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    In October of last year I lost about 60% of my hair and I still dont know why. My neurologist suggested it was because of the Topamax I was taking for migraine prevention and immediately put me on a different drug. My family doctor thought it might have something to do with my low B12 levels. But she's convinced it has nothing to do with the shoulder surgery I had 1 week before my hair started falling out. I still haven't seen a dermatologist because the earliest appointment I could get back in October is for March 15 of this year. My family doc put me on spironolactone to try to counter the loss, but I developed an allergy to it. Whatever the cause, my hair fell out in large clumps over a 3 week period, leaving me nearly bald on the back and left sides of my head.

    The first attached file is what I looked like in June of last year, long before this all started. Myhair was short, thick, brownish grey with streaks of white. I'm 48 years old.

    There are no pictures of what my hair looked like at its worst. I wouldn't allow any to be taken because I looked so bad. I still had more hair on top of my head than anywhere else, so I would blow dry it to fluff it up, spray it with entirely too much hairspray, and then pat it into place to cover the worst of my baldness. It looked horrible. Those few patches of hair that remained on the backs and sides of my head were coarse, wirey, scraggly, and I hated them.

    Over the past couple of weeks, my hair FINALLY started growing back in again. I'm not sure what did it. I'm taking lots of B12, biotin and other vitamins, and using a biotin-infused shampoo. I don't know whether these made any difference or if time just did the trick. Yesterday I finally got sick of the hairspray and the scraggly hairs and went to see my stylist, who also happens to be one of my best friends. She was wonderful. She scheduled the appointment for late Friday afternoon after all the other stylists with chairs near hers were gone. And then she cut the remaining hair to match the new growth. The second and third attached files are photos from last night after I got home.

    Yes, the back is still very thin and I dont quite have my hairline back yet. The top is 2 inches long and the back is a half inch. All of the white along the left side of my face is new growth. I had completely lost all of the hair at my temples.

    I can't begin to tell you how good it felt this morning not to have to hide under a helmet of hairspray!

    - katiekay

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    Wow, now I have hope!!!!

    I also take biotin and have taken it for several years without any results for regrowth. But it may have stopped more severe shedding from the topamax though--that thought never occurred to me. My dermatologist started me on the biotin. He also tried doxy, sprio. Neither worked. I just never stopped taking biotin for some reason.
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    Biotin, etc.


    I'm taking 5000 mg of biotin/day right now, and I honestly don't know if its helping, but it certainly isn't hurting. The shampoo I'm using is called Perfect Hair and its supposed to be a hair regrowth shampoo. It has biotin in it, as well as ketoconazole, caffeine, salicylic acid, zinc, kelp, and a bunch of different oils. It smells like peppermint and its very gentle, and it doesn't leave my scalp shiny, which is pretty important when you're showing as much scalp as I've been showing for the past few months! It seems to exfoliate very well without harming the new growth. As with the biotin, I don't know if its helping, but it certainly isn't hurting.

    I tried monoxidil, hated the way it made my remaining hair feel. I tried spironolactone, broke out in an itchy red rash from head to toe. I'm just happy to have my sparse little half inch of hair at this point!

    - katiekay
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    Congrats!! That is wonderful news, so happy for you!! I am going to buy that shampoo add it to my list of never ending things I am trying. This gives me hope maybe my hair will return at some point too! If nothing else I wish I could stop my hairline from disappearing overnight.
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    Good Luck!


    Good Luck! I honestly don't know for certain what caused my hair to fall out or what caused it to start growing back in again. I just know the anguish of suddenly not having the hair I was used to, and of too many people asking me if I was going through chemo because of it. I just hope it doesn't decide to fall out again!

    - katiekay