Sodium Laureth Sulfate free Shampoos & Conditiners

Discussion in 'Hair Loss Causes' started by Collette, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Collette

    Collette New Member

    I am going to try some this week! I have Celiac Disease and my scalp problems are itchy painful scalp and hairloss.

    I am going to buy Avalon peppermint shampoo and conditioner!

    Has anyone tried these??:cool:

    • Made with Consciousness in Cosmetics-- no parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, or other harsh preservatives or chemicals
    • No synthetic fragrances or colors
    • pH balanced
    • 100% Vegetarian ingredients and no animal testing

  2. Like

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    Hi there,

    I have tried Avalon Biotin shampoo and I like it, but I can't use it everyday, although I do wash my hair everyday. I feel it dries my hair out a bit. However, one shampoo/conditioner that I have tried and really like is the Loreal sulfate-free volumizing shampoo. It's worked great for my hair, giving it volume without making it too dry. Good luck!
  3. VictoriaG

    VictoriaG New Member

    I also use the Loreal EverPure Sulfate-free shampoo, I like it very much.
  4. Collette

    Collette New Member

    Cool!! Thanks ladies I have not seen that shampoo before~ I will check it out when I run out! ;) lol

    happy new year to both of you!!
  5. 13008108388

    13008108388 New Member

    I used the Loreal Sulfate free shampoo too. I used to have a really itchy and irritated scalp cuz i scratched it a lot, but now it feels a lot better!
  6. Reha

    Reha Member

    Almost all shampoo have this contents you must go for some organic product.
  7. Ponygirl

    Ponygirl Member

    The OGX (formerly Organix) products are amazing! Available most stores. Love the Cherry Blossom Ginseng!