Rogaine Foam 5% for Men - what were your results??

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    ConnieD, I agree with your approach and am going to try the same rhythm of 2 nights before bed, 1 day off.

    After my January post I stopped the 5% foam altogether for about a week and my smell and taste senses came back to normal. Then started using once a day a couple days per week. Smell and taste are still normal.

    What I didn't mention in the January post was that I typically ignored the warning of not applying on wet head and I think that may have contributed to deeper absorption. Who knows. Anyway, my taste is back. Whatever hair growth that Rogaine has caused I want to hold on to.

    Some unsolicited advise to some of you... don't use more of the 5% foam than the recommended HALF CAPFUL. I read that some users put it all over their head. Your skin is a single organ and I think the active ingredients have their affect beyond the application area. As evidence to that is new facial (and beyond) hair growth. :)
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    I am 34 years old and I have been taking Spironolactone since July 2012 due to FPHL (confirmed by scalp biopsy). I began at 100mg x 1 day, then my dermo upped my dosage to 150mg x 1 day. She has informed me she will not increase the dosage any more. Be patient with this medication!

    The only side effect I have from Spiro is getting my period twice a month. Regarding my hair, I have noticed a positive difference with the loss. After 1 year on Spiro, I noticed the shed had been reduced to a tolerable loss. I also changed my diet (focusing on Paleo, as this works best for me) and now pay close attention to my annual blood tests, especially Iron and Vit D.

    In October 2012, I started Rogaine 5% for men foam. I noticed results within 3 months of using the foam (every morning, applied to scalp with damp hair). Hello new hair growth! I even noticed new dark hair on my eye brows, it was a great experience. It did create peach fuzz on my face, but this was not a reason for me to discontinue the foam, as peach fuzz can be "taken care of" (at that point, I would have grown a full beard, as long as hair was growing on my head). The reason I stopped Rogaine in October 2013 was due to the effects on my skin. I aged 7 years in 12 months. I am not exaggerating. Very dark circles under my eyes, dulling of color, deep wrinkles, etc. I could not believe it, especially the dark circles. My dermo told me Rogaine was practically poisoning me and the results were being shown on my face. Decision: my hair or my skin. I had to stop the Rogaine. *This effect won't happen to everyone, as each reacts differently.* When I stopped the Rogaine in October 2013, I braced myself for the dred shed. It never came. I think it might be because I was still on the Spiro? My iron and Vit D levels had also increased exponentially by that point, so these may be factors as to why I kept the hair I grew while on Rogaine.

    Today, the only prescription medication I'm on is Sprio 150mg x 1 day, and thankfully, my hair loss is still somewhat under control and I do notice small dark hairs growing on my scalp, but not with the same virtuosity I experienced while on Rogaine + Spiro. My skin is still slowly recovering from the Rogaine, but not the dark circles, unfortunately.