Should i be worried?

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    Hi there, i know there are probably a million other stories like mine but i was just wondering if anyone out there has any friendly advice or knowledge they could share with me.

    Im a 20yr old, reasonably healthy caucasian girl and just recently ive noticed that my hair is falling out! Not patches but like all over. So much comes out after i wash my hair and comb it. Its really stressing me out.
    Everyone said it was in my head until the hair dresser noticed it and my flatmate said my hair was evrywhere in the bathroom. Its been like this for about 2 weeks now and if it keeps going at this rate i reckon im going to be pretty much bald in 2 months. maybe less.

    The thing is ive been to the doctor twice, and they say there is nothing wrong i dont have a thyroid problem etc. But i know this isnt normal. I can feel my hair is thinning. I can see it on the comb, i can notice it in the mirror and today i noticed that my part is looking really wide and u can see my scalp.

    It all started when i stopped taking the pill and than i was two weeks late. I noticed more hair than normal coming out and i realised my nails had become extremely weak and peely! And after being a vego for 2 yrs im iron deficiant the doc says but Im now taking iron pills and vitimin b to help with that its just this is really scaring me! Im pretty vain and my hair use to be my pride and joy. i know i should be thankful i have 2 arms and 2 legs but im stressing hard. and its making it worse!

    Please someone help me, someone tell me what i should do cause everyones saying not to worry even the doctors but i thinik they're wrong!
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    I'm 24 years old and loss my hair fairly rapidly as well. We have slightly different stories in that I was still taking birth control when my loss started and I also had a smaller loss and re-growth before the major and rapid loss. Also, I am not a vegan.

    I have heard that some people may shed hair after stopping their birth control. From my understanding, stopping the pill and withdrawing the constant supply of hormones that your body is used to kind of sends it into shock, and you may lose some hair.

    My advice would be to take pictures of your head (and anywhere else you may be losing hair) to keep a record of what is happening. At your rate I would take pictures maybe once or twice a week. Take them from the top, sides, and back and then take them from the same angles with your hair up or parted to either side. This will show the loss under where it may be more obvious. You're doctors won't be able to deny the loss when you show them the progression of the loss. If they do, then you need to find a new doctor. I also had blood tests run and my results were all normal. This really doesn't mean to much in the realm of hair loss.

    I hope that after a few more weeks your body will balance out and the shedding will lesson. I am sorry that you have to go through this. It is very difficult and challenging for most, especially at this age.

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    Your's is the first thread that I have read as i've just logged on for the first time. And it was like reading about myself! I also came off the pill last month, my hair was starting to shed a little before that but i thought nothing of it. Like yourself, Its really long, and one of things I was really happy with! But its really coming out and its really worrying.
    The only thing is, I started taking antidepressants in October and theres a possibility it could be them. But its difficult to know!
    I know what you mean about doctors! Until you walk in with a huge bald patch some of them dont take you seriously.
    Ask for a thyroid, and vitamin B12 definciency blood test.
    Good Luck