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    Hey Ladies,

    Just wanted to take a moment and share my personal success story regarding Telogen Effluvium.

    I remembered how terrified and panicked I was, desperately searching the internet for success stories, only to 0 if any successes, instead many heartaches, and photos of extreme cases.

    This post isn't to take away from anyones heartache, or disrespect anyone with on an going condition. Its merely a note for anyone out there, who was like me- obsessively searching the internet for answers as to how bad this was going to get, and when it would stop.

    The trigger: After a painful breakup with my boyfriend, I went full unhealthy mode, by basically switching out food for booze & cigarettes, then also I decided I no longer needed my birth control. Ick.

    All @ the end of May 2012. WELL, this chaos of emotion, hormones, and vitamin deficiency caused my body to 'freak' out so to speak. The result was TE.

    The fallout:
    Around the end of August, I noticed my hair was falling out like crazy. Gobs, and gobs everyday. The texture changed, and it was tangling in knots so easily. I thought it was weird, but it wasn't until the second week in September I noticed a big widening of my part, and sides. Scary, but not panic yet. By the end of September, to beginning of October, I knew I had a major problem. I couldn't wear my hair a certain way without what to me seemed like obvious noticeable hairloss. October was THE WORST my derm confirmed TE, and gave me the ever encouraging 'wait it out'. Everyday my hair was coming out I could no longer wear it down because it was clear that there was serious obvious diffuse thinning, and even up to me seemed to show thin & scalp spots. When I began dating someone new, if he would touch my hair, I could feel it coming out. Gah! Hats and headbands were my best friends.

    Luckily November finally the loss slowed, and by the end of the month I was positive there was a bit of regrowth coming. December the loss is back to what it is normally I think and regrowth is confirmed.

    The recovery & treatment:
    When I noticed the thinning in september I immediately started taking prenatal vitamins (great way to get needed vitamins) and got back on birthcontrol. I changed my diet to be 100% healthy. Tons of omega 3's, green veggies, proteins etc. I knew either the vitamins or hormone changes were the culprit. So I wanted to fix those asap.

    A few weeks later I purchased Biotin and took the max recommended value every single day.

    While I am not sure what if anything worked, by December 1, My hair was back to its normal shed

    None of my friends knew (or didnt admit it) that this was going on, until I showed them. A few people gasped when I took my hair down (jerks!).

    But with the help was changing my hairstyle (up-do's and mouse to add a bit of a wave/curl), and using Toppik, it was pretty manageable, even at its worst. Toppik worked amazing for me with diffuse thinning, because it helped hide as much of the shiny white scalp that popped through.

    Its december 9th, and my hair is definitely not at full volume but its getting back. I'ld say I lost about 30% of my hair, which means my pony tail is much thinner. But the scalp is much less noticeable since the regrowth is coming in and helping blend. I honestly don't mind, and don't think about hair-loss at all anymore, other than the memory of how scary it was.

    So there ya go. 3 months of shedding about 30% of my hair. Scary, but on the mild side for this condition. I didnt go bald, and for the most part most people didn't even blink about it. Even if people did notice, its already almost forgotten as now you can't tell a thing.

    Toppik was great for hiding the spots, and vitamins + Biotin + birthcontrol *might have worked for improving growth- or it might have just played out on its own.

    Wish you all the best
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    You must feel so relieved! Thanks for sharing your story!:)
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    hello! thanks for sharing your story! I stopped my birth control in May, and sure enough just like you, I shed from July or August all the way through November. Now I am shedding normal amounts, but my hair is still thin. I see some regrowth, so hopefully in a year or two I am back to my normal hair. I would love to keep in touch with you since our stories are so similar!

    I lost closer to 50% of my hair in those few months.
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    The thinner top compared to the sides is more in keeping with the thinning seen from aging or AGA. A Chronic Telogen Effluvium can lead to premature aging as I wrote in previous answers. I do not know how thin you would have been twenty years from now and whether what you have now is that degree of thinning. From the fairly good recovery of the sides and back it would seem that the top has indeed aged and thinned.
    Picking at you sores on the top of the head could have scarred some of the follicles. Your dermatologist and trichologist are in a better position to answer that question since they can see the scalp. You may have to accept the fact that you have regained most of what you lost and will have to live with a thinner area on top. Again, hairs only grow 1/2 inch per month and you may not feel the increased density on top for a year or two after the shedding .