Rogaine and Wigs

Discussion in 'Rogaine (Minoxidil)' started by CanadaAnne, Jan 16, 2014.

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    I have been diagnosed with AA and been given the option of starting 5% men's foam rogaine. I've lost about 60% of my hair already and am worried about the awful dread shed should I start using this product.

    Has anyone used rogaine while wearing a wig? Is this awkward or does it cause more itching/agitation? Any success with re-growth?

    Side question - I currently wash my hair every second day, do you need to wash it everyday when using the rogaine foam?

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    hello Anne,

    I started using rogaine5% when my hair was in a really bad shape and, thank God, never experienced the dread shed. It seems it's absolutely individual how your body will react to it, i never had dread shed but had plenty of excessive facial and body hair that also disappeared after 5-6 months...
    I guess we'll never know until we try it, everybody reacts so differently to this treatment.
    Now I use rogaine5% only once a day first thing in the morning, and till the time I leave the house it's dry and my hair looks ok. I wash it every other day, and also use Toppik from time to time. Sometimes my scalp starts itching, especially if I put Toppik on top of the rogaine so in this case I just stop using rogaine for a few days and that's enough for my skin to calm.

    Sorry I can not say anything about combining rogaine with a wig but I guess it might have a similar effect.