Serious one-sided hair loss!

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    I'm forty-seven, perimenopausal? (hysterectomy in 2005 with one ovary intact) and have other health issues including GERD, which could lead to iron deficiency from the meds -- my husband's answer to this weirdness. I first noticed a small bald patch last year, shortly after having a CT scan for lung issues, later diagnosed as COPD. As soon as that patch started to regrow, another bald spot popped up, and the pattern seems to keep repeating itself nearly a year later. I'm now to the point of having an entire palm sized area on the back left side of my head almost completely bald except for the few areas of fuzzy regrowth, and this patchy fallout seems intent on working it's way up to my crown. The oddest part is the problem is concentrated on one part of my head... so far. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to discuss all my health woes, but I doubt he's going to care much about my lack of hair. :(