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Discussion in 'Cosmetic Solutions' started by mymanego, Jul 24, 2009.

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    I tried Dermatch and when it was time to buy again, I researched some more and found Shabo which is a powder that is applied to the scalp after your hair is dry and styled. I bought some artist brushes so I could have more control where I applied it because the brush that comes with the product didn't work well for me.
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    I have been using Shabo too. It covers very well and I like it. I use it on the top of my head where my hair is thin. I am careful not to get it too close to my hairline. Then, after I wake up the next morning I frequently find that it is smeared onto my forehead. Maybe I am using too much??
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    I bought some of this last month, like you mymanego.

    But whilst it looked good, in fact better than the Dermmatch I normally use, I did find it came off too easily for my liking. With the paintbrushes does it still come off easily becuase you apply it more carefully?
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    Shabo application

    I found that using the soft, large brush that comes with the Shabo product is difficult to get the powder on the scalp - the product tends to just rest on the hair. I use an angle brush (it's approx 1/4" thick and 1/2" in length cut at an angle) so I can get the product on the scalp itself.

    Even so it's easy to get too much on. After you dip the brush in the powder you have to tap the brush on the inside of the jar to remove the excess (the instructions mentions this too). Once I apply it, I use a comb to "rub" it into the scalp while holding my head over the sink to remove some of the excess hoping to avoid the product coming off during the day.

    I don't wash my hair everyday but I do wash my bangs everyday since they tend to get oily. After I blowdry my bangs I usually have to remove some of the product from around my hairline and some little bits that may have fallen on my face before I apply my makeup. I may or may not need to touch up with Shabo. (Oh yeah, don't forget to clean the ears too :eek:)

    This is all a bit tedious but I feel more confident not having big chunks of scalp shining through my hair. ;)
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    Thanks for this info. I am going to buy an angled brush!!