So mad. I think I may scream

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    Should finding a helpful endocrinologist be this hard?? So, I called my local hospital to make an appointment with an endo last week. They said that I needed a referral before they would take me. So I requested one from my dermatologist's office. They gave me the number of another practice, since they didn't know anyone at the hospital.

    I called the endocrinology office and left two voice messages last week. Finally, they get back to me this morning. The nurse there asked what my reason for appointment was, and I went on to (painfully) describe my hair loss and how I think it may be hormone related. Then she tells me that I need an actual diagnosis, like thyroid disorders or diabetes. I understand that these conditions are serious, and I'm thankful I don't have to go through that, but how does not having these conditions make my current situation any less valid? Any less painful? Any less deserving of help? If I'm willing to pay for the visit, why should she care why I'm there?

    I accepted there would be no help from this woman, or this office. And when I asked if she knew of anyone else that might help me, I got a very condescending "No".

    Thinking about that conversation makes me wish I could have reached through that phone and ripped out a good handful of that woman's hair. Then she'd have the pleasure of knowing exactly how I feel.:rolleyes:

    Now I'm back to my desk, unable to do anything but dwell on that conversation. I feel so helpless. It's like "Okay, back to square one, again...". I have to grit my teeth to keep from crying, which would be an incredibly embarassing thing to have happen at work.

    Why are some doctors (and nurses) so obviously arrogant and egotistical?? Is self-importance something they teach you in med school?? My only comfort is the old saying: What comes around goes around. It's my sincerest hope that some day they get a taste of their own medicine; that they get brushed off like many of us here have been. Perhaps then they'll learn a little empathy.
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    Hi Kellie,

    I just want to say that I very much understand your frustration. It took about 10 months and trying 3 different endos til i got one to see me and I'm not too impressed with him.

    I don't know where you live or how your insurance works but I too had to get referrals b/f they would see me and I was waiting forever for them to get back to me. Finally I bugged my PCP to refer me to any endo cause I needed help BADLY!!! Going bald is not fun and people do not have alot of empathy for you. I find that to be true in my case b/c I can still hide it but I don't know for how long. (Sorry for the rant.)

    What I suggest is being persistant with your GYN/Derm/ PCP about a referral. Ask around and find the endo you want and tell them to give you a referral to that Doc. I work in healthcare and your Doc can write the refferal so you can be seen. Also remember that they work for YOU! And they know that even if they want to act like they are doing you some great favor. I find that the "sweaky wheel gets the grease."

    I hope with all that is good that you are able to find some help. Hope it helps.

    Denise B.:>
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    I hate when I have to explain my hair loss to a condesending person. I feel like why do they ask if they are just going to be rude about it. If you are going to the doctor and you are paying for the visit they should treat you with the respect you deserve and that they would want to recieve. This nurse is an idiot because people go to endocrinologist offices to GET a diagnosis as well. If your hair is falling out and you don't know why and your dermatologist doesn't know why either then its time to bring out the big guns and see whats going on at a chemical level. I swear some doctors and nurses, medical assistants-whom ever- do not need to be employed because they lack common courtesy and people skills.
    I hope you can find someone who will get to the root (no puns!!) of your hair loss while treating you like a human being and like you matter.
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    Thanks so much for your support, ladies! It's good to know I've got wonderful women here who can relate to this kind of thing :)

    I'm going to call my Dr. for another referral today. And keep calling. And keep calling until someone will help.

    Patti, I think I may take your suggestion and look into the bioidentical thing. You said it was helping with your shedding, but have you noticed any regrowth yet?