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  1. celticsfan2677

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    how reliable are scalp biospies?
    I had one showing "most consistent with androgenic alopecia"
    is the test definitive?

    please let me know!
  2. Lorine

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    Hi Celticfan2677, I had a scalp biopsy about 7 weeks ago, and my results were scarring alopecia. I have no reason to doubt the diagnosis, but I have reason to doubt the prognosis I was given. I was told that may hair would not grow back, but that has not been the case. I was given a prescription for Olux and I am currently experiencing hair growth. I wish you the best. I hope this post is helpful.
  3. Lisah

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    Scalp Biopsy

    Hey Celticsfan2677??
    Not sure if I got your name correct because I'm still not great at this posting thing yet. Anyway the results for me have been very different from scalp biopsy's????? SO in saying that I guess it depends on who you ask?? I have had three different ones. All were different answers so that tells you something... I had all three at different top of the line derms?? The first was early on this journey and it showed nothing really but some follicle inflamation ... 2nd was at Wake Forrest University and that showed Telogen Effluvium.. Last one was at Dallas with Dr. Whiting in 2007 and that was consistent with AGA. I have been to several Dr's that think there is no such thing as TE/?/? Last Dr. was Dr. Redmond in New York... He thinks it hormonal and can be treated?? So I'm not sure I put a lot of faith in the Biopsy. He doesn't think they really mean anything?? but for me it made a difference going to a Dr. who is willing to try and treat this pain in the ass problem.... So keep your chin up!!!! :) If I can help any way let me know... Lisah