Rogaine combined with Latisse

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    I read this online somewhere. Seeing my Derm this week and will ask about this. Also gonna beg to try Propecia. I'll try anything. Am way past child-bearing years and don't care about sex drive thing.

    Right now where I'm at is that my hairloss means the end of possibilities. It's so hard to get older and see the reflection in the mirror change. I work really hard at keeping fit and trim as it's one part of my appearance I have some control over.

    I try also to see that in the grand scheme of things hairloss is a pretty small thing compared to terrible things happening to others around the globe.
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    P.S. That's Rogaine n Latisse mixed together n applied to scalp.
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    Ok talked to my dermatologist n she said put Rogaine on first n then Latisse. Latisse is very expensive but I'd spend my last dollar if something would work.

    She also put me on iron n I'm on biotin too; no official evidence that either of these work but it can't hurt.

    Propecia for hair is off label n she said therefore couldn't give it to me.