Rogaine Foam 5% for Men - what were your results??

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    Hi! I'm using minoxidil 5 percent. It's mixed at the pharmacy as we can't buy 5 percent over the counter in Canada. I use the liquid but just ordered the foam from the US online in the 5 percent to save some money. It is About a third of the price per bottle.! I want to try the foam as well. I also am on spiro. Not quite a month on it. I have AGA... Likely exacerbated by heavy stress and medication. I did not experience shedding at all.
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    Not sure

    Miss 84
    I think I'm done with the shedding. I'm basing my answer on my progression photos. I don't really check for shedding on my brush, what is lost in the shower, etc.

    I first noticed that I was losing hair from just examining my forehead and sides by looking at myself in the mirror. It was happening for awhile, but it wasn't enough to make me worry, until just recently it just hit me. I realized I'm at the point where I need to do something about it. I searched the internet for causes and options on what to do. The affordable option seemed to be using rogaine. I crossed my fingers it was hereditary because that's what rogaine is meant for. Another plus, the shedding occurred as noted on the instructions.

    In Canada, you need to be referred to a specialist before you are able to use the 5% men's rogaine. Women use the product as "off label" since women's rogaine is not sold at all in Canada. You need a prescription. 2% men's rogaine is sold over the counter.

    My test came back negative. However, I still need to be tested for one other thing. My specialist looked at me and quickly diagnosed that I had female pattern baldness. I have an appointment after 4 months so I'll ask for the medical term and form of my hair loss.
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    Hi Cassy, its been a while since i've checked in, how is your hair treatment going? I've been out of my hair piece since july, my frontal is still thin but i use JKS International touch up color spray powder to fill in. I've weened myself off the rogaine, haven't been on it for a month now. not seeing any major hairloss. the condition of my hair feels better but the condition of my hair looks the same as when I was using it. Can't seem to get my hair to look healthy yet.
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    I seem to be shedding slightly more. Still waiting on some regrowth. I'm thinking I'll apply rogaine twice a day, if I don't see progress next month.
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    a quick question for anybody, has anybody ever tried expermented
    with the womans rogaine by applying it just once a day, preferably just at night? I have thought of trying it but don't know if it will work. I don't want to get on the mens rogaine foam because it is to strong for me but I also don't want to apply the womens twice a day because of the drying effect. just throwing that question out there to see if anyone has tried that.
  6. hope for hair

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    After 3 months, the regrowth has begun. I can clearly see some short strands of hair growing out. Since I shed a lot using rogaine, I need more progress before I'm ready to call this a success story.
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    Hi Tiny,
    I have to tell you that I'm out of this horse race. Nine weeks ago while packing for a vacation at the beach I had a seizure. To make a long story short that night I was sitting in the ER looking at a 4" tumor in my brain. Two days later I had a successful brain surgery to remove it. Now I'm in my third week of radiation. Needless to say with a huge scar on the top of my head from ear to ear and bald spots all over from the radiation [which the Dr. said would not grow back] I'm done with my hair. But you know what? I am so happy to be alive I really don't care. I get to hang around a few more years [God willing] to watch my 16 year old daughter grow up. Best of wishes to you.
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    Hi Cassy, I am so very, very sorry to hear that but YES you are alive and the Hell with hair. I'm so very glad that the surgery went well and the very best to you for a great recovery. I will pray for you.
  9. Tiny

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    Hi hope for hair. I see you haven't posted in a while, I don't even know if anyone comes on this site anymore, but your last post said you were on it for 3 months and saw little hairs. I was wondering if your hair has progressed more? how many months have you been on it now? are you using the womens rogaine?
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    Tiny, I'm using men's rogaine once a day. My result has been mixed.

    There's noticeable improvement on the sides, and the new growth is no different than my normal hair.

    As to the front, there hasn't been any improvement. Maybe I need to be more patient or need to apply it twice a day. It's been about 6 months now.
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    New to forum. Using Rogaine for men for 12 months

    Hi Tiny and hope for hair, I'm new to the forum just today, though I think I lurked around several months ago and want to chime in about the use of Men's Rogaine foam that I've been using for 12 months as of Feb 1.

    Like everyone, it was slow to see any improvement. I haven't re-educated myself lately on what stage I started at I'll say that my side part was very wide and the cowlick at the crown was pretty sparse as was the very front center of my hairline.

    After about 6 months I was able to see improvement enough to keep going. I had the furry new hair around my temples and the crown of my head no longer revealed my scalp. Also the back of my head, where I had no hair loss seemed thicker. I was using it pretty consistently twice a day.

    For the 6-10 month period I felt like my friends saw no improvement and that I was seeing hair growth through rose-colored glasses. But I truly noticed my part was not quite as wide as it had been, and all that furry temple hair was filling in. During this last 6 months, I've used the recommended amount only once a day usually, and I've been applying towards the front of my head where that bald patch had not shown improvement.

    At a full 12 months everyone: husband, family, friends and work compliments my hair. the front patch is filled in. I used to say (metaphorically) that "I had 10 hairs" there. Now I'd say "I have 25 hairs". I would say the hair growth results are great and I'm happy and satisfied if this was all the results I would ever experience from this treatment.

    Now here's what's gone on alongside of all this. About a year ago I complained to my dentist of a metallic taste in my mouth, sensitivity in my teeth, and changes in my sense of taste. I get my teeth cleaned 3-4 times per year and these symptoms came and went through the year and I never thought of any connection to Rogaine. This week at my dentist's recommendation I went to see an ear, nose, throat doctor and got a clean bill of health with his general examination. He recommends an MRI if I'm still concerned.

    After that appointment a lightbulb went off and I googled minoxidil's and found buried in the results that sensory side effects listed as rare and classified as severe. At this point I would say my sense of taste and smell is severely impaired everyday.

    So with every remedy comes a price, right? :confused: I love food and if it's hair vs the enjoyment of food and beverage, let me just say, I can rock a hat!

    I have not read the entire thread, but see that Cassy had a major change in priorities due to a brain tumor. Tiny, I read your posts back from 2012 and see that you have had your frustrations and setbacks. I don't want to compare my situation to anyone's because my hair loss is due to heredity, and is not probably not as severe as many people that I see and those who post to this forum. I'm in my mid-50's and have enjoyed a relatively healthy and fortunate circumstance. Professionally I do need to worry about remaining "employable" for the next couple of decades and in that I hope to have hair enough to not distract from my qualifications.

    I will need to ween off of this and see if I can find a middle ground with a smaller dose of minoxidil.

    I hope you don't mind me jumping in here. It seemed the appropriate thread. :)
  12. hope for hair

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    Hi Jojosea. It's good you shared your story. I will be checking for similar symptoms for the next 6 months. If I do experience what you've been through, I will try a wig.
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    Hello, ladies! I'm just joining you here and I've read several posts in this thread. Let me start by telling you a little about myself.
    I am 45 and have been experiencing frontal hair loss for a while now. It was very gradual at first: starting in the front side where i parted my hair. However, in the past few years and, especially this last year, it has progressed to a level that is undeniable. I started dealing with my balding by going to doctors and having my hormones and many other things checked. I found out that I was suffering from a slight hypothyroidism, which can cause hair loss. This was approximately 6 months ago and I have been taking medication since. I was hoping that this was the root cause of my rapid hair loss, but since being medicated, I haven't seen any improvement. I've actually seen my hair thinning more and more as the months pass. I decided to use a cover up product called Toppik, which works very well in hiding the baldness, but as my thinning hair progresses in the front and my bangs get even more wispy and I know that the Toppik will eventually not be able to cover it effectively.
    Let me just interject, here, that losing your hair is a very stressful experience for men and women alike. But, for women, it can go beyond the feelings of stress and reek havoc on your emotional, psychological health. A bald man is way more acceptable in our society than a bald woman after all! As a woman, I have always been proud of the beauty of my long dark hair. Now, I feel my self esteem has taken a huge blow as the hair continues to diminish. There are times when I just feel so depressed and I want to hide myself from the world. It's vanity….. I know…. but I can't help it. I want my hair back!!!
    Anyway, I can sympathize with all of you. I completely understand how every person on this thread feels.
    Last week I finally went to a dermatologist who told me, what I was suspecting all along, that I was most likely suffering from female pattern baldness. I had already started on the men's 5% minoxidil liquid formula a few days prior to my appointment. One thing that I have to tell you is that this liquid has a very drying affect on my hair. It becomes very dull and dry and is very hard to style. Also, I started suffering from the side effect of itchy red scalp with flaking. I did some research and found that this is very common when using the liquid formula because of the propylene glycol it has in it. I have cut back to only using it before I go to bed and it has gotten much better. In the morning I wash it out and use lots of conditioner to help my hair feel smoother. I am also going to start taking the spironolactone 25mg that my doctor prescribed to me as soon as I pick it up from the pharmacy. I will start with this dosage 2X a day and will consult with the doctor in three months to see if I will need a stronger dosage. I am also considering going on the mens minoxidil 5% foam formula for the daytime use. Hopefully, the foam won't have the drying affect on my hair that the liquid did. It is made without the propylene glycol….. keeping my fingers crossed!
  14. Tiny

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    Hi Hope for hair,jojosea and naturejan. First hope for hair thanks for getting back with a response, i hope you achieve your goal and jojosea and naturejan thanks for adding your stories, I love to read them. Im still pretty much in the same situation with my frontal, but I did start up the womens rogaine again i do about half a dose in the morning and the full dose in the evenings. keep adding the womens therapro cellagen and the jks international color spray to cover up my thinning on the top. naturejan i've tried the toppik powder but found i like this color spray a lot more. I'm really going to be faithful with the rogaine this time and be patient, which is not one of my strong points,lol. I get nervous that my hair is going to get worse looking. I have so many thoughts going on in my head sometimes it drives me crazy. am i doing the right thing, am I not??? should I just wait this out longer. My hairdresser gets me discouraged by telling me its a different kind of hair... what does that mean?? she has a client that has been using it for a year and my hairdresser made the comment that her hair was feeling thicker but yet when I bring it up about trying it she says things like that. I've met the client and we spoke to each other about the rogaine product, she is using the 2% and only applies it once a day. I thought her hair looked very nice. I can relate with naturejan on a women losing her hair with the emotional aspect, that is so me, so very me. so I've been on the 2% womens rogaine now for 9 weeks, we will see if I can do this and if I can achieve my goal someday.
  15. naturejan

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    I started on the rogaine 5% minoxidil foam for men last night. What a difference from the liquid! I've decided to use this in the morning after I have washed my hair as well as at night before I go to bed. It is not half as drying as the liquid. However, I am still experiencing the flaking. I'm hoping this was due to the residue that had built up from the liquid minoxidil and that it will go away. Thinking of buying some head and shoulders to use on occasion.

    Tiny, I've seen through your posts how you've struggled with your hair loss and I can understand how frustrating it must be. The one thing that I've learned since researching about hair loss solutions is that it is an excruciatingly slow process. I have just started, but I am totally aware that this is going to be a looooooong journey. I have decided to keep with the strongest dosage 2X a day as directed by my doctor and wait it out. Taking the spironolactone 2X a day can only help the process go faster. So, for now, and the next 3 months, I will be committed to this regimen. In 3 months the doctor will consult with me as to whether or not I will need a higher dosage of the spironolactone. You may want to ask your doctor about spironolactone for yourself. It is the women's equivalent to Propecia for men. As for your hair dresser, I wouldn't put much stock into what she has told you. A hair dresser is just not informed enough about the medical solutions for hair loss. She is probably a very nice person who wants to try and help. She can only give you her knowledge of hair and what she has observed with her other clients, but that is all. Every woman is different and every woman has different ways they are treating their hair loss. Thank you for your suggestion of the color spray. I just may check it out! Wishing you and everyone in this thread good hair luck!!!
  16. Tiny

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    hi naturejan, thanks for the advice. I can purchase that color spray from a local salon here in my area but sometimes I purchase it through it used to be called Haircarechoices. it runs around 25.00 for a can, I order the brown and it matches with my hair color perfectly.
  17. Tiny

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    Hello again naturejan, just went on to that website to order me more and I see they don't sell it any longer but I did find some through Amazon and they were only 13.99 a can. just to let you know.
  18. naturejan

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    Tiny, thank you very much! :)
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    I tried the 5% foam last year, for about 8 months; not sure if the fuzz I was seeing was hair I was losing, or hair that was coming in, but I'm pretty sure it was the former, as it was on the sides of my head, where Rogaine isn't supposed to work. Then a month ago I started women's Rogaine. It made an even bigger mess of my hair for the day; I guess if I had very short hair, a couple inches long, it wouldn't matter, but my hair is long enough (though sparse) that rubbing it in just turned the hair into ugly, frizzy and straight. Not worth it. Esp. since the doc said it would take a year to see results. So my choice was: take a chance and live with ugly messy hair for a year to maybe see some fuzz, or live with what I've got, which I still have enough of to place over the spots and not have it look like too much of a combover.
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    15 months on Minoxidil 5%

    My cousin started using Minoxidil 5% in December 2012 and it seemed to be working for him, he got me one bottle too, but I didn´t bring myself to use it, I was pushing the problem out of my mind ...I knew I was losing my hair but I thought it couldn´t be that bad..

    On valentine´s day last year (2013), my boyfriend took a picture of me during our celebration, and it was really a wake up call... I was so heartbroken I cried after he left because I felt unattractive and really bad about myself. so the next day I decided to start using Minoxidil 5%.

    Thinking about it now, a lot of things happened in the last couple of years, before I started using Minoxidil... my business went down, my dear Nana passed away, I was diagnosed with Pcos, and I was exhausted, stressed and sad.

    Let me tell you, the shedding was horrible, the first 6 months I shed and I didn´t see any results, I felt it was really strong for my scalp.. but nonetheless I kept on going. I had lost a lot of my hair in the front, there was no comb or style that could hide it. I just had to make peace with it.

    May 15th I will be on it for 15 months and I couldn´t be happier with the results. the patches are gone and the hair is growing... slowly but growing.

    I tried different combinations until I found the one that worked for me.

    1.- I use 5% minoxidil for men, once a day 1 hour before going to bed, 2 days in a row, 1 day off so my scalp can rest.
    2.- I decided that I needed my hair to be healthy... that means no hairdryers, no irons, and most of the time no coloring.. at least not while my hair grows.
    curly hair is in now, and a good styling cream and gel is the only thing I use on my hair.
    3.- Baby shampoo and rinse, or at least sulfate free.. and no hot water on my hair and scalp, comb my hair with care, no brush just big comb
    4.- on the weekends I try with natural home made treatments, with aloe, and avocado one hour while I watch tv, so my hair can feel smooth ... (its true the hair on minoxidil gets a bit frizzy)
    5.- no more cigarettes, I have being smoking for years, and its not good for the skin, and its terrible for the hair, so no more
    6.- I did get more hair on my armpits and even a few on my face, but hey laser treatment got rid of those in two sessions.
    7.- Most important of all, I try to be stress free, I don't obsess about the hair everyday, its so hard not to, but it get´s in the way of everything, and I am more than my hair.
    8.- at some point I needed to understand that my hair might never be the same as it was before, and I may shed the hair again, I used to get uncomfortable with the stares and never openly discussed my hair loss problem, but talking about it when someone asks me has made this big bad monster into something that I can control

    I read the whole thread and I took a picture today, I was in shock... I have the horrible pic from valentines too... here we go

    BTW thank you for a lot for sharing your stories and your tips, I think I might try the vitamins

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