Shedding those fine weak hairs? I'll tell you what I have learned

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by LucyLight, Jun 30, 2013.

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    I have been dealing with bouts of TE for about three years. This is the only year I have dared to let it grow. I have been shaving my head within an inch of my scalp the years prior.
    About 8 mos ago I started supplementing with Ferritin when I got my bloodwork done and it was a wimpy 23. I have heavy periods (that's getting better) and while I am not recommending other take this action, I decided to supplement even though my dr wrote it off as normal.
    So in April, I started shedding again. But it was different, it was much less that before, and there has been a lot of weak, thin hairs being shed (strangely enough they were nearly as long as the thicker, normal hair I shed too) and not so many thick ones. I have read that miniaturized hair does not grow past 3 inches. I have seen several that were 5 inches long or more.(My hair is just past my ears, that is about 8 inches)
    I consulted a different doctor and he said this:
    "the fact that you see less of a shed each time and you are losing fine weak hair means your TE is getting better"
    So there you go.
    there are other things I have done, and still more to do. At least I have some clue as to what is going on.
    I will post pics for all to see the stages I went thru.
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    ferritin deficiency and little hairs

    I also have had heavy periods, ferritin deficiency and fine hairs. My ferritin was 9 the first time I checked it. I finally had an ablasion done for the heavy periods and had two iron infusions for the deficiency. After a year, my ferritin is finally up - 141, although I'm still under the care of a hematologist. What struck me in your story was the long fine hairs. I had the same thing. In fact, a lot of my hairs were really fine for the first 3 inches at the bottom and then thickened up along the rest of the shaft. I thought that was strange. I'm still losing hair and don't see a lot of regrowth in the really thin areas in the front. Does anyone know how long it takes for hair to regrow or stop falling after iron deficiency is resolved?
    I have also been deficient in vitamin D and Zinc (supplementing) and am currently really deficient in Vitamin A. I'm wondering if there is a connection between iron deficiency and other nutritional deficiencies.:confused: Please let me know if you find any more information on ferritin deficiency. I hope your shed is ending. Not knowing the why's is hard to take.
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    It has stopped

    I took a cue from my body and discontinued the ferritin. Since then the shed has slowed down a lot. I think my levels are up, and when you go too far, it can also cause hair loss.
    What's more, I've begun to see and feel a shift in my hormones. I started taking Evening Primrose oil (when taking any omega 6 supplement with omegs 3's!!! I can't stress this enough!) and drinking hemp powder (balanced omega's, complete amino acid profile) and cut out a bunch of supps I was taking.
    Big difference. A little is enough when it comes to nutritionals and supplements. I have seen a fade of my hormone induced melasma, and my thyroid is obviously recovering from it's subclinical hyperthyroid condition as I am slowly gaining and retaining weight ( I am underweight, but only by about 10 lbs now, up from 30)
    I think the hormone imbalance was the biggest factor. I want to add that i have included Spearmint Stinging nettle and lemonbalm tea in my daily life as well, these help to balance female hormones and negate testosterone conversion to DHT (we all of us need testosterone, male or female) I've had some blood work done in this area as well as folate, b12 and vit D. I'll have the results soon. My ferritin levels I expect are up past 70 now. (fingers crossed!):)
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