SoCal girls?

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by lisa1969, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. lisa1969

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    I think there are quite a few of us in LA, Orange and San Diego counties and I'm sure there must be several from Riverside and San Bernardino counties as well. Perhaps we could meet up for coffee somewhere convenient (somewhere that doesn't have bright overhead lights!!!):)

    TPROSE New Member

    I'm up for it granted I could hitch a ride :)
  3. Asiu

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    Lisa - Support Group - California

    Hi Lisa,
    My name Alice and I'm new this site. I would love to talk w/someone locally (I noticed you live in Fullerton) about your experience. I'm going thru a difficult time trying cope w/my hair loss which started after I stopped BCP. Please feel free to send me a note to my personal email and let me know if we can coordinate phone conversation.

  4. barkindg52

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    I'm from san diego county but reside in Julian.
  5. meamers

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    I work in Fullerton! I would love to talk to other gals and exchange tips and info on how to get through this together. Everyday I wonder how many women I see are dealing with HL issues like me. We spend so much time hiding this that I honestly think we'd be shocked to learn the truth of the numbers.
  6. SadKitty

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    After reading this forum for several days, I am sure you are right!! In fact, I'm also sure that many of these beautiful heads of hair we see are not real, when we're out shopping.

    Anyway, I live in Anaheim, and would love to get together with some soCal people dealing with this problem. Is there a private reply function on this forum so that we could make plans offline? Also, are you all on Facebook - we could make a secret group there to chat about it. I've done this with a group of friends and it works quite well.
  7. incruzcontrol2

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    HI Ladies... I am actually from Northern Ca but there's no one replying back that is active on this site from that region so I am turning to you ladies... Did you ever make a group where you all keep in touch? If so, I hope you would consider adding me onto that group.. I'd love to just talk to others who have been in the same shoes.. Let me know. Thanks!:)
  8. SadKitty

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    Hello, Incruz...

    I got an notification if your response to this thread, and I was shocked. Unfortunately, this forum is very inactive and lack of response is the norm. After a few weeks, I gave up, here, because it seems like people can reach out--once--but then they don't come back or respond to each other's pain. I think we tend to isolate in response to this hair loss problem, for the most part. I wish medical science would come through for us! Best of luck and I hope you have better luck here than I did.
  9. me949

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    Hi Hope49 - Im new to this website and live in Orange. If you are interested, I would be willing to exchange experiences and tips.
  10. gentle_patience

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    New to forum and devastated

    Hi all

    I live in southern Ca. San Clemente.

    My hair has been falling out for about 2 years. Now it is at about 50% of my previous volume :-( and its not getting better.

    I have tried everything that I could find and I think its time to see a hair doctor perhaps.

    Has anyone ever heard of :
    Miyohara International Trichology Clinic Inc.

    I would love to hear from you if you have any other ideas for me.

  11. Cali

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    Hi ladies. I just registered and would love to meet up with other females suffering from hair loss. I live near Long Beach, not far from Orange County, and I am also near Downtown Los Angeles. I am also willing to drive to meet at a halfway point if we are not quite in the same area. I look forward to hearing back from at least one person!