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  1. VictoriaG

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    I am officially a convert to sulfate-free shampoos, but I still alternate with Nizoral. I used to use the Nizoral every other shampoo (I try to skip 2 days between shampoos), now I use it every third time. The hairloss in the shower on the Nizoral days seems worse now. Does that make sense? Or is everything just picking up speed now - the hair, my eyebrows and eyelashes?

    I don't think the Nizoral is helping with the shed, but I like that it keeps flakes at bay. I have dry scalp and mild scalp psoriasis, no dandruff. Will the sulfate-free shampoos help keep my scalp cleaner -in other words, any reason to keep using the Nizoral?

    Thanks for your thoughts:eek:
  2. Women's Hair Loss Project

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    Hi Vicki -

    I used to use Nizoral but I never noticed any hair loss improvement from using it so I stopped using it in favor of typical thickening hair shampoos. I do like the way Nizoral smells though, also I think if you have scalp dryness or itching that it probably is a good shampoo to use or at least to alternate with.

    What are some sulfate-free shampoos you have used? I don't think I've tried any.
  3. VictoriaG

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    I use the Aubrey Organics Balancing Shampoo and Naked Naturals Awapuhi & Lavender for color treated hair. I like them both! I'd seen the Aubrey mentioned on WHLP which is why I tried it!
  4. BluzGirl76

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    I have tried the Aubrey Organics and I love the GPB conditioner. I'm not as much a fan of the shampoos though, because I like to have suds! I found Avalon Organics Thickening Biotin Shampoo, and I really like it so far. It doesn't have Sodium Laurel Sulfate, but it has another type of sulfate. So what I've been doing is using about 1/2 Avalon & 1/2 Aubrey when I wash my hair, so I still get some sudsing but I'm limiting the sulfate exposure.
  5. VictoriaG

    VictoriaG New Member

    I'm so glad you said that - I thought I was crazy, where were the suds?? That's a great suggestion, thank you!
  6. kittykat

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    I have been using a "hair plumper" from vichy and it has done a nice job of adding some weight to my fine, thin hair. I'm on my second bottle but am thinking of trying something different.

    Prior to buying the vichy product I also decided that I was going to steer clear of any shampoo/conditoner that contained sulphates. I figured that removing chemicals from the equation would be a good thing.

    That being said, since i am almost out of shampoo i think im going to try something from the Burt Bee's line. I was very *close* to buying nioxin but am glad after reading some feedback that I didnt go that route.
  7. newbs

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    I was told by my derm to use Free And Clear shampoo. There is a generic form which is cheaper at Walgreens. This has none of that bad stuff in it. It cleans nice and leaves no residue. Let me know if anyone else has tried it. I'm always looking for other shampoos to try on my very fine very thin hair.
  8. finaleofseem

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    Just wanted to chime in with my favorite sulfate-free shampoo -- I use the Giovanni line of products. They make them for all hair types, I think, but I use the tea tree oil shampoo, because it makes my scalp tingly.

    I'm not really sure that I've noticed a difference in shedding from switching, honestly, but my scalp feels healthier and my hair is softer and shinier, so I think I may be a permanent convert.

    Or, it could be that the improvement I'm seeing is because the products I'm using now are just higher-quality all around, regardless of sulfates.
  9. Elissa

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    I use the Giovanni line of shampoo as well.. The Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Shampoo. I am a big fan :) I finally broke down and got some Head and Shoulders because I have been feeling itchy/flaky recently.. But i want to use it very sparingly because I am scared .. not sure if it will help or hurt the hair loss situation. Maybe I'll use it once a week? I have no idea. I wish this werent all so confusing!
  10. finaleofseem

    finaleofseem New Member

    I know what you mean, Elissa. I stopped using Nizoral (for a flaky scalp) for the same reason. I'm back to using it once or twice a week now, and I can honestly say I haven't seen much of a difference in my shed. So don't worry!
  11. RMM

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    I was just sold a line of products from a hair restoration facility that I am going to. The brand is Therapro Mediceuticals. The shampoo is called Folligen, the conditioner is called Vitatin and the last bottle is "Cellagen Bioactive Follicle Stimulator." I may use it for a few months. I couldn't find any consumer reviews online about these products. So this is not an endorsement. After I've used the products for a month or two, I will post what I think about them.
  12. finaleofseem

    finaleofseem New Member

    It's worth a shot, right? It's just shampoo -- can't do any harm. :) I know a woman who uses Folligen, and says that it helps with inflammation that's generally associated with losing hair.

    I'm looking forward to your update!
  13. VictoriaG

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    I've cut back on the Nizoral, I use the Aubrey for the most part. I've been reading good things about the Giovanni products, too - does anyone know if they have one for color-treated hair? Or, because it's sulphate-free, will it really not matter? THanks!
  14. RMM

    RMM New Member

    Yes, as you say, it's just shampoo and can't hurt to try. A 12 oz bottle costs about $20. That is about what I was paying for my Aveda products.

    So here is what the Therapro Mediceuticals Folligen shampoo bottle says: "You have selected the finest professional products for treating thinning hair, common scalp disorders and unhealthy hair conditions...Offered exclusively through fine spas and salon. Mediceuticals progressive dermatological science features Triaminocoptonal Compound (trademark) with proprietary copper peptide technology proven to help prevent hair thinning and premature hair loss. These restoration solutions contain Femmigen (trademark), a specialized Phytoflavone complex specifically developed to combat female hair loss. Healthy, gentle Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free formula. Weightless formular rinses 100% clean. Anti-fade Color Retention Comples (Trademark)."

    It doesn't have Sodium Lauryl Sulfate but it does have Sodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfocactate and Sodium Lauryl Sarcosinate. It has a lot of western and Chinese herbs, which I like.

    The Vitatin conditioner bottle text is much the same, and it too has a lot of western and Chinese herbs.

    The last product is Cellagen. You spray it onto your scalp on the thinning areas. Your hair can be wet or dry when you apply it. You use it in the morning and at night. I put it on my scalp after getting out of the shower, and then again when I come home from work, before I start making dinner. The bottle's chief claim is that it will "help inhibit harmful DHT formation." I read the ingredients but I don't know which ingredient would be the one to help prevent DHT formation.

    You do need to make sure it doesn't get onto your face, ears or neck, as it will leave a reddened area. Some of it dripped onto my forehead and now the skin there is red. Easy to cover with makeup, but still.

    Lastly, I have decided to stop blow-drying my (short) hair and let it air dry. I hate that though. My hair looks much fuller and nicer when I blow-dry. While the hair is air-drying, the thinning is very noticeable, so that's a tortuous hour or two. After it's dry, I fluff it with my fingers and a wide-toothed comb (pick).
  15. finaleofseem

    finaleofseem New Member

    RMM -- I don't blow-dry mine anymore, either. Though that my change, as I'm done with school for the year and am working at a judge's office this summer. Mine's in a stacked bob right now -- there's really no length in the back (the longest layer is right at my hairline), and at the front it hits my jaw.

    These products sound very interesting. I'm afraid I don't know much about ingredients either. Have you noticed any difference in hair texture or shedding?

    Also: Victoria, I use Giovanni products. I think they might have one for color-treated hair, but I know that all the ones I've tried have been very gentle, so it may not be an issue.
  16. RMM

    RMM New Member

    Finaleofseem, I haven't used the Therapro products long enough to say. I am going to give it a 4 to 6 weeks and then post the results in this thread.
  17. Dara

    Dara New Member

    My hairdresser sold me "Power Plus" shampoo. She told me it would help regrow my hair. Of course I didn't believe her. If it regrows hair, everyone here would already know about it! I do like it though. There is a lotion that you put on after shampooing and it does seem to make the sparse amount of hair I have on the top of my head seem thicker. I tried to figure out if it has sulfates and I don't think I saw it in the ingredients. The print is so small I had to use a magnifying glass.
  18. alchimera

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    shampoo hopefuls!

    I used to use Nizoral a lot last year, and also began to notice more shedding on certain days. It also left my hair looking a little greasy and weighed down, so I stopped....

    In the last month, I've been rotating between a garlic shampoo (yup, believe it or not!) and the 'BIG' shampoo from LUSH. Both have left my hair feeling soft and appearing more full, and since I started the garlic one, my scalp has been itching less! It's also helped quite a bit with the flaking and dandruff....

    If the dandruff is from a fungus, the garlic should help out.
  19. VictoriaG

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    A new shampoo

    I was in a little beauty-supply store about 10 days ago and they recommended a shampoo called Alterna Hemp Organics Colr Hold Shine Shampoo - it's sulfate free. I bought a travel-size bottle (just in case it was a bomb). I've used it twice. I love it!!! It does make my hair shiny, I have not noticed any color fading since I've used it (3 times so far), and it makes my hair feel clean longer. My hair also seems to have a little more body. It's not cheap, but I will buy more because it's good.
  20. kdwmw

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    what's wrong with Nioxin?

    I've been using it for about 6 months. I can't say it has had any effect on my hair, but Dr. Redmond mentions it in his book & it claims to block dht. Is there something I don't know?

    ps I'm totally new...just found this site & 1st time to post