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    Hi ladies, I'm Lindsay and I, like many on here, am losing my hair (enough to stumble across this awesome forum from hours spent Googling "hair loss for women".

    And it goes a little something like this...

    I've always had a self-perscribed "Samson Complex". My hair has always been my trademark and a huge part of my self confidence. Imagine my shock when 2 years ago (I'm 25 now), I started losing my long and think hair by the the shower, hairbrush, my hand, my then-boyfriends hand, and so on. Time to see a doctor...

    The first dermatologist I saw looked at my scalp for less than a minute (no exaggeration there) and told me I had Male Pattern Baldness. He told a 23 year old girl that she was balding like a middle aged man. As I'm sitting in his office crying like a baby, he tells me that I can start to take Rogaine for Men, but then laughed and said "be careful and don't take too much or I'll grow dark hair on my face and arms". I sat there and cried until he told me I had to leave because it was time for his next patient. My poor mom had to pick up the pieces of her daughter over a long distance phone call.

    The second derm I saw put me on spironolacctone (sp??) and told me to go back on the NuvaRing, as that could have been a hormonal stressor; I did both but I haven't seen any difference, it's still thinning pretty quickly.

    I now have roughly HALF of my original hair volume. I live in Orange County, CA, so if anyone knows of a GOOD dermatologist who won't make jokes and/or a good endocrinologis in the area, I'd looooove to know. I'm getting pretty desperate over here...sometimes it's all I can think about and I'm driving myself absolutely crazy! I find myself zeroing in on other girls' hair and comparing it to mine or sitting down and just crying until I can't anymore because my hair is HALF it's original volume.

    This website/forum has definitely been a great find and a blessing to realize that other people are going through this too and I'm NOT crazy and it IS a big deal...and a serious deal at that.

    Thanks ladies for sharing your stories, experiences, and thoughts. I look forward to reading more.

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    I know everyone reacts differently to medication but I think I've seen quite a few women talk about how the nuva-ring caused their hair loss. I know you've done lots of research but just throwing it out there.
    I don't personally know of any derms in Orange County but there are women on here from various parts of Los Angeles county who might be able to steer you in the right direction, There is also a dermatologist thread in here somewhere that may be helpful.
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    Hi Lindsay, I live in OC and wanted to recommend Dr. Jannet Huang, an endocrinologist in Irvine. She is very thorough and caring and has been helping me with my hair loss problem. She will run extensive blood work to help get to the cause of your hair loss. It turned out I had low ferritin levels, low vitamin D and low estrogen. I have been using supplements, BC pill and Rogaine and am now feeling much better about my hair. She did not recommend the Rogaine - I decided to try it after I had corrected all the other deficiencies I had and I have seen decent results after 5 months.

    The only down side is she does not take insurance so I had to pay for the doctor visits, but my insurance did pay for all the blood work.