivals, theaters, sports games, and everything. The people here are extremely nice compared to other cities. Most are very kind and willing to help. As for safety, downtown is pretty safe (only dangerous on weekend nights) but the near east and west sides are ghetto. In my opinion, you should live on either the north side in Carmel or Fishers or on the west side (not ghetto) in Brownsburg or Plainfield. Lots to do in the suburbs. And over 1/2 of America is reachable within a day's drive from Indy, so you can always easily get away. And we have a gorgeous new airport! Just take a visit for a few days and explore. There's a lot of hidden gems in this city that often gets overlooked. Hope you have a great move!