Rogaine with Toppik (or similar product)

Discussion in 'Rogaine (Minoxidil)' started by Carry, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Carry

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    Hello lovely ladies,

    I'm new here and so happy to find this place. I've experienced hair loss for years, it started after I gave birth to my first child (20 years ago) and never actually stopped or recovered.
    I've learned to live with my thin hair, my mom have the same problem but she still has some hair left and doesn't look that bad. I was just hoping that my hair loss will not become worse and it will slowly reach the same stage as my mom's...
    Unfortunately it's not the case, it got much worse with the years, and now at the age of 44 I had to do something if I don't want to see myself totally bald. My doctor thinks it's genetic as my blood tests are fine, no iron deficiency or hormonal disorder. So he prescribed Rogaine and I've been using it for the last two months.

    I am very happy with the result till now, my hair loss had decreased a lot (there are hardly 30-40 strands I lose per day) and I don't think I experienced the dread shed I was so afraid of.
    I'll keep posting about my progress, hope it might be useful to someone.
    I also would like to ask a technical question.

    How do you combine Rogaine with Toppik (or similar product), what routine do you follow? I don't want to wash my hair everyday and if I apply the Toppik in the morning it is still there when it is time to apply Rogaine again.

    Is it OK tho apply it over the Toppik, will it work in the same way as on a clean scalp?

    thanks a lot for your support and please excuse my poor English :)
  2. Tracy C

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    Hi Carry,

    You do need to wash Toppik (or any similar fibers) out of your hair before you apply your dose of Rogaine. If you wear Toppik every day, use a very mild and gentle shampoo that is safe to use every day so you can wash it out without worry.

    I've tried to determine if conditioning alone was enough to wash the fibers out but as far as I could tell conditioning alone didn't wash them out. You might want to try that yourself to see if that can work for you.
  3. Carry

    Carry New Member

    Hi Tracy C,

    thank you for the quick response, and yes, it makes sense to wash whatever concealer you wear before applying Rogaine.. :sigh: it is just that my hair is really dry, and the alcohol Rogaine contains doesn't help.
    I'll try to use a really mild shampoo, and as I am not using Toppik every day, hopefully my hair will not get too dry.
    I had some really important meetings the last few weeks and just needed that extra boost to my self-esteem but most of the time I can survive without a concealer.

    For now I am very hopeful about Rogaine, there are no hairs on my brush and pillow the way they used to be, cross fingers it continues like this.
    thank you again and take care