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  1. mythreeboys

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    I recently tried Jason Dandruff shampoo it's all natural and like wen it is not a big sudsy shampoo. It will suds just not like normal shampoo and it does leave hair very shiney and healthy and the smell is very nice and herbal. I got mine off ebay from club natural they had the best price. I could not find it in any local health food shops
  2. justbeth

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    I just recently ordered Avalon Organics-Biotin B Complex shampoo online. It has biotin, niacin, panthenol, rosemary, saw palmetto, jojoba oil, and aloe vera.

    Has anyone tried this before?

  3. feelingwiggy

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    I think because my mom and aunts ended up in a wig... I knew this was always coming... That said, I haven't fooled much with hormones, vitamins etc. I did you men's rogaine and it just gave me baby hair at the hair/ear line. Maybe I should have tried harder. And I hated the Rogaine as it made my hair sticky and was a pain. Guess you could say I'm just /or have become very lazy about my hair. :confused: Judy
  4. danielpeng

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    Yes, Shampoo is definitely very important. I am trying to use some shampoo with D-biotin in it. I heard that this ingredient poses very positive effect to hair.
  5. Andy Roth

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    Nizoral does work but it makes the hair very dry. nizoral is good no doubt but for better results ask for selson shampoo in the medical store.
  6. btade

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    I don't recommend with the hair loss shampoo you can regrow your hair. If you have male pattern baldness or hair loss problems you need to know a lot about this.

    Some hair loss symptoms cannot be cured by shampoos.
  7. callista

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    I use OGX Biotin and Collagen shampoo and I alternate with shampoo to which I have added some rosemary essential oil. The shedding has reduced to almost normal levels but I also take supplements.
  8. Marie Chin

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    I make sure to use shampoo that contains argan oil, aloe vera and coconut oil. They make my hair soft, silky and shine.
  9. rachelmcquire

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    i use herbal shampoos which do not contain any sort of harmful chemicals mainly paraben, which is very commonly found in most of the shampoos. the best example of such a shampoo is 'himalaya'. conditioner should also be used of the same brand as the products which belong to same brand contains some common ingredients, which is the reason why they complement each other so well and also leaves behind a mesmerising frangrance.