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  1. VictoriaG

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    I read Dr Redmond's book too, and read about Nioxin. I've also seen it mentioned quite a bit in the past on the WHLP network. I started using Nizoral based on my own research, and while it's not helping, it's not hurting. I haven't tried Nioxin only because I was trying so many other products! Good luck.
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    I just started using Head and Shoulders 2-in1 Antidandruff and Restoring Shine shampoo & conditioner. Never had dandruff before my hair started falling out and I fear H&S is making it worse. My hair seems to fall out more. I want to switch back to my Dove shampoo, but I can't very well walk around with dandruff, can I?

  3. VictoriaG

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    I used to like the Dove shampoo too. Now I alternate the Nizoral with Neutrogena T-Gel and with sulfate-free shampoos, they're less drying. I'm not sure what we're experiencing is really dandruff, but whatever the flaking is, my regimen seems to help.
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    Has anyone had any luck with a leave in conditioner? I am using one called Strickly Curls by Marc Anthony. It makes my hair soft and is does not appear to increase the dredded shedding! :( I avoid any shampoo with suflates. I tried baby shampoos but... yuck too many fly aways. I am curently using- Live Clean (clean air) volumizing shampoo. It seems to help (No SLS) and is available at Wal-mart. For a conditioner I use Joico it has the keratin we require!
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    I make my own weekly leave-in conditioning treatment from honey and olive oil. I'm a big fan, as it super moisturizes and leaves my hair shiny. I leave it in for about half an hour, and then wash it out. It doesn't seem to weigh my hair down, either.
  6. Sammy7

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    Honey & Olive oil conditioner

    How do you make your olive oil and honey conditioning mixture? Also how often do you wash your hair?
  7. finaleofseem

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    I wash my hair every day or every other day. I was using SLS-free shampoos for a while, but honestly didn't notice much of a difference in my shed or how my scalp felt. I loved my SLS free shampoos, but I'm a student and they're expensive, so I switched back to Tresseme. What DID make a difference for me was adding some baking soda to the shampoo. For my family-sized bottle of shampoo, I added maybe 3 or 4 tablespoons?

    For the honey and olive oil, it depends on how dry my hair is that week. If it's super dry (like in the winter) I use a 2:1 proportion of olive oil to honey (so, 1/2 cup olive oil to 1/4 cup honey). If I'm more concerned about shine, I switch that proportion around to use more honey and less olive oil. I've also done a 1 to 1. You just have to play around with it and your hair, and what works best for you, I think. I have, however, found it's much easier to start with the honey and add the olive oil -- it will mix better.
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    If you have flat hair there is one called Follicure that you can get at Sally's for very cheap, they claim it clears clogged follicles. Also I do use nizoral and it does help for me. But it can leave my hair feeling flat.

    I also have the wallgreens generic version of free and clear and like that as the other poster above had spoken about it.
  9. kellyjean

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    It's official. Head and Shoulders doubles the amount of my hair loss.
    I can't get any relief.
  10. Sammy7

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    How often is everyone shampooing their hair? I try every 2 days because if I go every 3 days the amount of hair that my head sheds is twice as bad. :( Also the itching can drive you crazy! Yes I have found the days I use Head n' shoulders I shed more as well!
  11. kellyjean

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    I shampoo every other day. I have a naturally oily scalp, so I can't really prolong it without looking gross.

  12. Sammy7

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    I tried Nizoral yesterday for the first time and had a bad reaction.

    I folled the directions and left it on for 3 minutes instead of the 5 they recommeneded on the box. My head was tingly, flat and it took the curl out of my hair and my shed was 3 times as worse and I thought well this is normal by what I have read on the internet. The problem was when I went to sleep...

    About an hour into my sleep my scalp felt like it was on fire! I tried to ignore it but my brain was telling me something is wrong. :( So I had to take another shower and wash my hair again (this time with baby shampoo and organitic conditioner) and run my head under cold water for 15 minutes to stop the fire feeling My hair looks awful this morning! Has anyone experienced this?
  13. feelingwiggy

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    no, it sounds like a nightmare... I hope it gets better for you! :) Judy
  14. Sammy7

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    Thanks! :)

    It is nice to have someone understand what you are going through. I did not want to wash my hair again this morning (groan) but I just reconditioned it and rinsed it again with straight cold water. It feels much better! The kerosene burning is subsiding!

    In the email you sent me you mentioned Aveda's powder to pump up my hair volume. Where do I purchase that?
  15. feelingwiggy

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    Hey there,

    Aveda stores are usually the bigger malls. Some places have Aveda Salons. But I bet if you went online, you could purchase it. :) I'm just past the point of those products helping- they did at one time... J
  16. Dara

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    Something similar happened to me, not with Nizoral, but when I used Nioxin. The shampoo and conditioner were ok but when I applied the treatment lotion, my scalp and my face where it had touched the skin, turned bright red and itchy. I ended up rinsing it off and taking a benadryl. And it was not the first time I had used it.


  17. Sammy7

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    Thanks for letting me know because I was going to try that next to see if I react. Now I know to stick to just tea tree oil shampoo or just dandruff shampoo. I know I get better results with Nizoral in the long run... but this shampoo is just not right for me :(
  18. deafsinger

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    I ordered a product by WEN on QVC that is sulfate free to try . It's supposed to come this week & I pray that it will agree with my hair & scalp , and not smell like perfume or scents. It does not lather at all , so we shall see !

    One thing that you might want to consider if you have not thought about it before , is to use a shampoo or conditioner that does Not have sunscreen in it. the same goes for bodifying agents , gel & hairspray ! Sunscreen is usually PABA based which can cause allergic sensitivities. My scalp would sweat & itch like heck when I even walked out the door for 2 minutes.
    So I figure since we all have hair issues, our scalps are going to be more sensitive than most , so why add to an already difficult situation?

    I'm new here , will write something about myself in the next day or so.
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    WEN shampoo

    I tried the WEN line because it was sulfate free, too. The directions say to scrub your scalp vigorously for 2/3 minutes to get your hair clean. Since there are no sulfates, no suds (is that a word?). Anyway, I was scrubbing away & gobs of hair was coming out. I couldn't believe it just didn't stop. I kept sticking it to the side of the shower because I wanted to keep track of how much I lost, of course. Seriously, it was about 300 hairs when I got out. Then, even gently combing, I probably lost 100 more. I was so freaked out, I put it all in a tissue to show my Mom. I did come to my senses later & threw it out w/out showing the hair wad to anyone else. Who would want to see that? yuck!! Anyhoo, it did make my surviving hair shiney & soft, haha. I think it is a great product for people not suffering from hair loss. I was too lazy to send it back, so now I use it as a conditioner just on the lower half of my hair. Intellectually, I know all that hair was going to come out anyway, but I just couldn't stomach seeing it all at once! Now I use a product called Kerastase. I use bain desensitive for thinning hair, but there is also one for dandruff & one for sensitve scalp. I don't think it is sulfate free, though. I also wonder if I had just sucked it up & used the Wen for a few weeks if it would have worked out?? Let me know what you think after you try it...k
  20. Hair Worrier

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    I suffer from a dry flaky scalp, before i noticed my hair loss shed I tried everything, such as Nizoral, coal tar soap, neutragena, and the usual anti dandruff products. Tresemme as awful, it made my scalp even worse. Now i use Kerastase for my hair loss, and it is taming my scalp a lot, I use bain de prevention from their range, but their volume active shampoo was also good at keeping dandruff at bay- but which ever you choose would I guess depend on whether you want to protect the hair or volumise it. As conditioner I use ciment anti-usure, and washing twice a week keeps my scalp happy.