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    Hi all,

    I literally just started Rogaine 5% foam last night. My doctor has suggested I use it once a day until I can get in to see a dermatologist. So, I have a few questions that will seem pretty dumb but I have no clue what I'm doing and could use some help. I have mostly hair thinning on top but also all over to a lesser degree.

    First off, how do I apply it? I've watched videos on youtube and it says more or less that you part your hair on top in 4 parts and massage the product on the parts that you've made. Well, it seems to me that the product will only effect those small areas (where your hair parts). Does is spread around to the rest of the top of the scalp on it's own? I don't want to use more than prescribed but I feel like this just isn't going to do anything except for the specific spots I've massaged it into. What about all the scalp in between the parts I've made? How do you apply it?

    Also, I use an eyebrow powder that is the same colour as my hair to fill in the really thin bits on my scalp when I style my hair in the morning. I use the Rogaine at night. Can I use the Rogaine over the powder or do I need to wash it off (I also use mousse at the roots of my hair when I style. Should I wash this off at night before I use it too?)

    I would appreciate any help you can give me. I'm feeling a tad frustrated right now.

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    Wow. 52 people have seen my post and not one reply?
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    Can anyone recommend a dr in nyc that has helped them with their hairloss?
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    I wouldn't bother asking any questions on this forum. Clearly it's not very popular. Not to mention, you might have better luck getting an answer if you start your own thread instead of posting on this thread that I started to get my question answered.
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    I saw your post and unfortunately I don't have any info on using Rogaine, but was going to ask the same question myself since my doctor recommended it and I'm over a year in with 80% loss and CTE.

    I'm searching old topics and seeing what others have said about it in the past. I would call your doc and ask the office more details and I've been told to sleep in a cap so it doesn't get on my pillow and my face when I roll over- that can cause facial hair. Let me know how it works for you.
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    Hi Suz- I don't go to the forum as much as I once did so I am just now seeing your post. I do use Rogaine and have for the last 2 years so I can speak to a certain degree from my experience and also to what I have read when I researched its use. First your hair/scalp has to be perfectly clean (right after a shampoo etc) before you apply Rogaine, the reason seems to be that the solution/foam can't get into your scalp to work if there are products in your hair/scalp. I shampoo mine after work and then apply the Rogaine 3-4 hours before I go to bed. It dries with thin an hour of my application so I don't need to wear anything on my head at night to protect my pillow also there is no problem with it reaching my face and causing hair growth there. As for how the solution reach's all of the scalp to help hair grow, I can only surmise the answer. I only apply it to my crown but I must use slightly more than the 1/2 cap that they suggest be used each day. I part my hair in the center first since that is where it is the thinnest and I want to ensure that the solution is absorbed best there. I use a wooden tongue depressor (you could use what ever works for you) and I scoop out about a quarter inch of foam and apply it to the far back of my part and rub it in, I then move forward in the part applying scoops and rubbing it in until I reach my bang line. I make my next part to either side about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the center part and I start from the back of my crown again moving forward with scoops and rubbing it in. I usually make 3-4 parts on each side of my middle part so that my whole crown is covered. I know it sounds time consuming but it only takes me about 10 minutes to do my crown and since my parts are in a slightly different place each time I feel my whole scalp on the crown area gets treated at least every 2-3 days. This has worked well for me and I shed very little hair in the shower or during my comb out now. My hair is baby fine and not thick but it looks a lot better after having used the Rogaine for the last two years. Although Rogaine does not give you back hair that you have already lost, it prolongs the growth cycle of the hair you still have and makes your hair appear thicker because you shed less of it. I would also advise a DHT blocker in conjunction with the Rogaine. I take one along with a hair vitamin each day AND I also use the Theradome home laser regularly. I hope this has helped, post again if you have any more questions.
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    Hi Dominique,

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. I thought I was the only one on this forum. It's nice to know others are reading and willing to help.

    I have now been using the 5% foam for one month. Needless to say there has been no improvement. I understand I may see no improvement until the 6-12 month mark. At this rate I'll be quite bald by then.

    My hair loss seems to be all over. Yes definitely at the crown but I've also noticed significant hair loss along the sides of my head and the back of my crown. The lower back of my head seems to have the most hair but even that has thinned. I'm not sure how long this has been going on. I'm peri-menopausal so I'm assuming it's been happening in the last year or two.

    I use a capful each night. Although I've not talked to a dermatologist about this yet my gp seems to think this is ok. Actually, it's probably a little more than a capful. I haven't had any of the side effects I've read about as of yet.

    I've read so many conflicting things about minoxidil therapy. So places on the net say only 20% can expect to see hair growth. While others say 80% can expect to see hair growth. I plan on giving it a year to see if there has been any benefit.

    I'm not familiar with the DGT Blocker. Is that the same as using the Nizoral (2%) shampoo? I had been using that but have since stopped. It was drying out my hair and I read there could be potential liver problems. I decided it's not worth having straw like hair as well as it being thin.

    At any rate, I have been using it on a clean scalp, although I don't wash my hair every day. I don't always use products on my hair so when I use it on a day I have not washed my hair I do so on a scalp that only has the residual rogaine from the previous night.

    I can't get in to see the dermatologist until July so I guess I'll continue on as I have been. Although, I did recently purchase a wig for those days that I don't want to powered my scalp and mousse the crap out of my hair. I can see why so few people don't stick it out with the rogaine. I hope I see results. I realize I'll never have the thick hair I once did. At this point I'd be happy if I didn't see any scalp shinning through.

    Once again, thank you for your reply. If you have anything further to share I'd be very appreciative.

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    Hello Suzie- Yes my hair is much thinner all over my scalp too, but mostly the top of my head. A lot of women find that hair loss is a hormonal issue and that it gets worse toward and after menopause. genetics can play a part in it too, My mother had a full head of course thick hair as she aged but on my dad's side of the family both he and all his siblings (male AND FEMALE) had hair loss as they aged. But back to hair loss from hormones, as we women age our hormones start declining. At first its' just a little bit each year (and it can start as early as 30 years old) and is hardly noticeable but that hormone imbalance affects a woman's hair greatly and it can also effect her quality of life in other ways. That is why a lot of women go on HRT during and continue it after menopause. I read a book about it and it was an eye opener, its called" ITS YOUR HORMONES" by G. Redmond, M.D. Maybe you could check it out from the Library. As for Nizoral shampoo, I have never used it and partly because it is so harsh and drying to the hair. It is used when you have a problem with the scalp and need heavy cleansing of it to help the hair grow, it is said to be a topical DHT blocker. Tho I believe that Genetics along with Hormones and vitamin deficiency (especially low protein which in turn usually causes low Iron ) usually play the biggest part in a woman's hair loss. But since bad testosterone could contribute to my hair loss, I take the DHT blocker called Proscar. It is the cheapest one on the market and it was prescribed to me by a well known hair loss specialist where I live. It's a pill and It blocks the negative effects of testosterone on the hair follicles, those negative effects cause the hair follicle to shrink and eventually die which of course causes hair thinning. Most doctors prescript Propecia, which is a lower dose of Proscar ( and more expensive ) and there are other DHT blockers out there too. So you see many things can play a part, both in the problem and the cure of a woman's hair loss. Going to a hair loss specialist along with being an informed consumer will take you a long way toward helping with your hair loss. Remember though, Rogaine will only extend the growing cycle of the hair you still have, it will not return the hair follicles that you have already lost. But if you use it to prolong the growing cycle of the hair you still have, it makes your hair appear thicker because there is more hair on your head at any given time. A DHT blocker will help you to save the follicles of hair you still have, so the two can work in conjunction to make your hair you look and sometimes even be thicker. If you do nothing then the hair continues to thin to the point of usually having to wear a wig. I just wish I had all this information and tools when I first noticed my hair thinning because I could have saved most of my hair follicles that I have lost over the years and it would be much thicker today! Keep the faith tho! there is help out there and we are learning new things about hair loss all the time, so in the not too distant future I believe we will be able to cure hair loss!!!!
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    Hi again Dominique,

    Once again, that you for your response. It's a relief having someone to discuss this with. I've been more or less on my own with this and it's very upsetting at times. I don't have low iron, this much I know. In fact, last time I was at my doctor's she said it was a wee bit on the high side. I think you're right. This has been happening slowly over many years for me. I've always had a lot of hair and I would see a lot in the comb after combing my hair after a shower but just thought because I had a lot of hair, it was normal. It never occurred to me that I was losing my hair. I just noticed last summer that I could see scalp through my bangs. Even then I don't think it really dawned on me until months later when I noticed my part was getting wider and wider.

    There's so much conflicting information out there about Rogiane. Some say it does grow new hair some say it doesn't. I don't know what to think. However, I think the only way to know is to use it and see what happens. I'm committed to using it every night for a year and hope that my bangs look fuller. Yes, I have hair loss all over but for me it's seems worse on my bangs but that's probably because this is the part of my hair I see the most and what I can't see I can be in denial about. Denial can be a great thing. lol I use a powder that's made for thinning hair. It's not the kind you spray. It's an eyebrow powder and is also used for hiding thinning hair. I use a make-up brush to tint my scalp at my bangs and part. It's a powder made by tarte cosmetics. I'm happy with it right now. My friends and family say I do a great job in covering it up. However, I fear there will come a day when that's no longer the case.

    I can see how all this will work. You disguise as much as you can while treating the condition with the hope that the treatment will make a significant difference. Right now the powder helps but if I keep losing hair I might have to look into a spray to hide more thinning areas on the rest of my head. Then if things get bad enough, it's wig time.

    I actually ordered a wig recently. I haven't received it yet. My hair loss isn't bad enough that I would have to wear a wig daily but there used to be a time where I could just wash my hair, put mousse on it and go. However, this is no longer the case. Between the volumizing mousse and the powder application it takes me a long time to get ready. Then in the evening I have to wash it all out in order to apply the rogaine. So, I thought with a wig (it's synthetic but looks pretty good) I could just throw it on and run out the door instead of wearing a cap.

    I do feel this is hormonal. This last year I've only had my period once. I think the change is really happening. In my family there are no women on either side with thinning hair but my dad had hair loss and so does his brother and my brother is basically bald. I didn't know that I had to count the men in my family while looking at a genetic component until I spoke to my doctor about it.

    Can I ask you when you started to notice a change in your hair loss after you started using the rogaine?

    I hope you're right. I hope they come out with something that helps with hair loss. It's pretty devastating. I'm trying not to be devastated and some times I manage it....but some times it's just too much. I know many worse things could be happening to me so I try to keep it in perspective.

    I really appreciate your posts to me. Thank you so much.
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    Hello once again- I started Rogaine in October of 2013 and with thin days the DREAD SHED started (Rogaine states it will happen and it is normal). This horrible shed lasted about a month and then the it became a little less each day and after another month it it had stopped shedding altogether. My hair always grew fast but it was baby fine and broke off very easily so it was very hard to get it to grow out to any great length and still look good. Well this breakage stopped happening as much and it grew very fast but it was at least 5-6 months after starting Rogaine before I saw the best improvement in my hair. My doctor also suggested a DHT blocker to aid the Rogaine for the best effect on my hair so I asked for a prescription for Proscar around month 2 of my Rogaine regimen (December ) and along with it I started taking vitamins and both of those definitely contributed to the overall improvement of my hair. I keep my ferritin level around or slightly above 70 (which it needs to be for healthy hair growth) and I also take extra Vitamin D3 and other hair healthy vitamins. I started using a home hair laser the next March( 6 months after starting the Rogaine) and it has so far had a mild but favorable effect on my hair. So you see it will take more than just Rogaine to noticeably improve on your hair loss. Oh and I also take bio-identical hormone therapy which has definitely helped my hair a lot and the quality of my life in general. I still do not have the thickness of hair that I once had, but it has improved over the last two years and I try to be satisfied with that improvement. It's hard though, I still miss having my thick hair on top, it made styling my hair much more fun!!!!
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    Thanks again for your reply Dominique. It's very kind of you to help me with any questions I have. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

    I'm wondering if you have experienced any side effects from the minoxidil? I've been using it for 5 weeks now and haven't noticed any hair growth or peach fuzz on my cheeks. However, I am seeing new lines on my forehead that seem to have developed over the last couple of weeks. Naturally, this could be general aging but it seems coincidental that they have popped up after having been on monixidil for 5 weeks. I intend to continue with the foam (at least until my dermatologist appointment in July) but if these lines continue to pop up, I may abandon it eventually. I've read that some end up with what has been labeled "smoker's face" due to a possible break down of collagen due to the minoxidile. I wonder if you've experienced anything like that or if you have gleaned any info on this in your research?

    Also, I'm not sure if I'm experiencing the dreaded shedding or if this is just a natural progression of hair loss but I am losing hair at an alarming rate. I notice this mostly when I comb it out after washing. I end up with a ball of hair somewhere between the size of a large grape or a golf ball. My part is slowly but surely getting wider by the week it seems and my bangs are thinning quite a bit. The hair on the sides of my head I've almost given up on. In your experience, do you think this is due to shedding and if so, when can I expect it to stop? Did you regain the hair loss from the shedding?

    My wig arrived. It's the Scorpio by Revlon. It's a synthetic wig but looks very nice. My husband and family members tell me it looks very natural. Had you ever considered wearing a wig or topper? I didn't think I would like the idea but I have to admit I do enjoy feeling like I have a full head of hair. Wigs are not as they once were....even the synthetic ones. I'm quite pleased and think I will continue to wear it as I use the minoxidil. People have told me the wig makes me look younger.
    That's good enough for me! lol

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Hello, i am new to this forum. I developed hair loss on the crown area in my early 30's after my first was born. My hair was always kind of thin all around, but this was different. My scalp was becoming visible. I went to see a dermatologist who was able to help ASAP. First, i received 3 shots of ACTH (three months apart) to stop the hair from falling out. Also i was instructed to wash my hair everyday with only three types of shampoo. Only DHS shampoo and DHS conditioner. Tar shampoo, salicylic acid shampoo. i.e. Tar shampoo on Monday, DHS shampoo on Tues, salicylic shampoo on Wednesday Etc. the reason for this is to keep scalp totally clean and oil free. The cleaner the scalp the better rogaine will penetrate. No hair styling products!( I cheated and used some mousse, always making sure it never touched my scalp). Nioxin, Bosley shampoos are not going to help ( waste of $) my dermatologist does not believe in hair vitamins or DHT blockers, he thinks it's a waste of money too. I have to admit this routine is a pain in the ... But it works, 10 yrs later my hair is still on my head. I only use those shampoos and rogaine 5% everyday. Rogaine is not meant to go on all over your head. Only on the hair loss areas. I find the dropper much easier to control for application. The mousse version is nice but most of it ends up on my hair and some on the scalp. I come across people who try to sell me hair loss products and lazer treatment, scalp treatments, it's all B.S. I hope this helps.
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    I forgot to say, ACTH for hair loss is a well known treatment, however if that does not work cortisone shots are also done for alopecia and severe hair loss but cortisone has some nasty side effects. You mentioned a wig, have you looked into hair intergration ( goes on top of head) unlike a wig which covers the whole head. I wore an intergtation for a little while, then when i had too much hair it wasn't for me anymore.
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    Is your doc in ny?
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    Hi Rachel,

    I haven't been to see a dermatologist yet. In Canada it takes months to see any sort of specialist. When I do I'll ask him about the ACTH. I have considered a topper but I don't think my hair is bad enough for that yet. Frankly, I don't really need a wig right now but there have been days when I've just wanted to run out and I haven't had the time for the mousse and powder I usually put in my hair. I can't just wash it and go anymore. So for those days, I have a pretty nice wig (it's synthetic but looks very nice) that I just throw on.

    As much as I hate to say it, I do believe one day I will need a more permanent solution and yes, a topper would be my choice. I could never wear a wig every day.

    I tried the Nizora shampoo. It really dried out my hair.

    You sound like you have a really good dermatologist. I hope the guy I see is as good.

    Thank you so much for responding. It really helps
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    Lmm, you might want to consider starting a thread of your own about finding a doctor in NY. More members of the forum will see it and will be able to reply to you. When you post here your question just gets buried within a thread that has nothing to do with finding a doctor in NY.
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    No, sorry. He is in California.