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    Im having some anxiety about rogaine 2%....can anyone tell me if it will actually work? I have heard it isnt very successfull....and when it starts to work and i have a shead will the hair i lost grow back if i freak out and stop using it??...everyone i see on here uses scalp is visible all over my head without having to move hair...sorry to bombard the forum but i personally dont know anyone using it or with aga.... think rogaine is giving me more anxiety than my actual hair loss....i have cut my hair into a short bob and im loving it atm apart from my shiny scalp lol so im just not sure wether to use it or just accept the fact and enjoy my hair without the oily ness and hassle.....:confused:
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    Hi minga,

    The reason you will read that a lot of women are using the 5% is because the 5% is available in a foam and the foam is a lot more convenient to use. The 5% is also more effective than the 2%. Many dermatologists who specialize in treating hair loss will recommend women to use the 5% foam once a day because women can get away with using 5% only once a day. The 2% needs to be used twice per day. 2% has less chances of side effects though, so there are trade offs.

    I do not know if you have androgentic alopecia or not. If you do, Rogaine is really the only medicine that will stimulate hair follicles that can still grow hair to grow hair. You may also need to take an oral medication to block androgens though. You would need to discuss that with your doctor. You might also want to consider the laser comb. I've been using Rogaine, the laser comb and Spiro for years now and I have grown a lot of my lost hair back. Not all of it - but a lot of it.

    All my best to you,

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    Thanks for replying tracy :) yeah i do have androgenic alopecia i have only been diagnosed a few weeks ago but have had it for about 4yrs. I just took my sweet time in doing something about it lol...oh well thats why i always see the 5%. It does sound easier to use....ill have a talk to my derm next month when i go back....i really hope it does work but only time will tell. If not im gonna buy myself an awesome wig lol