Regrowth after (over)using Minoxidil 5%

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    I've been overusing Rogaine 5% Minoxidil (covering entire scalp, 2x/day, going through a bottle a week when it's supposed to last one month due to pervasive hair thinning) and now the majority of my hair has fallen out. Gone. My question is this: will my hair grow back to where it was before I started six weeks ago? if so, how long will it take? I'd like to hear from women who have been through this experience as I can't find any credible answers on the Internet and I have to wait 6 months for a doctor's appointment. I am not willing to endure another 3-6 months of more hair loss so I am stopping today. Any info (aside from Tracy C: do you work for Bernstein Medical??) would be appreciated.
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    I know this is months later, but Rogaine will shed hair at first and then the shedding will stop, it may regrowth some of your hair but not sure it will regrowth a lot of your hair to what it use to be. It will probably at some point maintain what you have and that is all you will get. I believe after 7 or 8 months of use you may experience another shed and then regrowth.

    If you try to come off of Rogaine it will cause shedding again and all the gains you made will be lost, that's where I'm at today. Trying to deal with the shedding that is occurring now. I don't know what I will end up with once the shedding has stabilized. I can only pray I have enough to try to continue my natural regrowth treatments. Hair grows in 4 months cycles so if you lose anything you will have to wait 4 months to 6 months to see any spark of regrowth. If I was you I would either commit to staying on Rogaine or slowing weening off, do not just completely stop.

    I hated using it, I think it actually made my situation most worst. Whatever the outcome, I'm not going back on it, I can't take the fact that it actually causes you to lose more hair then gain.
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    tbone, i understand your frustration. i'm fighting genetic hairloss for the second time (triggered by different events each time) and i'm on minoxidil as well. it did help me the first time (10 years ago) and i'm confident it's helping me again this second time, after 11 months using it.

    what called my attention on your post was the mention of Tracy C. because I've read many of her comments and I agree to most of them.

    unfortunately, that's how minoxidil works. i'd say that's actually how hair loss work - disregarding of the treatment, like iloveshoes said up there, cycles are at least 3 months long, so you need to stick to it and be patient and wait to see it results.

    i'm happy to answer any questions you have about my 2 experiences with minoxidil. i too get frustrated some times, like you, but i know this is my best choice. but one thing i know and can tell you upfront, though, is that it won't work for all kinds of hair loss.
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    Well instead of Rogaine 5% minoxidil lotion you can go for 10% minoxidil lotion which will have more concentration at hair roots along with propecia 5 mg which help you to gain the hair roots from both the end internally and externally. Apart from medication you should concentrate on dietary nutritional plan and exercise which improves blood flow at scalp.
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    This is an update from my initial post. It's has been 10 months off Minox for me.

    I lost a whole lot of hair. I mean tons of hair and I'm still shedding. Some days the hair count is low and some days the hair count is high. I feel like I have lost at least 60% of my density messing around with this crap. I believe however that the 'lost' hair is in the dormancy phase (telogen phase). I see more regrowth at my hairline and temple and tons of small hair sprouting up. It looks like my own natural hair cycle is starting to kick it.

    When you are using Rogaine it takes over your hair cycle and keeps the hair in the anagen phase unnaturally, so when you get off it all of that hairs goes straight into the telogen phase (and not just where you applied it - I believe it affect every single hair follicle on your head and around your face - lashes, eyebrow, facial hair, everything) and starts to shed, then there is the brutal waiting around for the hair to recycle itself and your body to take back control of your hair growth again. You will experience shorten hair cycles, constant shedding (I call it purging) and then regrowth. It seems to me that the regrowth occurs in different areas of the scalp and the hair doesn't start growing in all over at once. So I'm waiting for the chronic TE that Rogaine has put me in to stabilize. Right now I'm experiencing regrowth and shedding at the same time.

    I have visiting the men's forum and many who have quit Rogaine stated that it took one full year for things to stabilize and recovery to start.

    This has been a really horrible experience for me, I wish I never touched that stuff. I feel like it will probably take me no less than 36 months to recover from this ordeal.

    I think the best advice is to find out what is triggering the hair loss to begin with. Minox is a band-aid not the cure. You need to get to the root of your problem as to why your hair was shedding and thinning to begin with - is it hormone imbalance, thyroid issue, medication, scalp fungus, birth control, gluten sensitivity, inflammation, digestive issues. We have to find the trigger to stop the shedding.

    On the upside however, my skin has greatly improved. I look younger, my pores have closed up, lines on my forehead have minimized, my eyelids are no longer swollen, no saddle bags under my eyes as well and my eyebrows have grown back in.
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    I wanted to chime in with my experience here, and hopefully it will offer some solace to women like me who are searching this site for even minimal success! I was 'diagnosed' with AA. I was put on new bcp (a few kinds - on aviane now and I like it) and spiro (which helped with acne and dried my hair and skin but I discontinued to see if it was helping.) I saw a derm, who acknowledged the problem but didn't go too deep into the cause. Numerous pcps didn't want to test or even recognize that I had half a head of hair. I still have no answer there though I think it's just way high androgens naturally (and I gave up on all those docs for a new one that listens more to my ideas, for good or bad.) I had tried liquid rogaine when deem first saw me, but the reaction I had was worse than the hair loss - red, itchy, massive flaking. I finally tried the foam end of January and I finally feel like I've made some progress. My hair is not (and never was) thick, but I am no longer losing my mind. My scalp was visible all over and I hardly had a pencil width ponytail. Now I still have a wide middle part that extends 2 inches or so down the back, but I don't scramble to cover bald spots every day. I had no irritation, but I did shed A LOT and for about a month or two (note: I also used too much). But the it stopped altogether and the strands look slightly thicker. I know it's a lifelong treatment and not a cure, but it has helped a lot. If you are at your wits end, please try it or msg me if you have questions too. It is a very difficult issue and I have greatly appreciated having this community to refer to.
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    Asi & Ctj - Thank you SO much for your posts of encouragement, it's a relief to hear some success stories with AA and Minoxidil. I've been dealing with hair loss for the better part of the last decade. I thought it was due to my PCOS (which it may be in part), which I'd been battling with BCP, Metformin, and Spiro with little success. Finally, at my wits' end, went to a dermatologist who diagnosed me with AA compounded by TE. I've been on Rogaine 5% foam for just under 2 months, and obsessively taking photos of my scalp. I think I do see a bit of improvement already, though I'm sort of in that period of Rogaine dread shed at the moment. I really, really needed to hear your success stories! :)
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    Hi mimr and everyone else, just wanted to say i hope everyone is feeling good. I posted earlier about rogaine, and as an update, i feel pretty stable right now - a little shedding since getting back on the pill but a vast improvement since my january meltdown. I believe 100% that the foam helped since my diet and supplements havent changed much. I still take vitamins and am taking spiro and zovia for acne, but not really for my hair. As others have said, your plan should suit you and your cause of hair loss, but i want those looking for firsthand accounts to know that the minox foam may be a help. Its not easy to find positive stories since we tend to only post when looking for answers. My best to you all and as always, feel free to ask questions or just vent to me.