Rogaine 5% for Men + LaserComb - HELP!

Discussion in 'Rogaine (Minoxidil)' started by tbone, Jan 16, 2014.


Any success with Rogaine 5% for men?

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  1. tbone

    tbone New Member

    I started using the LaserComb in conjunction with the 5% Rogaine formula for men about a month ago and have witnessed about a 25% reduction in hair as a result. Needless to say, I am freaking out...and would love to hear from other women who have tried both treatments. After reading all the negative reviews on Amazon about the lackluster results of the LaserComb, I returned it, and am now ready to stop the Rogaine. Despite all the claims that hair shedding is part of the hair growth process, I don't buy it...precisely because I went through this same cycle (I underwent professional laser treatments at the tune of $3K) and Rogaine 2 years ago and didn't experience any hair loss whatsoever. Anytime someone speaks highly of both treatments (like Tracy C who also happens to be on another forum), I become suspicious that they are representatives of the company because everyone else seems to be waiting for results or in a state of desperate panic like myself. I am eager to hear from REAL women who have tried both as I am seriously getting to the point where I can't even stand to look in the mirror anymore. I must say that I have been using the Rogaine in excess because my thinning hair covers my entire scalp so I go through almost a bottle a week. I don't know if I will ever regrow the hair I lost and this distresses me more than anything. Please respond if you have any information that may shed some light as I'm ingesting so many conflicting reports on these treatments. Also, any advice on hair loss doctors would be helpful....I need credible, solid advice. Many thanks.
  2. Carry

    Carry New Member

    hello tbone,
    I'm so sorry you are going trough this, hope you see good results with whatever treatment you chose to stick with.

    I started Rogaine 5% almost 2 years ago and although it doesn't work wanders it simply worked for me. I am 46, mother of two grown up children and have experienced mild to severe HL since my first pregnancy (26 years ago). I am diagnosed with AGA and the only thing that worked for me till now is minoxidil (rogaine).
    My hair is still thin but acceptably thin :) and much, much better than it was before the rogaine use. I experienced facial and body hair as a side effect but after 5-6 months this side effect disappeared and now my facial and body hair is the way it was before.
    I take every now and then a multivitamin but except from rogaine5% I dont't use anything else for my hair loss so I am pretty sure it was the rogaine that helped.

    That said, of course it is not a miracle product, it just improved my badly thin hair to an acceptable stage but I am happy even with this. I have days that I can go out without any Toppik and still have the confidence that I look ok and that's a lot.

    hope this helps a bit, I am definitely not a representative of this medicine, my english is not good enough to represent anything :)

    best of luck and please feel free to ask anything if I can help
  3. tbone

    tbone New Member

    Thanks you, Cary. I'm just surprised that I didn't experience this much hair loss the last time (2 years ago) that I used Rogaine. I'm glad it's working for long did it take before you noticed hair growth? All the best to you! :)
  4. Carry

    Carry New Member

    it took a few months, I'd say 5-6 months, to see a difference in the way my hair looks, but the shedding sopped almost immediately.
    During the 2 years I use rogaine I've experienced some heavy shedding a few times but my hair still looks ok.
    When I part it, even during a heavy shedding periods, there are a lot of new small hairs growing so the overall amount of hair is somehow maintained.

    best of luck to you! :)