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    Well, it's gone. Shaved off what little was left

    A little bit good (nice not to have to see 2-foot hairs covering every surface of the house), a lot terrifying. I'm no beauty to begin with, and without hair, I look more or less like Gollum (little orc-like thing in Lord of the Rings)

    I'm also too broke to do the wig thing, so I guess the solution is scarves??? :confused:

    Do any of you know a good (online) retailer for (not terribly expensive) scarves? Any other suggestions?

    Thanks as always for reading and for your help
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    It does take some getting used to when you first shave your head...but damn it feels good not to have to deal with the hair every where!
    If you are considering going out bald or have even played with the idea, what I found was that the clothing that I had when I had hair, didn't match my new look. My makeup needed to be applied differently too. I don't think I have ever gone out bald with no make up or accessories on. It gave me a great excuse to buy new earrings, make up and even a few outfits.
    Women do look beautiful bald, but each of us have to recognize and acknowledge our own unique beauty. After five years of constantly covering up my bald head or even just growing it back in when I thought I was in remission...I never stopped to look at myself. To really look and see all my beautiful features. My eyes, my nose, lips, ears. Last year in July 08 was the first time I ever did that. I sat for a long time in the bathroom after my husband shaved my head (I had two years of hair growth at that time), and I just sat there crying. I used to cry every time I looked at myself bald before then, but for the first time, I was crying because I had finally seen my beauty. I hated being bald before last year. Hated it, hated it hated it! LOL No one could convince me I looked good or hot, or even sexy. But when I stopped looking at the loss of my beautiful hair (which I acknowledged ALL the time) and started acknowledging how beautiful my face was without hair, I was finally able to let it all go. I do have my moments still, and there are plenty of times that I want to wear hair. I love hair, but I don't think I'll be attempting to grow it again if I go back into a remission again. I'll keep it shaved. There is a member of the Network that does sell wigs, and she is affordable. I was talking to her last week because I would like to have a wig for those times that I just want to change things up a bit...she was great, and when I'm ready next year to get one, I'll be getting it from her.
    Here is a link to her profile on the Network:

    Talk to her about what you'd like and what you are looking for.

    With scarves and head wraps (my favorite thing in the whole world) I usually just go to the material store and purchase a yard of material. I don't like the edges sewn up, and I just wear it with raw edges, trimming it as I need to. I use cotton material since it breathes the best. It is very inexpensive to go that route, especially if you go to the material store and check the clearance section. You can get a yard of material for $1.00 or cheaper.

    On a side note...I always thought I looked like gollum before I shaved my head! :D
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    Thank you

    Thank you Angela -- I really appreciate your advice. I admire your strength and the strength of everyone on this forum.
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    shaving my head was the best thing i did.
    Good for you for taking control.:)